Monday, March 05, 2012

Over/Under- Carlos Ruiz

Over the next couple weeks WSBGMs will be previewing the 2012 season for each of the players on the supposed 25-man roster. We'll provide our projections of their stats, then ask you, the reader to play over/under in the comments section of the post. First up is the field general- Chooch.

Carlos Ruiz is now 33 years old, and for a starting catcher, that's elderly. He's a great game caller, handles the staff with nurturing, yet firm hands, and is fairly consistent offensively. He'll likely be slotted into the 8th hole in the lineup where scoring runs is difficult and so is driving them in, due to pitchers often pitching around you. He's above average offensively and defensively, but he's not a superstar, and at this stage in his career a downward trend is likely to set in.

2012 Projection:
Carlos Ruiz/C - 122 G, .272/.742, 42 R, 24 DBL, 6 HR, 44 RBI.