Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still Only February...

Are you excited for the Phillies annual game against Florida State on Wednesday?

Are you worried about Justin DeFratus' elbow, Cliff Lee's abdominal discomfort, or Ryan Howard's seroma (clear fluid filled pocket that is common after surgeries)?

Yeah, sorta, but not really. It's still only February (and this year it even has an extra day), so and it's hard to get worked up over anything that seems so minor with Opening Day still looming more than a month away.

If Cole Hamels develops irritable bowel syndrome, it's not really news worthy, only would be because it's Spring Training and there's nothing better to report. This has been a very drama-less offseason for the Phillies, and there's both good and bad to that. The bad part has been insufficient daily blog fodder. Whatever, I'm sure I'll be bitching about Polanco's batting average or Bastardo's ERA in no time.

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