Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Martinez Breaks Foot

Michael Martinez was hit in the right foot yesterday by a Jim Johnson pitch and broke the fourth metatarsal. The Phillies haven't released a timetable for his return but you have to figure at least 4-6 weeks. And for a player like Martinez, who is otherwise useless without his superhuman speed, it might be longer.

[How can a player with that much speed not get out of the way of a pitched ball? And is he so fast that he can start running in the opposite direction of the Earth's rotation, reversing said rotation, thereby going back in time before the pitch and preventing the broken foot? I guess not with a bum wheel he can't. But I digress...]

This leaves Jimmy Rollins and Freddy Galvis the only two players in camp that can legitimately play shortstop and Galvis is probably destined for a starting role at second base, because Chase Utley is somewhere getting fitted for an on-field Life Alert system in case he falls down and can't get back up.

But don't worry. Rollins never gets hurt and Utley will return with the strength of a thousand men in 4 weeks because he's Chase effin' Utley. So there's no way the Phils will have to play Pere Orr or Hector Luna or re-sign the No-Talent Assclown or... gulp... play Ty Wiggy at second base.

Yup, nothing to see here. Move along.

I got my copy of Todd Zolecki and Jim Salisbury's book "The Rotation" yesterday. I'll post more about it when I actually get a chance to read it, but if you want one, get your browser over to Amazon or someplace like that and buy it already. Support our Philly writers. [ Except Conlin...]


GM-Carson said...

Don't go speaking negatively about the Phillies offense Corey. Don't be realistic, that's a no-no.

Jeremy said...

I was listening to Mike Misseneli the other day he seems to think that Chuts may be forced into retirement over his knees. I love Chuts, he helped bring a WFC. Perhaps, if he can kind of healthy they should explore a trade with an AL team. At this point I tend to agree. He also spoke of a hypothetical trade of Lee and Brown to the Yanks for Cano. I would do it in a heart beat. Was wondering what every one would think of this trade if it became a potential deal.

GM-Carson said...

Lee and Brown for Cano...sure.

Not gonna happen though.

GM-Carson said...

How about Hamels and Brown for Cano instead?

Anthony said...

I was feeling pretty pessimistic about this team's chances until Michael Martinez broke his foot.

Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeremy said...

I would rather resign Cole and let Lee go. I just think Cole has about 2 more quality years left in him than does Cliff.

As far as the injury to MM goes if that is injury was the linchpin to our season we were already in trouble.

SirAlden said...

M&M was battin' .320 best on the team.

Steve Wulf said...

Is martinez's zipper down in that pic?

Corey said...

yes, i think it is. siralden must have just been there.zing!