Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's the #?

A. Total of Mike Schmidt's AS selections, GG & SS awards
B. Multiplied by Von Hayes league leading runs scored
C. Minus Charles Fuqua Manuel's regular season wins as Phillies manager
D. Divided by Rob Ducey's career pinch hit homeruns
E. Plus the total of Wes Chamberlain's MLB jersey numbers
What's the number?


GM-Carson said...

About Hamels:
"I don't think it's a parallel. That contract is great for Jered. I understand it. But he took a different path and left a lot of money on the table. He came up through the Angels system and grew up in their backyard. He's pitching where he grew up. That situation appeals to him. It's a similar situation to when I had Tony Gwynn. Without getting into specifics of what we're looking for, the Weaver situation is unique to Weaver."

"When you're this close [to free-agency] you have mixed emotions. But Cole has come through the Phillies organization, and if you asked him his preference, more than likely he'd want to remain with the Phillies. That's how it would be going into the negotiations, but every negotiation is different. Everything depends on our perceived value of what Cole is worth and what their perceived value of him is. That will dictate if a long-term deal gets done. We'll always give the Phillies every opportunity to secure him."

*This does not bode well for Hamels future in Philly. I proposed a 5 yr $90M extension very similar to Weaver's, but apparently Hamels looking for much more. Seems like he wants a Cliff Lee like contract and I can't see the Phils laying out 6 yr $120M for him...but somebody will.

GM-Carson said...

Guess nobody is motivated to do the math today. Hell, Corey didn't even give his standard answer of pi.

Jay Wrizight said...

C. When all else fails go with C.

GM-Carson said...

A. 28
B. X 106 = 2968
C. - 646 = 2322
D. / 3 = 774
E. + 133 = 907

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