Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oogie, Oogie, Oogie!!!

Everyone's favorite reliever turned machete wielding attempted murderer is back on the open market after 7.5 years in a Venezuela jail.  Ugueth Urbina, who last pitched in the Majors with the Phillies back in 2005, is already back on the mound after his stint in prison, currently hurling bullets for the Lions of Caracas.  Oogie wishes to return to Major League Baseball, and given his past success, the fact that he's hitting 90 mph on the radar gun, and amazingly only 38 years old after 7 seasons away from the game, he'll likely get a minor league contract offer from somebody.

Over 11 seasons with the Expos, Red Sox, Rangers, Marlins, Tigers, and Phillies he appeared in 583 games, saving 237 of them, with a 3.45 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, and struck out 10.5 batters per 9 innings.

C'mon Amaro and give a guy a second chance.  Just make sure to hide the butter knife for the post-game spread if Michael Young boots a ball to cost him a run.

New Year's Eve Brew of Choice:
Weyerbacher- Tiny.  If you're looking for the perfect combination of taste, warmth, and strength in your New Year's Eve beer, then look no further than Tiny, a Russian Imperial Stout with Belgian yeast.  It weighs in with a powerful 11.8% ABV that will be sure to warm your body and make you a jolly happy ol' soul.  The malt complexity is a brilliant arrangement of bitter coffee and velvety chocolate.  The subtle waft of vanilla beckons you in above the alcohol nose.  It pours motor oil black with a thin cocoa head that remains throughout.  This is a sipper.  Try it straight from the fridge and at room temperature to experience the differences on your palate.  Like many huge men nicknamed "Tiny", this too is an oxymoron for this beer giant.

Drink and be merry. 98 out of 100

Friday, December 28, 2012

Name that Phillie- Phantasy Phootball Edition

Obviously a product of the 80's with that finely groomed stache and curly mullet, this former Phillie owns a perfect 1.000 batting average in the playoffs. Give it a whirl and name that Phillie...

2012 Phantasy Phootball Standings:
1. Outsiders
2. QB/C Love Connection (GM-Carson)
3. Dad Dicks
4. Fear Boners
5. Steegles
6. My Vick in a Box (Corey)
7. VicksDicks
8. Four TDs in 1 Game
9. Krazy Kratz
10. Under New Management

For the first time in 4 seasons, Corey did not win WSBGMs fantasy football league. Congrats to Outsiders, who pulled out a victory over my team in Week 16.  See ya next year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Days of Christmas- Phillies Style Volume VII

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Phillies gave to me...
12 Errors botched by Ty Wiggy
11 Million dollars paid to closer Papelbon
10 Bunted hits by pesky Juan Pierre
9 Seasons in beautiful Citizens Bank Park
8 Double plays turned by Mike Fontenot
7 RBI from WSBGMs darling Michael Martinez
6 Wins tossed by Cliff Lee ($3.6M per)
5 Wild pitches astray from Antonio Bastardo
4 Games started at 1st base by Jim Thome
3 Darin Ruf homeruns (2013 NL ROY)
2 Drug suspensions (thanks Gavlis & Chooch)
1 Relief appearance by Tyson Brummett
and Zero playoff games.

Previous Installments:
*2006- Volume I (Scrooge McCorey)
*2007- Volume II (Santa Carson)
*2008- Volume III (Santa Carson)
*2009- Volume IV (Santa Carson)
*2010- Volume V (Santa Carson)
*2011- Volume VI (Santa Carson)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thank God We Aren't British

So you know the reputation of Philadelphia sports fans, right? You know the routine: booing Santa, throwing batteries at JD Drew, booing star players (see: Schmidt, McNabb, et al), vomiting on children, killing people outside of bars, yada yada. It's the tried and true way to fill a column for an out of town writer or fill air time for some talking head on ESPN. And we know they are largely mistake. Philadelphians are a lot like other fans. For the most part. I agree that Philadelphia fans are generally more crude. More aggressive. (More passionate???) They are a little more likely to demonstrate uncouth behavior than some joker from Tampa. But I read a story recently and it got me to thinking about my favorite sports town and their fans.

Recently, during an English Premier League, a man was pictured (see inserted photo) making a 'monkey-like gesture' toward a player. [note: race relations in Europe are not so good...]

How would you describe this behavior? Stupid? Insensitive? Misinformed? Bigoted? Those were my initial thoughts. But Her Majesty's lawmen called this criminal. That's right. The guy was arrested. 

According to section 4a of the Public Order Act 1986 - " A person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause a person harassment, alarm or distress, he: (a) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or (b) displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting

Now, raise your hand if you've ever used "insulting words" with "intent to cause a person distress" while attending a sporting event or some public place. Ever think you'd get arrested for it? Just think of the size of the jail the jail in Veterans Stadium if that were the case.  We should all thank God we're not British.  Unless, of you are British, and in that case...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mock Manuel Press Conference

This is "comedian" Kennie Thomas' impersonation of a Charlie Manuel post game press conference. If you ask me, he's too articulate to pull off Fuqua.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welcome Aboard John Lannan

As you all know by now, John Lannan was inked to a 1 year deal worth $2.5M with another $2.5M available via incentives. The lefty is best known for beaning Phillies (11 of his 30 hit by pitches have been Phillies players) and breaking Utley's hand, but the lefy has been a solid back-of-the-rotation starter since 2008.  He's been with the Nationals his entire career, racking up 783.2 IP over 134 starts with a 4.01 ERA/1.42 WHIP and 42-52 record.  As a reader commented on yesterday's post- Lannan is 3-13 with a  5.53 ERA vs the Phillies and 39-39 with 3.80 ERA vs everyone else.

1. Cole Hamels
2. Roy Halladay
3. Cliff Lee
4. Kyle Kendrick
5. John Lannan
6. Tyler Cloyd- always need at least six starting pitchers over an entire season.

1. Jonathan Papelbon- closer
2. Mike Adams- setup
3. Antonio Bastardo
4. Phillippe Aumont
5. Jeremy Horst
6. Justin De Fratus
7. Some mix of Michael Schwimer, Raul Valdes, Michael Stutes, Jake Diekman, and BJ Rosenberg.

Amaro's four additions this offseason (Young, Revere, Adams, and Lannan) will cost the Phillies roughly $15M next season.  That's cost effective, but whether it will be winning effective is yet to be determined.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome Aboard Mike Adams

Finally, Ruben Amaro did something good this offseason in signing Mike Adams to a 3 year $18M contract.  The 34 year old right handed reliever has a career 2.28 ERA/1.06 WHIP over 363.2 IP in 8 MLB seasons with the Brewers, Padres, and Rangers.  He's been exceptionally awesome since 2008 with a sparkling 1.98 ERA.

This move now allows all the youngsters in the Phillies bullpen to slot into less pressurized roles as Mike Adams with be assuming 8th inning setup man duties.  Antonio Bastardo, Jeremy Horst, Phillippe Aumont, and Justin DeFratus will be better because of it.

I should note that he did have surgery to relieve the pain associated with his thoracic outlet syndrome, but reports have him being good to go for spring training.

Friday, December 14, 2012

More Stupid Contracts...

Ty Wigginton/Cardinals - 2 YR/$5M - sucks defensively at every position he plays, doesn't really hit all that much anymore (.235/.688 last season), and was worth -1.7 WAR in 2013 (that's negative!!!).  They just traded away Skip Schumaker, who is more versatile, a better fielder, runner, and hitter and is making less money.  Um, what?

Jack Hannahan/Reds - 2 YR/$4M - a career .234/.671 hitter that is set to turn 33 years old that can only play 3rd base.  At least he plays quality defense, unlike Wiggy.

Kevin Correia/Twins - 2 YR/$10M - apparently going 24-22 over 325 IP with a 4.49 ERA and a 1.34 WHIP while striking out only 4.6 batter per 9 innings in the past 2 seasons with the Pirates is worth a lot.

Ichiro Suzuki/Yankees - 2 YR/$13M - no power, extremely low OBP, has been roaming the Earth since Noah saved him on his ark.  Ruin Tomorrow Jr. offered him 2 YR/$15M, sothank goodness he opted for NY instead.

*Josh Hamilton's 5 YR/$125M pact looks like a bargain considering Ryan Howard has the same contract and they were the same age when the contract began.  Last three seasons Hamilton has posted a combined 15.3 WAR to Howard's 0.8.  It is clear that Hamilton is the superior player.  He plays better defense, runs the bases better, hits for just as much power and knocks in as many runs.  If they're not equals, then why equal contracts? Once again, I absolutely LOATHE Ryan Howard's contract.   

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Your Current 2013 Philadelphia Phillies

1. Ben Revere/CF
2. Michael Young/3B
3. Chase Utley/2B
4. Ryan Howard/1B
5. Carlos Ruiz/C
6. Jimmy Rollins/SS
7. John Mayberry/RF
8. Domonic Brown/LF

Erik Kratz/C, Kevin Frandsen/UTL, Freddy Galvis/UTL, Darin Ruf/OF/1B, and Laynce Nix/OF.

*Humberto Quintero will serve as 2nd catcher while Chooch serves 25-game suspension.

*Nix and Ruf would likely platoon with Mayberry and Brown.

1. Cole Hamels
2. Roy Halladay
3. Cliff Lee
4. Kyle Kendrick
5. Tyler Cloyd

Jonathan Papelbon, Antonio Bastardo, Phillippe Aumont, Jeremy Horst, Just DeFratus, Michael Stutes, and Raul Valdes.

The Phillies selected speedy outfielder Ender Inciarte in the Rule 5 draft, but he's not played above Single-A, so him making the 25-man roster is an extreme long shot.  The lineup is void of power aside from Howard, unless Ruf is able to continue working his magic into next season.  Amaro is still searching for a set-up man, corner outfielder, and now possibly a back of the rotation pitcher.

Power on the free agent market doesn't really exist outside of Josh Hamilton and Nick Swisher.  Each will be expensive and that's something that Amaro might not be able to do.  Reliable 8th inning relievers have been snatched up already, with only Mike Adams remaining, and he's coming off of surgery.

Rotation options aren't that enticing either because of the price they'll cost.  Edwin Jackson, Anibal Sanchez, Ryan Dempster, Kyle Lohse, and Shaun Marcum are the big names remaining and likely out of the Phils price range.  After all, far less SP like Jeremy Guthrie (3 YR/$25M) and Joe Blanton (2 YR/$15M) stuck gold.

Jair Jurrjens, Chris Young, or Jeff Karstens would be worth a 1 year investment on a low base salary with innings pitched incentives to challenge Cloyd for the 5th spot in the rotation.

Jon Rauch, Matt Capps, LaTroy Hawkins, Matt Lindstrom, Brandon Lyon, Chad Durbin, and Scott Atchinson are free agent relievers that might be worth a 1 year deal on a low base salary with incentives for appearances (because that would mean they were good enough to stick around and be used, unlike Chad Qualls).

As you can see, Ruben still has work to do.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Phillies Trade

Phillies get:
Ben Revere

Twins get:
Vance Worley
Trevor May

Details and analysis later. But my first reactions is:

Would You Rather- Young or Frandsen/Galvis?

Apparently Ruben Amaro Jr. is hot and heavy for the Texas Rangers Michael Young to fill the Phillies 3rd base vacancy next season.  Young has full no-trade rights and is owed $16M in 2013.  He's coming off a season in which he only hit .277/.682 and is now 36 years old.  Rangers are rumored to be willing to eat at least half of his salary, but that's still a steep price for diminished goods.  See, Young is one of the worst defensive infielders in the game.  He has no range, arm has weakened, and he doesn't even make all the routine plays anymore. This is a move of desperation and a bad one at that.

I am not a fan of a Kevin Frandsen/Freddy Galvis platoon at the hot corner next year, but I have to wonder if it would be as effective or better than what Young would do (and we know it would be millions cheaper!).

Michael Young has had a fine career in Texas- .301/.791, 2230 hits, 1085 R, 415 DBL, 177 HR, 984 RBI, but his glory days are behind him.

Also, this isn't a free agent signing, the Phils have to send something in return to the Rangers to facilitate this swap.  Rumor is it will be a MLB ready reliever and a low level "prospect". 

I pray that Young doesn't waive his no-trade rights.  Then again, Freddy Galvis sucked at hitting while on PEDs, imagine him off them...

Who would you rather have at 3rd base in 2013? free polls 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Crazy Stupid Money

Check out some of the contracts being signed by free agents so far this offseason. Kinda scary...

Scott Baker/Cubs - 1 YR/$5.5M - didn't even pitch last season.

Scott Feldman/Cubs - 1 YR/$6M - 5.09 ERA last year and only 11 games pitched in 2011.

Jeremy Guthrie/Royals - 3 YR/$25M - 17 losses and a 4.33 ERA in 2011 and 12 losses and a 4.76 ERA last season. 

Jason Marquis/Padres - 1 YR/$3M - 5.22 ERA and 1.47 WHIP over 22 starts last year.

Geovany Soto/Rangers - 1 YR/$2.75M - .198/.613 is pathetic for a starting catcher.

Jeremy Affeldt/Giants - 3 YR/$18M - good reliever, but this is a silly use of resources for a non-closer.

Brandon League/Dodgers - 3 YR/$22.5M - he's a good reliever too, but not a closer.  This is a closer's contract, not set-up man.

Russell Martin/Pirates - 2 YR/$17M - past 2 seasons as Yankees catcher .224/.723 and hasn't reached 100 hits in a season since 2009.

Andy Pettitte/Yankees - 1 YR/$12M - 40 years old and only pitched 12 games last year after sitting all of 2011 out.

Mariano Rivera/Yankees - 1 YR/$10M - the greatest relief pitcher of all-time has my respect, but the 43 year old only pitched in 9 games last year.

*KK would get 6 YR $90M on the open market.  Yikes!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Create the Caption- HK's Last Beer Edition

Some buddies of mine thought Harry looked a little thirsty, so they hooked him up with a quick remedy. Go for it, give it your best caption...

What We're Drinking:
Weyerbacher's Winter Ale- if you've taken notice, over the past few months we've blogged about Weyerbacher quite a bit.  That's because they brew some fantastic beers.  Their Winter Ale is fitting of the holiday season, with its taste predominates that has a warm, roasty flavor, balanced out with a slightly dry finish. It’s smooth but not cloying, with a warming belt of alcohol (5.6% ABV).

Although winter ales predate history, they are believed to have their origin in the pagan celebrations of winter solstice. Later, when monasteries produced the local brew, winter ales were made each year to commemorate the birth of Christ. Back then, winter ales were brewed full-bodied as a source of nutrition for the upcoming winter months. Today, winter ales are typified by their seasonality, their rich, malty flavors and by their deep, dark coloration.

Generally available November through February, Weyerbacher Winter Ale is the perfect libation for a winter meal, with good friends, or beside a warm fire fending off a cold winter night.  Perhaps Santa might prefer this to the typical milk and cookies.

A microbrew aficionado on had this to say:
Appearance: dark with ruby highlights, whispy tan head
Aroma: rich sweet malt aroma with notes of ripe plum
Flavor: dry malt flavor, hint of spices
Overall: largely a satisfying winter ale with a very promising aroma

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Wins First?

Records since Oct 1st:

Phillies - 1 win, 2 losses
Eagles - 0 wins, 7 losses

So, the question is, who wins first?

Who wins first?

Fly Eagles Fly, Can You Get A Victory?
Fight Eagles Fight, On Your Way To Draft Pick 3.
Your Score Low.
They Score High.
And Watch Our Eagles Die.
Fly Eagles Fly, What Is A Victory?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chooch a Druggie & Amaro Lands Racist Catcher

Hey, did you hear that Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz tested positive for amphetamines and will be suspended 25 games to begin the 2013 season?  Of course you did, and if you didn't, stop reading this blog and go give yourself a swirly in an unflushed toilet.

The Phillies farm system is void of any grizzled ol' career minor league catcher looking for a few MLB at bats (ex- what used to be Erik Kratz) or any young prospects ready for the prime time.  Tommy Joseph and Sebastian Valle are true prospects and calling them up for the first month of the season to not play every day isn't a good idea.  Therefore, Amaro went and snatched up a backup catcher on a minor league contract- Humberto Quintero.  Yes, the guy who punked his teammate Bruce Chen with a racist eye trick in 2012.  He meant no ill will by it, so it's all good in the hood. Right? 

Anyway, Quintero is 33 years old and has played 10 seasons with the Padres, Astros, and Royals.  Career Stats: 422 G, .234/.590, 87 R, and 113 RBI.  Obviously his bat doesn't hold value.  However, his defense does (Career 5.4 DWAR and 33% CS).  So, look for him to backup Kratz for the month of April until Chooch is released from the shackles that bind him.

And for your listening pleasure, Everclear's Amphetamine...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Active Leaders- Phillies in the Top 20

The following is a list of Phillies that are littered throughout the Top 20 active leaders in various statistical categories.

WAR - 53.3/Chase Utley (15th)
SLG - .551/Ryan Howard (9th)
OPS - .915/Ryan Howard (16th)
R - 1182/Jimmy Rollins (18th)
DBL - 421/Jimmy Rollins (19th)
TRPL - 105/Jimmy Rollins (4th)
K - 1306/Ryan Howard (16th)
SB - 403/Jimmy Rollins (7th)
HBP - 151/Chase Utley (5th)

WAR - 63.1/Roy Halladay (1st) & 33.1/Cliff Lee (13th)
ERA - 3.31/R. Halladay (8th), 3.34/C. Hamels (10th) & 3.59/C. Lee (15th)
W - 199/Roy Halladay (3rd)
WHIP - 1.14/C. Hamels (3rd), 1.17/R. Halladay (5th) & 1.21/C. Lee (12th)
IP - 2687.1/Roy Hallday (5th)
K - 2066/Roy Halladay (5th)
SV - 257/Jonathan Papelbon (7th)
CG - 66/Roy Halladay (1st) & 26/Cliff (8th)
SHO - 20/Roy Halladay (1st), 11/Cliff Lee (5th) & 6/Cole Hamels (20th)
W% - .666/R. Halladay (1st), .616/C. Lee (12th) & .603/C. Hamels (14th)

We are witnessing a tremendous trio of starting pitchers and an all-time great shortstop.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Create the Caption- Clown Edition

Hey look, it's Shane Victorino dressed as a clown! Create the caption...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Third Base Insurance- Josh Fields

Former 1st round pick and highly regarded prospect, Josh Fields, has signed a minor league contract with the Phillies.  His last action in the Majors came back in 2010 with the Royals.  In 4 seasons with the White Sox and KC he hit .234/.724 over 217 games.  He's played primarily 3rd base, but has also seen time in LF and 1B. 

Fields turns 30 years old in December and has solid minor league stats- .289/.843 with 93 HR and 412 RBI over parts of 9 seasons.  He's probably insurance for the Phillies actual plan at 3rd base in 2013, which is looking more and more like a platoon of Kevin Frandsen and Freddy Galvis.  If that's going to be the 3rd base situation next year, then the Phils might need to sign 2 premier outfielders (Pagan & Hamilton?) to offset the lack of offense at 3rd base.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey, Mashed Taters, Stuffing & Beer

Yo, it's Thanksgiving, which means it's time to eat, drink, and sleep for an entire day.  Aside from the holiday's staples of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc., how about drinking some fine German-style beer?

Penn Brewing, outta Pittsburgh, crafts some great brews.  Penn Pilsner and Penn Dark are two that I recommend picking up for consumption.  Neither is high in alcohol, so you can drink a sixer without getting sloppy and punching Uncle Milton in the face for questioning your choice of employment for the umpteenth time. 

Penn Pilsner is a Vienna lager and is their flagship brand.  It is smooth, mellow and full bodied, with delicate hop aroma.  Goes well with any food group, including cold turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce on a potato roll.

Penn Dark is considered a dunkel, and is extremely tasty and highly decorated (many awards).  Munich and various roasted malts give it a very malty, rich flavor with a hint of burnt flavor. 100% imported Hallertau hops, with moderate bitterness and aroma. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grand Pappy Moyer is 50!!!

Jamie "Grand Pappy" Moyer hit the half century mark on Sundy, turning 50 years old. The crafty lefty pitched 25 seasons, 5 of which were with the Phillies. He also played for the Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners, and Rockies. Assuming he retires, he ends his career with 269 wins with a 4.25 ERA over 4074 innings. Baseball-Reference ranks him as the 125th best starting pitcher of all-time. Not bad for someone who made a career out of low 80's slop and precision. Above is a video tribute the Phillies did for the beloved relic.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Should Be...

If we were to ever brand/franchise our blog, we think the following would be fitting for each team....

Baltimore Orioles - We Should Be Thankful
Boston - We Should Be The Yankees
NY Yankees - We Should Be More Frugal
Tampa – We Should Be Contracted
Toronto – We Should Be Less Canadian
Chicago White Sox - We Should Be From the Northside
Cleveland Indians - We Should Be Ricky Vaughn
Detroit Tigers - We Should Be Smoking Less Than Leyland
Kansas City Royals - We Should Be in AAA
Minnesota Twins - We Should Be Back Inside (Brrrrrr…)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - We Should Be Just “Anaheim”
Oakland Athletics - We Should Be Fighting At Burger King
Seattle Mariners - We Should Be Not Wearing Flannel Anymore
Texas Rangers - We Should Be Letting Nolan Ryan Pitch
Atlanta Braves - We Should Be Actually Showing Up To Games
Miami Marlins - We Should Be Destroying our Center Field Statue
New York Mets - We Should Be Less of A Joke
Washington Nationals - We Should Be Funded by the Stimulus
Chicago Cubs - We Should Be Padding Our Walls
Cincinnati Reds - We Should Be Moving The Fences Back
Houston Astros - We Should Be Disgusted
Milwaukee Brewers - We Should Be Called the “High Lifes”
Pittsburgh Pirates - We Should Be Winning [frowning emoticon]
St. Louis Cardinals - We Should Be More Willing to “Boo”
Arizona Diamondbacks - We Should Be Mexico
Colorado Rockies - We Should Be Playing In “Thicker” Air
Los Angeles Dodgers - We Should Be Showing Up Later and Later
San Diego Padres - We Should Be At the Beach...Screw Baseball
San Francisco Giants - We Should Be As High As Timmy

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing the Reading Fightin' Phils

Thanks to La Salle University's David Grzybowski for providing video of the Philadelphia Phillies Double-A team's rebranding into the Reading Fightin' Phils. The uniforms are pretty sweet and I love the ostrich as the mascot, very minor league-esque. Phillies organizational good soldier Mike Spidale was the model, he of 1407 minor league hits over 13 seasons.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Name that Phillie- Romas 10:9 Edition

This former Phucco (Phillies + Bucco) obviously valued his religion, as his signature was also accompanied by a Bible verse.

Romans 10:9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Go ahead, and name that saint Phillie...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Create the Caption- Phanatic's Big Pimpin' Edition

Be crafty. Be silly. Be serious. Be whatever. Create the caption...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AL East in Shock, NL East Happy, Miami Pissed

What the hell just happened?  Seriously, this trade is ridiculous.

Toronto Blue Jays get two front-line starters in Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, a premier shortstop in Jose Reyes, a speed demon utility guy in Emilio Bonifacio, a league average catcher in John Buck...oh, and 4 million dollars.  Not only that, they were able to dump malcontent Yunel Escobar.  Wow!

Miami Marlins are left with essentially no talent outside of Giancarlo Stanton, unless you consider Greg Dobbs an All-Star.  They do get a Cuban export prospect (Adeiny Hechevarria), a left-handed starter with upside (Hector Alvarez), no-hit-all-defense catcher (Jeff Mathis), lazybones (Yunel Escobar), salary "relief", and two other prospects. 

The American League East just got a jolt of "Oh, shit!" with the additions to the Jays, as it puts them immediately into consideration as a contending team heading into next season.

The National League East, just breathed a sigh of relief with the subtractions from the Marlins.  The Mets were reportedly rejoicing with the sound of music as they can count on being saved from the basement of the NL East next season.

Miami...well, they're pissed.  Brand new stadium and now all that's left after one miserable season is about $16M in payroll.  Poor Giancarlo Stanton tweeted last night- "Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & Simple."  Can't blame him, the Fish' GM just sent most of the team's talent to Canada.   This is the umpteenth time the Marlins organization has had a fire sale, and they've only been in existence for about two decades.  Disgusting and shameful.  They don't deserve to be a MLB franchise.

Rumor has it that they're trying to pawn off their cheerleaders (aka- Mermaids) to local strip clubs.

Monday, November 12, 2012

MLB Veterans Day

Yesterday America recognized the veterans of the United States Armed Forces and today many Americans have off work because of those brave men and women.

With the theme of veterans, I provide you with each MLB teams' longest tenured player.

AL East:
Baltimore Orioles - Brian Roberts/2001

Boston Red Sox - Dustin Pedroia & John Lester/2006

New York Yankees - Derek Jeter/1995

Tampa Bay Rays - James Shields & Ben Zobrist/2006

Toronto Blue Jays - Adam Lind/2006

AL Central:
Chicago White Sox - Paul Konerko/1999

Cleveland Indians - Shin-Soo Choo/2006

Detroit Tigers - Justin Verlander/2005

Kansas City Royals - Billy Butler & Alex Gordon/2007

Minnesota Twins - Justin Morneau/2003

AL West:
Houston Astros - Wesley Wright/2008

Los Angeles Angels - Jered Weaver, Erick Aybar & Kendrys Morales/2006

Oakland Athletics - Jerry Blevins/2007

Seattle Mariners - Felix Hernandez/2005

Texas Rangers - Michael Young/2000

NL East:
Atlanta Braves - Tim Hudson & Brian McCann/2005

Miami Marlins - Josh Johnson/2005

New York Mets - David Wright/2004

Philadelphia Phillies - Jimmy Rollins/2000

Washington Nationals - Ryan Zimmerman/2005

NL Central:
Chicago Cubs - Carlos Marmol/2006

Cincinnati Reds - Bronson Arroyo & Brandon Phillips/2006

Milwaukee Brewers - Corey Hart/2004

Pittsburgh Pirates - Jeff Karstens/2008

St. Louis Cardinals - Chris Carpenter & Yadier Molina/2004

NL West:
Arizona Diamondbacks - Miguel Montero/2006

Colorado Rockies - Todd Helton/1997

Los Angeles Dodgers - Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier & Chad Billingsley/2006

San Diego Padres - Chase Headley/2007

San Francisco Giants - Matt Cain/2005

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Name that Phillie- Notre Dame Connection?

It seems the entire country either hates or loves the Fighting Irish.  Personally, I'm indifferent, but I'm in the minority.  Anyway, this former Phillie has a roundabout connection to Notre Dame.  See if you can figure it out.  Hit me with your best shot, fire away...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Trade Idea- David DeJesus

The Phillies need outfielders.  They have some in-house candidates (John Mayberry, Domonic Brown, and Darin Ruf), but outside help is needed.  Free agents like BJ Upton, Angel Pagan, and Michael Bourn are all being floated as ideas, but they'll come at quite a hefty price tag and each have their own pitfalls.

For example-
"There are a lot of reasons to like Upton, but it is worth mentioning he has not hit better than .246 since 2008 and has not had better than a .784 on-base-plus-slugging percentage since 2007. He strikes out a ton. Upton had a .298 on-base percentage last season. He has been benched in the past for a lack of hustle. He is not exactly a sure thing."
~Todd Zolecki

Bourn is 30 and game is built entirely on speed. He's likely to demand at least 5 YR/$85M. He plays great defense and still has elite speed, but the rest of his game is lacking. Meaning he might only be worth it for about 2 more years.

Pagan is pretty good all around, but he got a lot of publicity this season being with the Giants and his future payday went up because of it. Probably looking at 3-4 year deal worth at least $10M annually.

Upton is an out making machine. We don't need another .300 OBP guy in he lineup, especially not at the price he will cost and a 1st round pick surrendered to the Rays.

My Idea:
What about David DeJesus as a platoon partner with Mayberry?

Either play them in CF or RF.

DeJesus against RHP- .292/.367/.449 (.816 OPS)

Mayberry against LHP- .284/.328/.547 (.875 OPS).

DeJesus' contract is reasonable- $4.25M in 2013 with an identical option for 2014 or $1.5M buyout. The Cubs would probably take a borderline prospect for him and might even eat a million.  This allows resources to be spent elsewhere like another outfielder, third baseman, and/or setup man.

International Stout Day

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, the MLB hot stove is about to heat up, and the holidays are quickly approaching.

International Stout Day is today; a holiday for all beer lovers to unite and make merry of the darkest, and some say, best style of beer out there.

Stouts are darker, hoppier and richer, so this year, when you’re reaching for your pint, go for the most iconic stout in the word—Guinness. With a sweet, bitter flavor, subtle notes of roasted barley and coffee, a dark color and rich, creamy head, nothing compares to a perfectly poured pint of Guinness.

And why not change it up a bit and go for a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, a stout from Guinness that was introduced to the US in early 2010.

Whether it be a sweet, dry, or Russian Imperial style stout, just grab one and enjoy.

Notable PA Stouts:
Stoudts- Fat Dog, Victory- Donnybrook, Lancaster- Milk Stout, Weyerbacher- Old Heathen, Troegs- Java Head, Sly Fox- O'Reily, Iron Hill- Russian Imperial, Yards- Love, Millbock- Black, and many others.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Phanatic 2012 - Hit The Vote!!!

I'm sure many of you know who you are voting for today. But for those of you who are still on the fence, consider a dark-horse (green-monster?) candidate: the Phanatic.

Many don't even know that the Phanatic is running. So, for all of you undecided voters, here is the Phanatic's platform. If you like it, vote for it!!

Welfare reform - Food stamps will be replaced with Hatfield Dollar Dogs.

Foreign Policy - Relocate the Cardinals to Iran. Apparently, Cardinal fans are incapable of negative behavior. So, if some of these radical terrorist groups would become Cardinal fans, maybe they'll become as docile as a pet poodle. And maybe Ahmandinejad will start building baseball stadiums instead of nuclear plants... The Phanatic will also relocate the Mets to Paris, France. They all deserve that.

Economy - The Phanatic wants to lower income tax, raise capital gains tax and implement a salary cap for Major League Baseball.

Energy - Until his ATV runs on solar power, the Phanatic is "drill baby drill."

Environment - He's a full supporter of "F#@& the Whales, Save the Homers." Enough said.

Secretary of State - Dave Hollins, so other countries will think twice about messing with us.
Secretary of Education - Darren Daulton, to teach those kids what's really going on!
Minister of Defense - Reggie White (Honorary appointment)
Secretary of the Treasury - Lenny Dykstra

Monday, November 05, 2012

Jimmy Rollins and the Hall of Fame

Last year when Jimmy Rollins signed his new contract with the Phillies I commented on it by saying, ""If Jimmy is able to start another 4-5 years and finishes around: .270/.750, 1500 R, 2600 H, 525 DBL, 120 TRPL, 225 HR, 1000 RBI, 500 SB, then I think he's HoF material."

Corey then countered with an entire post outlining that J-Roll will merely go down in history as a very good player, but not HoF worthy.  He made many good points as to why Rollins won't sniff the Hall, but I'm still not convinced.

Rollins has 3 years left on his contract with the Phillies (assuming his 2015 option vest) and continues to be an elite shortstop.  Truth is, the Steroids Era is over, and all those inflated statistics, especially for middle infielders, are in decline.  However, Jimmy continues to remain near the top in most offensive categories among his counterparts and is still highly regarded for his defense, as evidence by being awarded his 4th Gold Glove.  He is the 3rd best shortstop in the history of the game in terms of fielding percentage. 

J-Roll has also stated that he would like to play until he's 40.  The man is in tremendous shape, so this is not out of the question.  He's currently 33 years old, set to turn 34 at the end of November, so that means possibly 7 more seasons.  He's going to putting up a lot of counting stats if that's the case.

For the sake of argument, let's say he only has 5 more quality yeas left in him.  My new estimations for career stats would be: 2435 G, .265/.750, 1575 R, 2685 H, 540 DBL, 120 TRPL, 270 HR, 1080 RBI, 530 SB, 51 WAR.  I doubt he'll get another GG, but it's still possible, and another All-Star appearance is not out of the question.  That makes for an impressive players rewards card.

His Baseball-Reference Hall of Fame meter is creeping closer to "worthy" too:
Black InkBatting - 14 (169), Average HOFer ≈ 27
Gray InkBatting - 75 (325), Average HOFer ≈ 144
Hall of Fame MonitorBatting - 88 (199), Likely HOFer ≈ 100
Hall of Fame StandardsBatting - 35 (214), Average HOFer ≈ 50

By no means, do I believe he's a surefire Hall of Famer.  I do think there's a decent chance for him though.

*For a mouth watering collection of Phillies fan beauties, check out this link.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Name that Phillie- So Soon We've Forgotten Edition

Here we go again, have at it. Name that Phillie...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Create the Caption- Crazy Ink Edition

Be imaginative. Have fun. Make us laugh. Make us cringe. Create the caption...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Drunk Dizzy Phan

This dumbass makes Phillies fans worldwide so proud. Just imagine the pride his momma must be feeling.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ozzie Guillen - Luckiest Bigot in Baseball

Before last season, the Miami Marlins signed Ozzie Guillen to a four year, $10 million dollar contract. In return, he alienated his own fans by praising Fidel Castro, he alienated his own players by telling everyone that Giancarlo Stanton was the only reason for fans to show up, and he lead the team to one of the most disappointing seasons in team history.

His reward for this terrific year of work??? Well, $7.5 million over three years to sit on a beach.

Guillen had this to say about his firing on Twitter - "To the fans that support me and for those who are happy as well my love and respect to you. In life there are worse things and I have experienced them. I have lived through bad moments and I will get through this with support."

Yeah, he'll get through this with support... and $7.5 million. Some guys just can't catch a break...

Good riddance Ozzie. I hope I don't see him around a baseball field anytime soon. Take your hate and ignorance elsewhere.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Name that Phillie- Lefty Edition

Can you name this Phillies player of yesteryear? Hint- it's not Steve Carlton.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Michael Martinez and Others are Gone

Pete Orr was removed from the 40-man roster.  In parts of two seasons in Philly, Orr played 2nd and 3rd base, batting .253/.616 over 81 games.  Signing him to a minor league deal for a third straight season would be wise because he provides depth at Triple-A and is passable in short spurts in the Majors.  Plus, he's Canadian, so that's cool.

Minor league veteran catcher Steven Lerud finally got the proverbial "cup of coffee" he's been seeking, playing in all of 3 games for the Phillies last season.  He too, was taken off the 40-man roster.  The only reason I would like him back, is that he's my birthday buddy (October 13th).  Other than that, he really doesn't have any redeeming value.

Tyson Brummett made his MLB debut on the final day of the season, pitching 2/3 of an inning.  The Phils took him off the 40-man roster and he was claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays...only to be released a few days later when they selected another Phillie off of waivers.

That Phillie was former Rule 5 pick David Herndon, he of Tommy John surgery in June.  Over 3 seasons with the Phils, Herndon compiled 117 innings in 97 appearances with a 3.85 ERA.  He was mediocre, and he's currently injured, so this loss isn't really a loss.

Unfortunately Toronto didn't continue their cavalcade of waivers picks when Michael Martinez was also outrighted off the 40-man roster.  Nope, instead, he was optioned to Triple-A where he'll be a threat to return at any time to Citizens Bank Park (pray J-Roll doesn't see DL time!).  Mini-Mart, the subject of much ridicule and dissastifaction on this blog, has the lowest batting average of any player in the Majors over the past two seasons with at least 320 at bats.  Overall, the worthless piece of poop hit .188/.512, and robbed much more deserving minors leaguers of time in the Show.  It's hard to believe no team wanted a 30 year old utility infielder that sucks at everything he does.  What is the world coming to?

Look at him, he's like friggin' Superman.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Phillies 2013 Third Base Solution

I am a wannabe GM, so here goes...

2013 is going to be a transition year at many positions on the diamond for the Phillies, but I believe the solution for 3rd base is an easy and inexpensive one.  Sure, fans are going to say, "Trade for David Wright or Chase Headley."  Ha, keep dreaming.  Let's go with something we already have, plus a reinforcement.  Kevin Frandsen and Eric Chavez.  Combined salary of roughly $4M.

Frandsen did a tremendous job for the Phillies over the final couple months of the season, with Polly banged up and nobody else capable of both fielding and hitting at 3rd base.  He hit .338/.834 playing in 55 games.  Although his defense is not stellar, he did have a positive DWAR (0.3).  He is 30 years old (will be 31 at the end of May) and is a right-handed batter that hits lefties better than righties.  His career split versus southpaws is .282/.748 with only 14 K in 263 plate appearances.  Estimated 2013 salary- $700K.

Chavez is known for his quality defense, although those skills have diminished with age and injury, and he is a left-handed batter that will turn 35 years old in December.  He hit .281/.845 with 16 HR in 113 games with the Yankees this season.  For his career he's killed righties to the tune of a .280 batting average and .869 OPS.  Due to his age and history of injuries, it's likely that he could be had on a 1 year contract at a low base salary, say between $3-4M.

That gives the Phillies an ideal platoon situation.  Chavez plays against RHP and Frandsen against LHP.  This also allows for hot hitting 3rd base prospect, Cody Asche, to possibly take over at the hot corner in 2014.  There ya go Amaro, solved.  Check that off of the to-do list.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Larry Andersen a Screwball

Not only is Phillies banished to radio color commentator Larry Andersen a screwball, he's also a big fan of the Reading Phillies mascot Screwball.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mets Trick & Treat

Look at the schmuck with that Mets pumpkin cooler in hand.  That is me.  I had no idea what trick was being pulled on me, only saw the treat inside (6 pack of beer).  My buddy, pictured with me, is a hardcore Mets fan and we're constantly ribbing each other.  He got addicted to the Mets in the 80's, much like the 80's Mets got addicted to cocaine. 

What We're Drinking:
Millbock Brewing Company- Richard Cranium Rye and White.  Fantastic beers from a newish microbrew in the Harrisburg area (Linglestown to be exact).  It was my birthday this past weekend and Millbock showed up with a keg of each.  Party goers were delighted with the wheat ale known as White.  It is unfiltered with the aroma and taste rounded out with oranges and coriander.  Good stuff!  Richard Cranium Rye is a Belgian Blonde Ale brewed with Rye. Light yellow to gold in color. The flavor is a combination of Belgian yeast, biscuits, citrus and a crisp, slightly spicy rye flavor and all at 6.5% ABV.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Freakin' Raul Ibanez!

Damn you Raul Ibanez! Damn you!

The Phillies are out of the playoffs, so I truly have no vested interest in any of the clubs currently playing in October, but I certainly dislike the friggin' Yankees more than the others.  However, I am pulling for the O's and A's, because I like their underdog story line and complete team/never give up mentality.  Former Phillie Raul Ibanez is doing his best to make sure that one of those teams doesn't move on to the next round in the American League Championship Series for the pennant.

Jim Johnson, he of 51 regular season saves and a 2.49 ERA, has been the culprit of Baltimore's meltdowns.  He allowed 3 homeruns all season long, spanning 68.2 innings.  Yet, it 4.1 postseason innings he's surrenders 2 4-baggers.  Last night, the killer blow came off the bat of Ibanez in the 9th inning to tie the game, who was pinch hitting for A-Rod (ballsy move by Girardi).  Then Ibanez did it again in the 12th inning, for the walk-off win.  Wow!  That's 2 homeruns for the Yankees in only 5 postseason at bats.  In comparison, he only hit 3 homeruns in 100 at bats in the playoffs for the Phillies.  Son of a...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Greg Luzinski Miller Lite Commercial

It's officially the Phillies offseason, so let the randomness begin (did it ever stop?). Today we bring to you a vintage Greg "The Bull" Luzinski Miller Lite commercial. Enjoy...

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Howard- Final 2012 Standings

The Howard by Definition- any time a player commits an error, strikes out, and hits a homerun within the same game.

Congratulations to Ian Desmond and Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals and Mark Reynolds and Matt Wieters of the Baltimore Orioles for "winning" the 2012 Howard.  Battle of the beltway...

The Howard- Final 2012 Standing:
I. Desmond/WSH - 3
M. Reynolds/BAL - 3
M. Wieters/BAL - 3
R. Zimmerman/WSH - 3
P. Alvarez/PIT - 2
C. Barmes/PIT - 2
W. Betemit/BAL - 2
C. Davis/BAL - 2
P. Fielder/DET - 2
K. Johnson/TOR - 2
B. Lawrie/TOR - 2
E. Longoria/TBR - 2
J. Lowrie/HOU - 2
W. Middlebrooks/BOS- 2
A.J. Pierzynski/CHW - 2
H. Ramirez/MIA - 2
J. Rollins/PHI - 2
B. Ryan/SEA - 2
I. Stewart/CHC - 2
J. Willingham/MIN - 2
D. Ackley/SEA - 1
J. Bell/ARI - 1
Y. Betancourt/KCR - 1
R. Braun/MIL - 1
A. Cabrera/CLE - 1
M. Cabrera/DET - 1
A. Callaspo/LAA - 1
C. Carter/OAK - 1
L. Chisenhall/CLE - 1
P. Ciriaco/BOS - 1
C. Corporan/HOU - 1
Z. Cozart/CIN - 1
L. Cruz/LAD - 1
N. Cruz/TEX - 1
D. Descalso/STL - 1
J. Donaldson/OAK - 1
A.J. Ellis/LAD - 1
D. Espinosa/WSH - 1
L. Forsythe/SDP - 1
J. Francoeur/KCR - 1
D. Freese/STL - 1
J. Gomes/OAK - 1
S. Hairston/NYM - 1
J. Hamilton/TEX - 1
B. Harper/WSH - 1
C. Hart/MIL - 1
C. Headley/SDP - 1
J. Heyward/ATL - 1
M. Holliday/STL - 1
R. Howard/PHI - 1
N. Hundley/SDP - 1
C. Ianetta/LAA - 1
O. Infante/MIA - 1
T. Ishikawa/MIL - 1
C. Johnson/HOU - 1
A. Jones/BAL - 1
C. Jones/ATL - 1
K. Ka'aihue/OAK - 1
A. Kearns/WSH - 1
G. Kottaras/OAK - 1
E. Kratz/PHI - 1
J. Kubel/ARI - 1
A. LaRoche/WSH - 1
A. Lind/TOR - 1
J. Lopez/CLE - 1
J. Lucroy/MIL - 1
J. Mauer/MIN - 1
J. Mercer/PIT - 1
J. Montero/SEA - 1
A. Moore/KCR - 1
S. Moore/HOU - 1
M. Moustakas/KCR - 1
M. Napoli/TEX - 1
C. Nelson/COL - 1
M. Olivo/SEA - 1
A. Pagan/SFG - 1
C. Pena/TBR - 1
C. Pennington/OAK - 1
T. Plouffe/MIN - 1
B. Posey/SFG - 1
O. Quintanilla/BAL - 1
H. Quintero/KCR - 1
N. Reimold/BAL - 1
J. Rivera/LAD - 1
R. Roberts/ARI - 1
W. Rosario/COL - 1
C. Ross/BOS - 1
C. Ruiz/PHI - 1
J. Rutledge/COL - 1
J. Saltalamacchia/BOS - 1
J. Smoak/SEA - 1
C. Snyder/HOU - 1
G. Soto/TEX - 1
G. Stanton/MIA - 1
D. Stubbs/CIN - 1
J. Tabata/PIT - 1
M. Trout/LAA - 1
D. Uggla/ATL - 1
J. Upton/ARI - 1
J. Valdespin/NYM - 1
W. Venable/SDP - 1
D. Viciedo/CHW - 1
J. Vitters/CHC - 1
A. White/COL - 1
K. Youkilis/BOS - 1

 Inside the Numbers:
*This is Mark Reynolds 4th consecutive Howard Award.  He's committed 17 Howards since the stat's creation.

*A total of 129 Howards were committed this season by 105 players.  This shatters the previous seasons' trends: 2011- 107/84, 2010- 112/82, and 2009- 111/90.

*There were 5 Howards performed by members of the Phillies this year.  All 5 games were wins.

*Had a pair of AJ's do it this season- Pierzynski and Ellis, both catchers.

*The Colorado Rockies Alex White became the 2nd pitcher to collect a Howard (previously only done by Cliff Lee).

*The Howards of 2012 will be archived near the bottom of the right sidebar.

Monday, October 08, 2012

WSBGMs Collection of Phillies

We Should Be GMs was established March 28, 2006 and GM-Carson & Corey have been blogging for 7 seasons now. In that time we've witnessed the Phillies ascend the NL East and triumph over all of baseball and stake claim to being a perennial contender in the National League until plummeting this season. Many players and coaches have come and gone with some even staying for the duration. This post is intended as a means of reflection on all those men who've donned the Phillies uniform during our time in the blogsphere. Enjoy...

Regular Season (2006-2012) 639 W/495 L (.563%)
Postseason (2007-2011) 27 W/19 L (.587%)

1. Cole Hamels/SP (2006-2012)
2. Jon Lieber/SP (2006-2007)
3. Cory Lidle/SP (2006)
4. Randy Wolf/SP (2006)
5. Gavin Floyd/SP (2006)
6. Jamie Moyer/SP (2006-2010)
7. Adam Bernero/SP (2006)
8. Adam Eaton/SP (2007-2008)
9. Kyle Kendrick/SP (2007-2012)
10. Kyle Lohse/SP (2007)
11. Freddy Garcia/SP (2007)
12. Zack Segovia/SP (2007)
13. JA Happ/SP (2007-2010)
14. Joe Blanton/SP (2008-2012)
15. Cliff Lee/SP (2009 & '11-12)
16. Rodrigo Lopez/SP (2009)
17. Pedro Martinez/SP (2009)
18. Vance Worley/SP (2010-2012)
19. Roy Halladay/SP (2010-2012)
20. Roy Oswalt/SP (2010-2011)
21. Tyler Cloyd/SP (2012)
22. JD Durbin/SP/RP (2007)
23. Brett Myers/SP/RP (2006-2009)
24. Scott Mathieson/SP/RP ('06 & '10-11)
25. Eude Brito/SP/RP (2006)
26. Chan Ho Park/SP/RP (2009)
27. Ryan Madson/SP/RP (2006-2011)
28. John Ennis/SP/RP (2007)
29. Andrew Carpenter/SP/RP (2008-2011)
30. Antonio Bastardo/SP/RP (2009-2012)
31. Aaron Fultz/RP (2006)
32. Ryan Franklin/RP (2006)
33. Fabio Castro/RP (2006-2007)
34. Geoff Geary/RP (2006-2007)
35. Julio Santana/RP (2006)
36. Clay Condrey/RP (2006-2009)
37. Rheal Cormier/RP (2006)
38. Matt Smith/RP (2006-2007)
39. Rick White/RP (2006)
40. Arthur Rhodes/RP (2006)
41. Brian Sanches/RP (2006-2007 & '12)
42. Tom Gordon/RP (2006-2008)
43. Francisco Rosario/RP (2007)
44. JC Romero/RP (2007-2011)
45. Kane Davis/RP (2007)
46. Joe Bisensius/RP (2007)
47. Jose Mesa/RP (2007)
48. Yoel Hernandez/RP (2007)
49. Anderson Garcia/RP (2007)
50. Mike Zagurski/RP ('07 & '10-11)
51. Chad Durbin/RP (2008-2010)
52. Antonio Alfonseca/RP (2007)
53. RJ Swindle/RP (2008)
54. Les Walrond/RP (2008)
55. Rudy Seanez/RP (2008)
56. Brad Lidge/RP (2008-2011)
57. Scott Eyre/RP (2008-2009)
58. Jack Taschner/RP (2009)
59. Tyler Walker/RP (2009)
60. Steven Register/RP (2009)
61. Sergio Escalona/RP (2009)
62. Nelson Figueroa/RP (2010)
63. David Herndon/RP (2010-2012)
64. Danys Baez/RP (2010-2011)
65. Nate Robertson/RP (2010)
66. Jose Contreras/RP (2010-2012)
67. Joe Savery/RP (2011-2012)
68. Justin De Fratus/RP (2011-2012)
69. Michael Stutes/RP (2011-2012)
70. Juan Perez/RP (2011)
71. Michael Schwimer/RP (2011-2012)
72. BJ Rosenberg/RP (2012)
73. Jacob Diekman/RP (2012)
74. Jeremy Horst/RP (2012)
75. Raul Valdes/RP (2012)
76. Jonathan Papelbon/RP (2012)
77. Tyson Brummett/RP (2012)
78. Phillippe Aumont/RP (2012)
79. Chad Qualls/RP (2012)
80. Jeff Lindblom/RP (2012)

81. Mike Lieberthal/C (2006)
82. Chris Coste/C (2006-2009)
83. Sal Fasano/C (2006)
84. Carlos Ruiz/C (2006-2012)
85. Rod Barajas/C (2007)
86. Lou Marson/C (2008-2009)
87. Paul Bako/C (2009)
88. Paul Hoover/C (2009-2010)
89. Brian Schneider/C (2010-2012)
90. Dane Sardinha/C (2010-2011)
91. Erik Kratz/C (2011-2012)
92. Steven Lerud/C (2012)
93. Ryan Howard/1B (2006-2012)
94. Mike Sweeney/1B (2010)
95. Ty Wigginton/1B/3B/LF (2012)
96. Chase Utley/2B (2006-2012)
97. Tadahito Iguchi/2B (2007-2008)
98. Brad Harman/2B (2008)
99. Freddy Galvis/2B (2012)
100. Jimmy Rollins/SS (2006-2012)
101. Brian Bocock/SS (2010)
102. David Bell/3B (2006)
103. Wes Helms/3B (2007)
104. Pedro Feliz/3B (2008-2009)
105 Mike Cervenak/3B (2008)
106. Placido Polanco/3B (2010-2012)
107. Greg Dobbs/3B/OF/1B (2007-2010)
108. Kevin Frandsen/3B (2012)
109. Ross Gload/1B/OF (2010-2011)
110. Danny Sandoval/UTL (2006)
111. Abraham Nunez/UTL (2006-2007)
112. Alex Gonzalez/UTL (2006)
113. Jose Hernandez/UTL (2006)
114. Joe Thurston/UTL (2006)
115. Russell Branyan/UTL (2007)
116. Eric Bruntlett/UTL (2008-2009)
117. Miguel Cairo/UTL (2009)
118. Wilson Valdez/UTL (2010-2011)
119. Juan Castro/UTL (2010)
120. Cody Ransom/UTL (2010)
121. Pete Orr/UTL (2011-2012)
122. Michael Martinez/UTL (2011-2012)
123. Mike Fontenot/UTL (2012)
124. Hector Luna/UTL (2012)
125. Randall Simon/PH (2006)
126. Pete LaForest/PH (2007)
127. Andy Tracy/PH (2008-2009)
128. Chris Snelling/PH (2008)
129. John Bowker/PH (2011)
130. Brandon Moss/PH (2011)
131. Jim Thome/PH (2012)
132. Jason Pridie/PH (2012)

133. Pat Burrell/LF (2006-2008)
134. Raul Ibanez/LF (2009-2011)
135. Juan Pierre/LF (2012)
136. Darin Ruf/LF/1B (2012)
137. Aaron Roward/CF (2006-2007)
138. Shane Victorino/CF (2006-2012)
139. Bobby Abreu/RF (2006)
140. Jayson Werth/RF (2007-2010)
141. Geoff Jenkins/RF (2008)
142. Hunter Pence/RF (2011-2012)
143. David Dellucci/OF (2006)
144. Jeff Conine/OF (2006)
145. Chris Roberson/OF (2006-2007)
146. Michael Bourn/OF (2006-2007)
147. So Taguchi/OF (2008)
148. Matt Stairs/OF (2008-2009)
149. Greg Golson/OF (2008)
150. TJ Bohn/OF (2008)
151. Ben Francisco/OF (2009-2011)
152. John Mayberry Jr./OF (2009-2012)
153. Domonic Brown/OF (2010-2012)
154. Nate Schierholtz/OF (2012)
155. Laynce Nix/OF (2012)

Coaching Staff:
Charlie Manuel/Manager (2006-2012)
Gary Varsho/Bench (2006)
Jimy Williams/Bench (2007-2008)
Pete Mackanin/Bench (2009-2012)
Rich Dubee/Pitching (2006-2012)
Milt Thompson/Hitting (2006-2010)
Greg Gross/Hitting (2010-2012)
Marc Bombard/1st Base (2006)
Davey Lopez/1st Base (2007-2010)
Bill Dancy/3rd Base (2006)
Steve Smith/3rd Base (2007-2008)
Sam Perlozzo/3rd Base/1st Base (2009-2012)
Juan Samuel/3rd Base (2011-2012)
Ramon Henderson/BP (2006-2008)
Mick Bellmeyer/BP (2009-2012)

*Pat Gillick/GM (2006-2008)
*Ruben Amaro Jr./GM (2009-2012)