Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ralph Miller- Leap Year Baby

Ever heard of Ralph Miller? No, I'm not talking about your high school Civics teacher, rather the ball player of the 1920's. Okay, to be fair, until yesterday I never heard of him either. The only reason he's being featured on the blog is because he was a leap year baby and today happens to be that special day that only comes around every 4 years- February 29th. Miller played for the Phillies for 2 seasons (1920-1921) and later with the Washington Senators in 1924. For his career he hit .248/.584 while playing mostly third base and shortstop. In 1921 he did hit .304/.724 for the Phightins, so he did experience some success.

Thanks to Broad and Pattison for the info on Ralph's birthday.

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Steve Wulf said...

Here's an interesting tidbit o info that I just read about. The Nats ownership is so fed up with Phillies fans coming into their park that the tickets for the May 4-6 series can only be bought with a credit card tied to a DC address. I read it in the Daily (iPads official digital paper)

Any thoughts?

GM-Carson said...

Any thoughts?

Yeah, it's bad business practice.

It's discrimation.

It's stupid.

GM-Carson said...

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Here are the Phillies’ pitching plans for the first few exhibition games.

Saturday vs. Yankees:

Cole Hamels, Dave Bush, Jonathan Papelbon, Dontrelle Willis, Raul Valdes, Mike Stutes, Chad Qualls.

Sunday at Yankees:

Roy Halladay, Joel Pineiro, David Purcey, Antonio Bastardo, Phillippe Aumont.

Monday vs. Yankees:

Joe Blanton, Scott Elarton, Austin Hyatt, Brian Sanches, David Herndon.

Tuesday at Blue Jays:

Cliff Lee, Kyle Kendrick, Jeremy Horst, Michael Schwimer, J.C. Ramirez, Raul Valdes.

Wednesday vs. Astros:

Vance Worley, Pat Misch, Jonathan Papelbon, Dontrelle Willis, Chad Qualls, Mike Stutes.