Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diekman Cut, Lidge Promoted

The Phils sent Brian Sanches, Scott Elarton and lefty reliever Jake Diekman down to the farm.

The first two guys I could give two shakes about, because I don't follow the FeHams closely and we are unlikely to see them in Philly anytime soon. Diekman, on the other hand, might be back in town sooner rather than later. As meaningless as Spring Training stats are, Diekman still gets some dap for striking out 9 batters in only 5 innings. That's some serious loogy potential.

I guess this almost assures Joe Savery of a spot because the Phils can't go into the season with only one lefty (El Bastardo) in the bullpen. Can they?

A Useful Lidge
ESPN.com is reporting that Nationals closer Drew Storen may not be ready for opening day and his replacement is none other than the mole on Brad Lidge's face Brad Lidge himself.


Don't get me wrong, I love Lidge. But I'd also rather see him in the 9th inning down a run than Storen or Tyler Clippard.

Lidge could have a 1.0 WAR... for the Phils.


GM-Carson said...

Lidge will be on the DL by May.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Listened to some of the game on the radio. Lee was good. Stutes seems to be struggling this spring. Podsednik is have a far better spring than Pierre and Kratz should be the backup catcher.

Anonymous said...

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Preserve Jon said...

Holy crap Magic Johnson just bought the LA Dodgers for $2 Billion. I don't think that was monopoly money either. How can that franchise possibly be worth that much? What type of operating capital will they have with that kind of cash already invested?

Anonymous said...

How is Magic Johnson still alive?

Corey said...

magic is alive because the US government has a cure for aids but they will only give it to certain people because they actually created aids to kill certain groups of people. c'mon, everybody knows this.

GM-Carson said...

The Dodgers are worth a ton of money because of the new TV revenue deal.