Friday, January 27, 2012

Juan Pierre a Phillie

Looks like my wish might just come true. On Sunday I suggested the Phillies attempt to sign one of either Juan Pierre or Johnny Damon. Pierre seems to be Amaro's choice, and it's reportedly only a minor league deal.

From Sunday's Blog Post:
"Pierre is nothing more than a singles hitter, but he did lead the American League in stolen bases in 2010 with 68, and swiped 27 last year with the White Sox. His arm is atrocious, so RF is out of the question, but he's capable of manning center and left field a couple times a week. He could serve as Jim Thome's personal pinch-runner, or even pinch-hit himself (career .296 hitter, but now more in the mid .270's range). Career pinch hitting: .311/.753 in 105 plate appearances."

In 12 MLB seasons with the Rockies, Marlins, Cubs, Dodgers, and White Sox, Pierre has hit .296/.708 with 980 R, 2020 H, and 554 SB. For the most part of his career he was a center fielder and a poor one at that. However, since moving to left field in 2008, his defense has become average.

Personally, I love this deal. Juan Pierre on a minor league deal is a steal (pun intended). It's a no-risk move with potential upside. Pierre is one of those pesky players that always seems to collects his hits and swipe bags, something that the Phils could definitely use on their bench.

*Side note- Pierre is the god father of Dontrelle Willis' 3 daughters.


Anonymous said...

Yeah decent 5th outfielder here. My hope is that they throw him out on the infield in ST and see if he can replace mini-mart.

GM-Carson said...

Amaro has made 3 of the best minor league contract signings this offseason (Pierre, Pineiro, and Sanches).

Preserve Jon said...

Agreed the Phils' have assembled a nice collection of end-of-career-ers and also rans to compete for the 25th and 26th spots on the roster.

Well done RAJ.

SirAlden said...

Good Move.

Can make sure Brown has a full year in AAA to develop.

Pierre and M&M, or Valdez?

Great pick up about Juan being the Godfather to D-Train's 3 daughters.

GM-Carson said...

Hunter Pence and Phils avoid arbitration, signing him to a 1 year $10.4M deal.

Bob D said...

Make for good depth in OF. Pence, Vic are definites with Nix, Mayberry, Pierre, Podsednick all battling for spots.

Now Rube should bring in another utility IF to battle with MiniMart

GM-Carson said...

Aaron Miles on a minor league deal would be nice.

how to get rid of algae said...

He is a guy who can lay down a bunt. We had almost nobody who can. So what he doesn't hit HRs. Nobody else does either.