Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why the hell did Amaro trade Valdez?

Wilson Valdez has done a serviceable job for the Phillies over the past two seasons as a utility infielder. He logged time at 2nd, 3rd, and SS, playing adequate defense. He even won a game in relief last season. His bat wasn't much (.254/.652 in 210 games), but most UTL players aren't. He was set to earn $930K in 2012. Trading him to the Reds seems like nothing more than a salary dump. How much does it save? Only about $500K, because Michael Martinez, Valdez's replacement as utility infielder, will make league minimum ($480K), but wouldn't have in the minors. This trade just doesn't make sense unless Amaro is upgrading the utility infielder via trade or free agency.

Michael Martinez is shit (.540 OPS in 2011) and always will always be shit (.683 OPS in 5 minor league seasons). He's not young (29). He's already reached his potential, and his potential is shit. I'm okay with him playing in Triple-A and coming up in September, but not for a full season getting lots of at bats due to our elderly infielders maladies.

Not much remains on the free agent market. Jeff Keppinger looks like he's going to the Rays. Wilson Betemit signed a cheap deal with the O's. Aaron Miles and Ryan Theriot are still out there, but not really an upgrade over Valdez. Miles hits for average at least I guess. Edgar Renteria says he's willing to become a utility infielder, but he's not played 3rd nor 2nd base. Carlos Guillen would be an interesting signing on a minor league deal, but he can't handle SS.

Really, I just don't understand this trade. Unless it's a precursor to another deal, what's the purpose?

Jeremy Horst was the player the Phils received from the Reds. He's a 26 year old lefty reliever. He made his MLB debut last season, pitching in 12 games with a 2.93 ERA. Over 5 minor league seasons he posted a 3.08 ERA and 1.24 WHIP, averaging 8.5 K per 9 IP. He may end up being useful, but with Antonio Bastardo and Dontrelle Willis already in the bullpen and Joe Savery at the ready in Lehigh Valley, I don't see the pressing need. So, once again I say "salary dump" to this trade, and because it's for such a minuscule amount and leaves the team worse off, I therefore hate this trade.


GM-Carson said...

via High Cheese: "Valdez/Horst could be 1st trade in history where the position player has more pitching Ws and the pitcher has better bat AVG (Horst 1-for-1)"

GM-Carson said...

Lidge going to sign with the Nationals for only $1M.

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated hears the Phils lowballed him with an offer.

Randy said...

I have to say it again. Trading WV is another roster move that yields no significant upgrade for the team. More or less Phillies 2011, with some tweaks on the margins. But with more salary. RAJ better sew up Hamels and quit dicking around.

PS see Murph's piece at comparing Howard and his contract to other big money 1Bmen? Pretty good analysis of that sick feeling I get very time I think of that deal.

GM-Carson said...

Howard's deal is horrible. He may never be the same. Amaro made a huge mistake jumping the gun and signing him to that extension 2 years ago.

Adrian Cardenas was just bumped off the 40-man roster by the A's. He was sent to Oakland in the Blanton deal. In 6 minor league seasons he's hit .303/.780 playing 2nd, SS, 3rd, and LF. I'd take him for utility infielder. He's only 24 years old too.

Preserve Jon said...

The prospect of seeing the Phils lineup wait (with the exception of Howard who will wave and miss at every slider) to throw a fastball over the plate in 19 games this year is exciting.

Corey said...

no way cardenas makes it through waivers and phils probably don't have anything to trade for him. looks like a bright future for him as utility player/PH.

Anonymous said...

The best we can hope for is that Martinez gets arrested for actually being 32 and named Juan Pepito Ramirez.

Anonymous said...

Valdez is a Phillie Phan favorite, but is actually very replaceable. Good young left handed pitching is much harder to find. This trade is a good move for the future of this organization although we'll all miss that guy who can't hit for crap, but has a rifle for an arm.

SirAlden said...

Did you watch Valdez field last year?

1 step to the left, or 2 steps to the right. No Range.

Once he caught the ball - A cannon for an arm.

No Range.

He did the trade to save money in order to be able to take on a new player, or have cash to trade for a player at the trade deadline.

If, (and there is no thing for sure here_ IF, M&M is the 25th player, his defense at SS and CF are incredible, and he can be used every day as a pinch runner for our slower more powerful bench this year.

Don't you remember any of the game saving Catches in CF M&M made or great stops over the line at 3B?

Fielding and Speed Matters for the 25th Player. IF M&M is the 25th Player. I would perfect to see M&M full time at AAA.

Remember Cholly managed a young Omar Vizquel at SS and said that M&M's fielding is his equal. As a late inning pinch runner who then comes in to play at any position to save runs at 2B SS 3B CF and protecting a 1 run lead for one of our Aces is much more valuable than watching Valdez watch a single go past him as the tying or winning run scores.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- Martinez's infield defense is good, but not in CF. Stop trying to sell a piece crap as a candy bar. Might both be nutty and brown, but only one is good.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like I might be getting my wish with Juan Pierre, as he's close to signing a minor league deal with the club.

Anonymous said...

How about seeing if the Indians will part with Jason Donald..He is blocked in the infield for Indians with Cabrera, Chisenhall and Kipnis. I don't think that is too unrealistic. Phillies are familiar with him and he could be a very good utility infielder.

GM-Carson said...

Jason Donald would be a nice fit as a UTL, but the Indians have no purpose for trading him unless they get equal or greater value in return. What would the Phils offer them?

Georgia DUI said...

After the season, he was waived by the White Sox and claimed by the Seattle Mariners.