Sunday, February 05, 2012

Reuniting the 4 Aces?

Roy Oswalt remains unemployed. Many teams would love his services, but don't have the money and/or roster space to sign him. Roy2 wants to pitch for the Rangers or Cardinals due to those teams' proximity to his Mississippi home, but Texas and St. Louis aren't biting at the 1 year $8-10M price tag Oswalt is commanding. The Red Sox, Reds, and Phillies have also been keeping tabs on the righty. The Phils already have a gluttony of starting pitching with Blanton, Kendrick, and Pineiro in the 5th, 6th, and 7th slots of the rotation. Oswalt would reunite the "4 Aces" and increase the Phils chances at repeating as champions of the NL East for the 6th consecutive season. Up against the luxury tax threshold at the moment, the signing would certainly put the Phillies into uncharted waters for them, but it might be something they're willing to do given the reward. Trading Blanton would make this so much easier, but his contract ($8.5M) and questionable health (how's the elbow?) prohibit that move.

Sports Illustrated Power Rankings:
#3. Philadelphia Phillies- The Phillies won't win 102 games again in 2012 as they did in '11. The rotation took a small hit in losing Oswalt and first baseman Ryan Howard, who injured his Achilles making the last out of their season-ending loss to the Cardinals in the NLDS, likely won't return to the lineup until May or June. The bigger issue, though, is that the NL East is emerging as baseball's new super-division, as the Braves, Nationals and Marlins should all be better in 2012. That'll affect Philadelphia's win total but shouldn't change their place in the standings.

Others: Texas Rangers- #1, New York Yankees- #2, Atlanta Braves- #10, Washington Nationals #12, Miami Marlins- #14, and New York Mets- #25.


GM-Carson said...

Eaton- 26 votes
Baez- 24 votes

Will there be 2 inductees this year?

SirAlden said...

Little Roy is being silly.

7 months from "I am in so much pain I think I will never pitch again."

He is worth a 10 mil over 2 years with incentives up to 16 mil, back loaded.

5 mil per.

Bea Arthur is so much better than these complete wash outs.

SirAlden said...

"You can define yourself by who you love, or you can define yourself by who you hate..." ~SirAlden

"or both."

Preserve Jon said...

No thank you Roy2.

If forced to choose, I'd go with Eaton - the juevos on that guy to show up and collect his '08 ring at the ceremony in '09!

I still would prefer a write-in selection of the Goat.

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