Thursday, January 05, 2012

2011 NL East Second Basemen Rankings

WSBGMs is in the midst of ranking each position from the NL East from the 2011 season. Yesterday first base was examined, today it is the second basemen.

Stats- AVG/OPS, Runs, Doubles and Homeruns or Extra Base Hits, Runs Batted In, Stolen Bases and Offensive Wins Above Replacement.

2011 NL East Second Basemen Rankings:
1. Dan Uggla/Braves .233/.764, 88 R, 22 DBL, 36 HR, 82 RBI, 3.1 OWAR.

2. Chase Utley/Phillies .259/.769, 54 R, 38 XBH, 44 RBI, 14 SB, 2.8 OWAR.

3. Danny Espinosa/Nationals .236/.737, 72 R, 29 DBL, 21 HR, 66 RBI, 17 SB, 2.1 OWAR.

4. Omar Infante/Marlins .276/.696, 55 R, 39 XBH, 49 RBI, 1.7 OWAR.

5. Justin Turner/Mets .260/.690, 49 R, 30 DBL, 51 RBI, 7 SB, 1.3 OWAR.

Notes- If Utley can stay healthy, and that's a big "if", he'll reclaim the top spot among NL East 2-sackers, because he's an all-around threat. Uggla's defense is atrocious and so was Turner's last season. Espinosa is a decent fielder and has upside with 20/20 potential (HR/SB). Infante played great defense last year (1.7 DWAR) and is capable of more offensively.


Preserve Jon said...

The production Utley provided at second base used to be a huge strategic advantage for the Phils. Utley still provides the pedigree if not the production he once had.

Now that the Reds have added another RP, I still hold out hopes that Madson comes back with a mutually-friendly 1-year $4-5 million contract. It's ashame that Madson got hung out to dry, he seems like a quality guy and quality arm. I read once that teams used to shy away from great relievers after they left the Yankees b/c the Yanks would ride their arms heavily during their tenure with the team. Perhaps the same principal is shying teams away from Madson?

Lastly, with news that the Marlins are in the process of acquiring noted firebrand Carlos Zambrano, I think we can all predict the personality meltdowns coming in Miami. Having Ramirez, Reyes, Zambrano and Guillen on the same team reeks of combustible chemistry.

GM-Carson said...

The Han-Ran, Reyes, Big Z, and Ozzie show is destined for reality tv.

Bob D said...

Ha ha!

Utley was so far off of his normals, I think he is in for the best turn around on this team. I will not be surprised of an All Star season from him.

The NL East has become the division with maybe the best teams. Miami and DC have made huge improvements and should have winning records, while Atlanta has stood pat and may regress a bit. NY - wow will they lose 100 in this division???