Saturday, January 28, 2012

Phanatic on 30 Rock, Pence no Arb & Oswalt a Card

America's most loved mascot made an appearance on the sitcom 30 Rock. Thanks Tina Fey for keeping it real...real Philly.

Hunter Pence and the Phillies avoided arbitration, agreeing to a 1 year $10.4M deal. It was the halfway point between the 2 filings ($9M- Phils, $11.8M- Pence).

Roy Oswalt appears to be heading to the Cardinals. With Adam Wainwright returning to the rotation that already boasts Chris Carpenter and Jaime Garcia, Oswalt is a big weapon being added to the defending World Series champs.


Bob D said...

In same week we lose the pitcher who plays left field and the infielder who pitches.

GM-Carson said...

Nicely done Bob D.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Oswalt to St. Louis doesn't seem to be such a sure thing now. This morning it was rumored to be a slam dunk.