Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 NL East Catcher Rankings

Over the next week or so, WSBGMs will be ranking each position from the NL East from the 2011 season. First up, the men who don the tools of ignorance, the catchers.

Stats- AVG/OPS, Runs, Homeruns or Extra Base Hits, Runs Batted In, Offensive Wins Above Replacement, and Caught Stealing.

2011 NL East Catcher Rankings:
1. Brian McCann/Braves .270/.817, 51 R, 24 HR, 71 RBI, 3.2 OWAR, 22% CS.

2. Carlos Ruiz/Phillies .283/.754, 49 R, 29 XBH, 40 RBI, 2.7 OWAR, 23% CS.

3. Wilson Ramos/Nationals .267/.779, 48 R, 15 HR, 52 RBI, 2.2 OWAR, 32% CS.

4. Josh Thole/Mets .268/.690, 22 R, 20 XBH, 40 RBI, 1.1 OWAR, 21% CS.

5. John Buck/Marlins .227/.683, 41 R, 16 HR, 57 RBI, 1.0 OWAR, 17% CS.

Notes- Ruiz and Ramos were the only two with positive DWAR (Defensive Wins Above Replacement), but McCann is the best by far at the position (one of the top catchers in the game). Thole lost a lot of time to Ronny Paulino, but is the incumbent for the 2012 season. Other than Thole getting more at bats, the rest of the pack looks to remain the same with Ramos possibly surpassing Ruiz in the rankings with an improved offensive campaign.


Preserve Jon said...

Those numbers don't actually stack up too favorably for Ruiz. While he offers the intangible of handling our outstanding pitching staff exceptionally well, he still needs to throw runners out at a higher clip.

Bob D said...

This ranking is pretty accurate. McCann is the best all around with offense his strong suit. Ruiz best defense, more than adequate offense. Ramos best up and coming catching prospect. Thole another good prospect with a good upside just behind them. Buck has power and .... he has power. Just remember Ruiz was the catcher of a team that won 102 games.

GM-Carson said...

Ruiz is a very solid catcher, but not a star like McCann. I think Ramos has star potential (20+ HR, 85+ RBI).

Thole has no power at all and is extremely slow.