Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween- Phillies Style

Back Row: Charlies Manuel, Ruben Amaro, Bea Arthur, & Roy Halladay

Front Row: Joe Blanton, Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, & Vance Worley

With 5 straight NL East Division championships heading into the 2012 season, a 6th will be on the line and the above cast of characters will play a large role in that expected success. You've got the fearless leader- Fuqua, smug GM- Rube, good luck charm- Bea, and starting rotation- Doc, Lee, Hamels, Blanton, and the Vanimal.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

WSBGMs Offseason Plans

What's a Phillies blogger to do until spring training starts? Of course there's the Hot Stove rumor mill, the comings and goings of players, and updates on current players' statuses. That's all the normal stuff you would expect to find on the other Phils blogs. That's not us. We do that...and MORE!

WSBGMs Offseason Plans:
*Fill in the Blanks (ex - Ryan Howard is __________.)
*Phlashback Phridays (ex - Noles & Thon: The Dickies)
*Phillies themed crossword puzzles (ex - Phighin' Phils)
*Name that Phillie (ex - Who the hell is this?)
*Random funny Phils inspired Photoshops (ex - Fuqua + Quotes + Photoshop)
*Song parodies (ex - Bohemian Manuel)
*What's the #?
*Off Beat Wednesday (chance to blog about anything we desire, but usually still rooted in baseball)
*Fan Caves (Corey and I will each share pictures of ours, in hopes that you'll show us yours...sounds so perverted)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Charlie In TV - Vol. 1

Last week I did Charlie in the movies. This week, he's taking over television.

Charles In Charge
Show description – Charles is a young baseball player but only can get contract offers from teams in Japan. To work on his game, he takes a part-time job living with a host family. He stays in their basement and in return babysits the family’s children and occasionally gives them love and hitting advice. His quirky friend, Buddy, is always hanging around. Hilarity ensues.

Episode 1- “Buddy Better Start Hitting”

Show Highlights – Charles takes Buddy to the batting cage. Buddy sucks. However, Charles notices that Buddy is exceedingly quick. Buddy gets 100+ at-bats for the Charles’ rec league softball team and hits a shade over .190.

CSI: Miami
Show description: Charlie leads a team of sharply dressed crime scene investigators who solve murder mysteries in southern Florida.

Episode 1- “Moonshot Over Miami”

Show Highlights – The show has a sizzling opening that climaxes in one of Fuqua’s classic one liners:

Scene – Marlins Ballpark, 8th inning of a game in September
Police Officer – Sir, we found a murder victim sitting in a seat above the left field wall. It was reported by a fan in one of the luxury boxes, just after Hanley Ramirez refused to run out a grounder in the 7th.
Charlie – Well, our dad-gum suspect is probably still here. Call my wife, officer, tell her… [slowly and deliberately puts on sunglasses] that I’ve gone… fishing.
/cue Roger Daltrey’s yell

Other highlights include Charlie picking up Jack McKeon’s cigar butt and placing it in a plastic bag using forceps and Charlie enjoying a mojito, shirtless sunbathing on South Beach.

The Cosby Show
Show description – Dr. Charles Manuel lives and works out of his brownstone townhouse in Old City Philadelphia accompanied by his lawyer wife and five children. Hilarity ensues.

Episode 1 – Who’s Dad-gum Kids Are These?”

Show Highlights – Dr. Manuel wastes no time in asking for a paternity test for each and every kid. When the tests show that the father is actually arch rival Dr. Dusty Baker, Charlie files for divorce. There will be no further episodes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crossword Puzzle- 1990's Phillies Edition

1. Schmidt's successor
6. Gold Glove catcher of '99
9. 2nd baseman that shared name with famous mouse
10. One-Nut
11. Lovingly referred to as "Tank"

2. Pompous ass
3. Outfielder that spelled 1st name with a double "g"
4. Created a stir in his rookie season, some sort of "mania"
5. Fell 2 homeruns shy of 400 for his career
7. Bible toting ex-porn addict
8. Mr. Smuggy McSmuggerson (aka- our GM)

*Answers- last name only

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fill In The Blank: Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard is _______________.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Phillies Do The Obvious

The Phillies did the obvious today and declined the options on Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt. Amaro reluctantly forked over $3.5M in contract buyouts rather than ante up for $28.5M between the two of them. This nets them $25M, so it was a smart decision.

"We will remain in contact with representatives for both players about the possibility of bringing them back for the 2012 season,” said the omnipotent one Ruben Amaro Jr.

In my opinion, Phils have more pressing needs than retaining either of their services, but at the right price, I'd welcome both back. Lidge 1 year $1.5M with incentives. Oswalt 2 years $16M. However, each likely wants more, and rightfully sayonara.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stand-Up To Cancer

Stand-Up Fundraiser for LLS:
Please join Abbe Meck and Van Kapeghian (aka- FuriousBall) in our fight against blood cancers. Thursday, December 1st we are proud to present Mo Mandel (who you may know from Modern Family and Chelsea Lately) at Helium Comedy Club in Philly! Abbe and Van are running the Disney Marathon in January and seeking to raise over $10,000 toward the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They will be running a half marathon and full marathon on consecutive days, that's 39.3 miles - please join us in this fight!

Tickets are $15 per person, please contact Van Kapeghian (phone: 609-969-2387 or email: for tickets. If you are unable to attend but would still like to support this cause, please visit All For Layna.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Off-Season Priority #4- Shortstop

It’s Friday. I’ve got tons of stuff to do that doesn't involve the computer or the interwebs, so I’m going to make this one short.

Priority #4 is signing Jimmy Rollins to a deal less than five years.

The best available shortstop is Jose Reyes. Unless they get rid of Joe Blanton and his $9 million dollars, they don’t have the money for him.

The “best” free-agent shortstop after “Geriatric Jimmy “ is… nobody. The free-agent shortstop market is terrible.

Are there any decent trade candidates? The Orioles signed JJ Hardy to a three year deal so Robert Andino could be had for cheap. But he sucks. Could the Phillies get Alexei Ramirez from the White Sox or Yunel Escobar from the Blue Jays? Doubtful.

So the options are Jose, Jimmy, promoting Freddy Galvis or acquiring a shortstop via trade.  

I don’t see any option working except calling Jimmy’s 5-year bluff and re-signing him for the next few years.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Charlie In The Movies - Vol. 1

Didn't have time to do Priority #4 for today, so I'm rolling out another off-season post - Charlie Manuel in the Movies. These are just funny (funny to me, at least...) pictures of Charlie in famous movie scenes. These serve no purpose but to amuse and give Carson and I a free day without having to do a real post. Lazy? Kind of, but it's the off-season, deal with it.

The Fuqfather

Silence of the Fuqua

Fuqua. Charles Fuqua.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off-Season Priorities - #3 – Closer

The Phillies do not currently have a closer. They need one. Here are the free agent options.

Ryan Madson
Pros: Madson has to be the first choice to be the Phillies closer for2012. He’s done nothing but improve over the last few seasons and despite not being named closer to start 2011, he ended up with the job and performed commendably. He ended the year with 32 saves and a 2.37 ERA. He’ll likely be a Type A free agent, which will reduce interest by some clubs.
Cons: Money and that damn Scott Boras. Boras got Rafael Soriano “closer money” (3 years, $35 million) from the Yankees last season. Now, noboby but the Yankees would pay that money and nobody will give Ryan Madson that sort of money this year. But, three years seems about right and Boras will try to take the deal to $30 million… but he’ll fail. I see three years (2 with an option?)at about $8-9 million per year.

Jon Papelbon
Pros: He’s pitched and succeeded in many high pressure situations. He’s played for a winner and is accustomed to playoff baseball. He strikes out a ton of batters and doesn’t walk many (87:10 in 64 innings in 2011).
Cons: The Red Sox gave him $12 million to avoid arbitration last season. He’s going to want major cash.

Heath Bell
Pros: He’ll probably be slightly cheaper than Madson because of hisage. Also because he’s older he’ll have less leverage in terms of years.
Cons: Buyer beware on Heath Bell, because he may be a huge disappointment for somebody. His “baseball card numbers” look great. 43 saves. 2.44 ERA. But a closer inspection of his stats looks troublesome.  He benefitted from a low BABIP* (.261) and his xFIP was 3.67. The biggest reason for the rise in xFIP was very poor strikeout numbers. Bell struck out only 51 batters in 62 innings. In 2010, Bell’s BABIP was .322 but it didn’t affect his overall numbers much because he struck out almost four more batters per nine innings compared to 2011. If Bell has a 2011 strikeout numbers next season, you could be looking at a 3.50+ ERA and number of blown saves.

(*It’s interesting to look at Bell’s BABIP. His lifetime BABIP is.301. Mmmmm, regression to the mean. But during his first three years in the league with the Mets, it was close to .360. Since he went to the Padres, it’s been close to .280. Interpret that on your own…)

Jonathan Broxton
Pros: He’s been helping the Phillies win games for years. He’ll be dirt cheap.
Cons: He probably can’t close games anymore, which is a prerequisite for the job. He’s coming off a weird elbow injury and he’ll likely never throw 99-100 again and he doesn’t really have any effective secondary or off-speed pitches.

Matt Capps
Pros:  He’s one of the youngest FA closers available.
Cons: He wasn’t very good in 2011 and he hasn’t been very consistent, alternating between good and bad years. While this pattern would have him pitching well in 2012, I wouldn’t bet on it. I also don’t trust a closer that doesn’t get strike outs. Capps on had 34 Ks in 65 innings.

Frank Francisco
Pros: He’s probably the cheapest option. He also has good strikeout numbers, getting about 10 per 9 innings.
Cons: He’s not really a candidate to be a full-time closer. Instead, he’ sa guy you’d get to set-up or go “closer by committee.”

Pros: Lots of material to blog about.
Cons: Giant a-hole.

Other closers that could become free agents if their team options are declined -  Francisco Cordero, Jon Rauch, Rafael Soriano, Jose Valverde, Joe Nathan, and Kyle Farnsworth.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Off-Season Priorities - #2 – Payroll Flexibility

While Priority #1 may be to sign OGP to a multi-year contract, the Phils need to get their financial house in order before they should think about further signings. Specifically they need to drop some salaries. Let’s take a look at one theoretical situation where the Phils could clear some money.

-         1) Decline the option on Brad Lidge. This is a pretty obvious one and they shouldn’t waste any time. It will cost them $1.5million to say goodbye to Lidge but there is no way they can pay this guy $12.5million. That is a net of $11 million compared to last season’s payroll.

-         2) Decline the option on Roy Oswalt. I would loveto have the “Big 4” together for another season but I think not letting Hamels hit the free agent market is more important and to sign him, they’ll need Oswalt’s money. It will cost $2 million to buyout the contract. That saves $14 million compared to 2011.

By declining these options, the Phillies theoretically have$25 million that was spent in 2011 to reinvest into 2012. Raul Ibanez and his$11.5 million are off the books in 2012 as is Ryan Madson and his $4.5 million. Gload and Schneider go and take about $3 million with them, which brings the shopping money to $44 million. 

However, the following players are due for pay raises – Lee($10.5 mil), Polanco ($1 mil), Ruiz ($1 mil) and Victorino ($2 mil). Kendrick goesto arbitration and will likely get a small raise. Hunter Pence goes to arbitration and will get a big raise, same for Cole Hamels if it gets that far. Ben Francisco is also arbitration eligible but may not even be offered so we’ll just ignore him for now.

So, if Oswalt and Lidge go, and the Phils let all eligible players go to arbitration, I estimate that the team will have about $20 million to spend on their needs (bullpen, LF, bench, etc.).

If the Phils could sign Hamels to an extension and pay him $16-18 million next season (a $7-9 million raise over 2011), they would still have $10-15 million to get a closer, a reliever and some bench players without significantly increasing salary over last year.

Now, if they could get somebody to take Joe Blanton and his$8.5, they’d really be in business…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Off Season Priority #1

Yeah, the Phillies ended up a massive disappointment. But they did win 100+ games and would have had home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Do you want that next season?Do you want that the season after that? Of course you do. And for the Phils to contend year after year, they need pitching. Horrible offense loses championships, but good pitching still wins them.

Halladay is locked up through 2014. Lee is locked up through2016. Oswalt? We don’t know about 2012, but he’s not a long term option. If they want to remain the elite team in the National League, they need to ensure that three “aces” are pitching at The Cit for the foreseeable future. Therefore,priority number one this Winter is to sign Ol’ Girl Parts to an extension. 

Unfortunately for the Phillies, the price tag for a top of the rotation starter is pretty steep. Cliff Lee, well, you know how much money he’s going to make. Justin Verlander will make $20 million per season starting next year. Felix Hernandez is going to make $18+ million starting next season.Rumor has it that CJ Wilson will be looking for a deal worth $100+ million. CJ Wilson! Hamels may not be on level of Verlander or King Felix, but his agent probably thinks he is. And if some team gives CJ Wilson $100 million (like the Yankees...) that pushes Hamels' worth through the ceiling. And all it takes is one team to agree, especially a team desperate for pitching and with deep pockets. If Hamels hits the market before the 2013 season, I can see the Yankees or Cubs or Sox throwing huge money at OGP. The Phillies shouldn’t let that happen. Lock up OGP now!

The Phillies paid Roy Oswalt about $16 million this season. Hamels is younger and better and will expect at least as much. Cliff Lee will make $20-25 per season over the next three seasons while the standard bearer of pitching, Roy Halladay, will make a measly $20 million per season. Given  those salaries, it would make sense for Hamels to get about $18 million per year over four or five years.  

It would behoove Hamels to avoid arbitration because he would make far less in arbitration in 2012 than he would make if he signed a long term deal. That is what the Phillies have working in their advantage and they need to utilize that. Four years at 72 million? Five years for 95 million?It’s good work if you can get it. Bottom line – the Phillies have created an era of winning baseball and they can’t jeopardize that by not signing Hamels long term. 

Get it done, Ruben.

File Under: Idiot Talk
I found this little snippet over at where they referenced Bob Brookover's column at the Inquirer. The quote is from a "scout"concerning Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies moving forward at the shortstop position. The moron said, "It might be time to find out about a guy like Freddy Galvis. I saw him this year and he really is improving. I don't know if he's ready to be an everyday player in the big leagues, but I just think they need to get younger."

Huh? You don't know if he can handle the job but the Phillies should give him the job merely to get younger? Like getting younger for the sake of getting younger somehow benefits the club. Idiocy. Under this logic, the Phillies should sign my son and Carson's two boys. They can't play baseball above the tee-ball level, but they are extremely young and cheap. I know for a fact my boy will play shortstop for the Phillies for juice boxes and bar-b-q potato chips. No salary necessary. This way the Phillies can get younger and they can significantly reduce payroll.


Tomorrow on the blog - Off-Season Priority #2

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Manuel's Marathon

Manuel's team won the marathon (102-60). However, they were blown away in the sprint (NLDS). Better work on some quick burst exercises this offseason, rather than solely focusing on long distance training.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sickening Staturday

Over the past 4 playoff series (2009 WS, 2010 NLDS, 2010 NLCS, and 2011 NLDS), Ryan Howard has struck out in 36 of his 75 at bats. That's nearly half of the time- 48% to be exact. To be fair, he did knock in 9 runs in those 20 games, but that's a piddling total for a cleanup hitter being paid to do just that. Batting average- .213, OPS- .662, and R- 5. Things weren't always this way. He used to be a good in the postseason, but his October struggles are a direct correlation of his regular season decline over that time frame.

To all the Howard apologists...ease down, I know your dander is up. He's not the only one at fault, or is he?

Other Phillies Over Same Span:
Chase Utley - .286/1.012, 20 R, 6 HR, 14 RBI, 5 SB, and 12 K.

Jimmy Rollins - .273/.694, 10 R, 6 RBI, 7 SB, and 10 K.

Shane Victorino - .231/.571, 10 R, 9 RBI, and 7 K.

Raul Ibanez - .246/.698, 4 R, 8 RBI, and 22 K.

Carlos Ruiz - .197/.687, 8 R, 4 RBI, and 12 K.

Okay, so clearly nobody aside from Utley has been stellar. However, remember Chooch is the 8 hole hitter and steady production isn't really expected of that spot in the lineup. Victorino's OPS is low, but he still produced more total runs. Howard has failed in the last 4 postseason series, plain and simple. And that makes for a sickening Staturday.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Since the Beginning...

We Should Be GMs was established March 28, 2006 and GM-Carson & Corey have been blogging for 6 seasons now. In that time we've witnessed the Phillies triumph over all of baseball and stake claim to being a perennial contender in the National League. Many players and coaches have come and gone with some even staying for the duration. This post is intended as a means of reflection on all those men who've donned the Phillies uniform during our time in the blogsphere. Enjoy...

Regular Season- 558 W/414 L (.574%)
Postseason (2007-2011) 27 W/19 L (.587%)

1. Cole Hamels/SP (2006-2011)
2. Jon Lieber/SP (2006-2007)
3. Cory Lidle/SP (2006)
4. Randy Wolf/SP (2006)
5. Gavin Floyd/SP (2006)
6. Jamie Moyer/SP (2006-2010)
7. Adam Bernero/SP (2006)
8. Adam Eaton/SP (2007-2008)
9. Kyle Kendrick/SP (2007-2011)
10. Kyle Lohse/SP (2007)
11. Freddy Garcia/SP (2007)
12. Zack Segovia/SP (2007)
13. JA Happ/SP (2007-2010)
14. Joe Blanton/SP (2008-2011)
15. Cliff Lee/SP (2009 & 2011)
16. Rodrigo Lopez/SP (2009)
17. Pedro Martinez/SP (2009)
18. Roy Halladay/SP (2010-2011)
19. Roy Oswalt/SP (2010-2011)
20. JD Durbin/SP/RP (2007)
21. Brett Myers/SP/RP (2006-2009)
22. Scott Mathieson/SP/RP ('06 & '10-11)
23. Eude Brito/SP/RP (2006)
24. Chan Ho Park/SP/RP (2009)
25. Ryan Madson/SP/RP (2006-2011)
26. John Ennis/SP/RP (2007)
27. Andrew Carpenter/SP/RP (2008-2011)
28. Antonio Bastardo/SP/RP (2009-2011)
29. Vance Worley/SP (2010-2011)
30. Aaron Fultz/RP (2006)
31. Ryan Franklin/RP (2006)
32. Fabio Castro/RP (2006-2007)
33. Geoff Geary/RP (2006-2007)
34. Julio Santana/RP (2006)
35. Clay Condrey/RP (2006-2009)
36. Rheal Cormier/RP (2006)
37. Matt Smith/RP (2006-2007)
38. Rick White/RP (2006)
39. Arthur Rhodes/RP (2006)
40. Brian Sanches/RP (2006-2007)
41. Tom Gordon/RP (2006-2008)
42. Francisco Rosario/RP (2007)
43. JC Romero/RP (2007-2011)
44. Kane Davis/RP (2007)
45. Joe Bisensius/RP (2007)
46. Jose Mesa/RP (2007)
47. Yoel Hernandez/RP (2007)
48. Anderson Garcia/RP (2007)
49. Mike Zagurski/RP ('07 & '10-11)
50. Chad Durbin/RP (2008-2010)
51. Antonio Alfonseca/RP (2007)
52. RJ Swindle/RP (2008)
53. Les Walrond/RP (2008)
54. Rudy Seanez/RP (2008)
55. Brad Lidge/RP (2008-2011)
56. Scott Eyre/RP (2008-2009)
57. Jack Taschner/RP (2009)
58. Tyler Walker/RP (2009)
59. Steven Register/RP (2009)
60. Sergio Escalona/RP (2009)
61. Nelson Figueroa/RP (2010)
62. David Herndon/RP (2010-2011)
63. Danys Baez/RP (2010-2011)
64. Nate Robertson/RP (2010)
65. Jose Contreras/RP (2010-2011)
66. Joe Savery/RP (2011)
67. Justin De Fratus/RP (2011)
68. Michael Stutes/RP (2011)
69. Juan Perez/RP (2011)
70. Michael Schwimer/RP (2011)

71. Mike Lieberthal/C (2006)
72. Chris Coste/C (2006-2009)
73. Sal Fasano/C (2006)
74. Carlos Ruiz/C (2006-2011)
75. Rod Barajas/C (2007)
76. Lou Marson/C (2008-2009)
77. Paul Bako/C (2009)
78. Paul Hoover/C (2009-2010)
79. Brian Schneider/C (2010-2011)
80. Dane Sardinha/C (2010-2011)
81. Erik Kratz/C (2011)
82. Ryan Howard/1B (2006-2011)
83. Mike Sweeney/1B (2010)
84. Chase Utley/2B (2006-2011)
85. Tadahito Iguchi/2B (2007-2008)
86. Brad Harman/2B (2008)
87. Jimmy Rollins/SS (2006-2011)
88. Brian Bocock/SS (2010)
89. David Bell/3B (2006)
90. Wes Helms/3B (2007)
91. Pedro Feliz/3B (2008-2009)
92. Mike Cervenak/3B (2008)
94. Placido Polanco/3B (2010-2011)
95. Greg Dobbs/3B/OF/1B (2007-2010)
96. Ross Gload/1B/OF (2010-2011)
97. Danny Sandoval/UTL (2006)
98. Abraham Nunez/UTL (2006-2007)
99. Alex Gonzalez/UTL (2006)
100. Jose Hernandez/UTL (2006)
101. Joe Thurston/UTL (2006)
102. Russell Branyan/UTL (2007)
103. Eric Bruntlett/UTL (2008-2009)
104. Miguel Cairo/UTL (2009)
105. Wilson Valdez/UTL (2010-2011)
106. Juan Castro/UTL (2010)
107. Cody Ransom/UTL (2010)
108. Pete Orr/UTL (2011)
109. Michael Martinez (2011)
110. Randall Simon/PH (2006)
111. Pete LaForest/PH (2007)
112. Andy Tracy/PH (08-09)
113. Chris Snelling/PH (2008)
114. John Bowker/PH (2011)
115. Brandon Moss/PH (2011)

116. Pat Burrell/LF (2006-2008)
117. Raul Ibanez/LF (2009-2011)
118. Aaron Roward/CF (2006-2007)
119. Shane Victorino/CF (2006-2011)
120. Bobby Abreu/RF (2006)
121. Jayson Werth/RF (2007-2010)
122. Geoff Jenkins/RF (2008)
123. Domonic Brown/RF (2010-2011)
124. Hunter Pence/RF (2011)
125. David Dellucci/OF (2006)
126. Jeff Conine/OF (2006)
127. Chris Roberson/OF (2006-2007)
128. Michael Bourn/OF (2006-2007)
129. So Taguchi/OF (2008)
130. Matt Stairs/OF (2008-2009)
131. Greg Golson/OF (2008)
132. TJ Bohn/OF (2008)
133. Ben Francisco/OF (2009-2011)
134. John Mayberry Jr./OF (2009-2011)

Coaching Staff:
Charlie Manuel/Manager (2006-2011)
Gary Varsho/Bench (2006)
Jimy Williams/Bench (2007-2008)
Pete Mackanin/Bench (2009-2011)
Rich Dubee/Pitching (2006-2011)
Milt Thompson/Hitting (2006-2010)
Greg Gross/Hitting (2010-2011)
Marc Bombard/1st Base (2006)
Davey Lopez/1st Base (2007-2010)
Bill Dancy/3rd Base (2006)
Steve Smith/3rd Base (2007-2008)
Sam Perlozzo/3rd Base/1st Base (2009-2011)
Juan Samuel/3rd Base (2011)
Ramon Henderson/BP (2006-2008)
Mick Bellmeyer/BP (2009-2011)

*Pat Gillick/GM (2006-2008)
*Ruben Amaro Jr./GM (2009-2011)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Howard, Fuqua & Rollins

Howard's Return?
Ryan Howard had surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles tendon yesterday and the timetable for his return is 5-6 months, with the Phillies saying likely April. Power comes from the legs in both pitching and hitting, and without a good base struggles occur. Howard already struggles enough, so being pessimistic about the long term effect this has on him is natural. Thank God for that extension though...NOT!
Yes, I just broke out a lame 90's joke. Deal with it.

Manuel Wants More:
Fuqua spoke his mind the other day and wants more stability at 3rd base and an improved approach at the plate next season from all the hitters. Also, he expects the World Series, not just the playoffs. Great! No go do it.
"I take a lot of pride in hitters. I get upset sometimes when we don't hit as good as I want us to hit or think we should hit. Let me tell you something. I don't care whether you like it or not, I know how good a hitting coach I am. Whether you want to believe that or whatever, really. We will get better. The pitchers make adjustments and the hitters have to make adjustments. If you don't like to or are afraid to go deep in the count or to hit with two strikes on you, you are going to get anxious, you'll be aggressive and chase bad balls. At times, we'll take a fastball right down the middle, some guy will throw a breaking ball down and we'll roll over it and swing at it and miss. That's not good hitting. We talk about that all the time."
~Charles Fuqua Manuel

As far as upgrading 3rd, that's not so easily done. Aramis Ramirez is the only major upgrade available on the market, and he's likely to be expensive. Utility players capable of playing 3rd include Clint Barmes, Wilson Betemit, Jamey Carroll, and Jerry Hairston, but none are really any better than Polanco (who just had double hernia surgery and may miss the beginning of the season). However, any of them would make an excellent addition to the Phillies weak bench.

Rollins is All About the Money:
Jimmy Rollins wants a 5 year contract and will not accept anything lower than a 4 year deal with a 5th year player option. I would never do that. He's injured and declining and plays a speed position. 3 years tops, and that could be sketchy. J-Roll wants the money, and he, just like Jayson Werth is going to the place that gives him the most (as do most free agents). I just hope that place isn't Philadelphia under those conditions (years/$).

From Sir Alden-
J-Roll is worth 3 years at 8 Mil with a 4th Year Option at 8 Mil/3 Mil buyout tops.

No one cheered more loudly than I did when J-Roll hit the ball on the screws and began to run for his 20th Triple 5 years ago.

He has been injured and on the DL 3 times in the last 2 years. He must take that into account, and that Father Time works on all of us.

He has no interest in a 1 year $12 Mil contract where he could show that the injuries are behind him.

The Phillies are bidding against themselves and San Francisco. I am pretty sure the Giants have learned their lesson with Aaron "Face Plant" Rowand.

Aug 31, 2011
"In a clear message from management, the Giants have designated Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand for assignment. The Giants crossed a big bridge by swallowing the $12 million owed to Rowand in 2012 but Sabean said that wasn’t much of a speed bump for ownership. They signed off on the move without delay. The total amount they ate on Rowand was almost $14 million, including the salary still owed to him this year."

The Dodgers and Oakland A's will never sign Rollins for over 3 years.

The Phillies won 102 Games with him on the DL for a good chunk of the season. Hamels, a top closer, and even Roy Oswalt if he would take a Carpenter-like 2 years at 10 Mil per year contract are more important.

And - they need to roll the dice on Aramis Ramirez at 3B.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off Season, Off Topic #1

(Because of absolute despondency over the collapse of our beloved Phillies, I may have to refrain from writing about the Fightins for awhile. Just kidding. But it is the offseason, which means I give myself permission to write about teams other than the Phillies and sometimes, things other than baseball. Enjoy. Or don’t. I don’t care. Because when the Phillies lost, I turned into a hollow shell of hate and apathy….)

So the Red Sox had an historical collapse and missed the playoffs.


Anytime the Red Sox or the Yankees flame out, I’m happy. But the Boston misery didn’t end in September. The offseason hasn’t been kind to the Red Sox either. First, Tito Francona and the Sox “mutually agreed” to part ways. Yesterday, it came out that wonder kid general manager Theo the Great is packing up and heading to Chicago. And today, a front page report on partially blames Francona’s failing marriage and pain-killer addiction for the Red Sox 2011 debacle, at least according to a “team source” that flapped his gums to the Boston Globe.


It’s always good to see organizations (that aren’t in Philadelphia) fall apart at the seams. I understand why Tito wants to leave. I can even understand why Theo wants to leave. But why are “team sources” blasting Francona to the local media? Unless this is a personal thing between Francona and the source, it seems absurd that any member of an organization would start drug dependence rumors on a departing manager, especially one as successful as Francona. I could see if this was Phillies era Francona. Those teams consistently sucked. Hell, even Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes left this town without “drug dependence” allegations.

The manager’s out. The GM’s leaving. And the inmates are running the asylum in Boston.

But what might be worse than accusing an ex-manager of abusing pain medicine, is claiming that it was at least partially responsible for the team’s poor play. From the article, “team sources also had concerns that Francona's performance may have been affected by his use of pain medication.” So drugs = poor Francona performance = losses. Really? Ron Washington and his coke use has the Rangers in the ALCS but Francona takes some Vics or Percs and the Red Sox blow a division lead. Shoddy logic, there.

Did Francona’s vicodin cause Carl Crawford to hit .255? Did his Oxy make John Lackey have a 6.41 ERA? Did it cause the injury to Buchholz?

You want to talk about drugs? How ‘bout somebody ask what Theo was on when he gave Dice-K that huge contract!

C’mon Boston, get your shit together. Or don’t. I don’t care.


For Your Reading Pleasure: write Joe Posnanski has Ryan Howard’s five-year,$125MM contract fourth on his list of the ten worst contracts in baseball.Article HERE. The highlight: he writes that Howard is “becoming a less and less useful player all the time.”


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Polly Turned 36

When is the last time the Phillies had a good all-around third baseman? Certainly not since the departure of Scott Rolen in July of 2002. Placido Polanco (2002), then David Bell (2003-2006), then No-Hit Nunez/Wes Helms/Greg Dobbs (2007), then Pedro Feliz (2008-2009), and now Polanco again (2010-2011). Ugh!

Polly just turned 36 years old yesterday and is still under contract for the 2012 season. Now that PEDs are being removed from the game, players aren't producing into their late 30's like they were a decade ago. Polanco plays quality defense, but his bat and health are quickly deteriorating. Games played have steadily dipped since arriving in Philly (only 122 in '11) as well has his OPS (down to .674 this year). Hernia, elbow problems, bulging disk in his back, big headiness...he's a walking gimpy malady.

With the Phillies offense getting older, less productive, and more injury prone, maybe it's to bring in some new blood at the hot corner next year and give Polanco super-sub duties (spot starts at 3rd, 2nd, and SS to rest the regulars).

Who to bring in? Aramis Ramirez on a 2 year $24M deal, but he's creeping up there in years too and might want more years and more money. Trade Vance Worley to the Kansas City Royals for Mike Moustakas. Michael Cuddyer, because he can play all over the diamond and has a decent bat.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Howard- Final 2011 Standings

Congratulations to Mark Reynolds of the Baltimore Orioles, the winner of The Howard in 2011. This is his third consecutive honor.

The Howard Standings:
M. Reynolds/BAL - 5
D. Valencia/MIN - 3
J. Arencibia/TOR - 2
A. Beltre/TEX - 2
W. Betemit/KCR & DET - 2
P. Burrell/SFG - 2
A. Cabrera/CLE - 2
M. Cabrera/DET - 2
M. Carp/SEA - 2
L. Chisenhall/CLE - 2
N. Cruz/TEX - 2
M. Kemp/LAD - 2
J. Kipnis/CLE - 2
B. Lillibridge/CHW - 2
C. Pena/CHC - 2
R. Roberts/ARI - 2
A. Soriano/CHC - 2
K. Suzuki/OAK - 2
C. Utley/PHI - 2
P. Alvarez/PIT - 1
A. Avila/DET - 1
M. Aviles/KCR - 1
E. Aybar/LAA - 1
C. Barmes/HOU - 1
J. Bautista/TOR - 1
L. Berkman/STL - 1
Y. Betancourt/MIL - 1
M. Bradley/SEA - 1
J. Buck/FLA - 1
R. Davis/TOR - 1
S. Duncan/CLE - 1
D. Fowler/COL - 1
D. Freese/STL - 1
K. Fukudome/CLE - 1
S. Fuld/TBR - 1
J. Giambi/COL - 1
J. Gomes/WAS - 1
B. Hawpe/SDP - 1
C. Heisey/CIN - 1
R. Howard/PHI - 1
O. Infante/FLA - 1
A. Jackson/DET - 1
K. Johnson/ARI - 1
R. Johnson/SDP - 1
A. Jones/BAL - 1
C. Jones/ATL - 1
M. Joyce/TBR - 1
H. Kendrick/LAA - 1
P. Konerko/CHW - 1
M. Laporta/CLE - 1
C. Lee/PHI - 1
A. Liddi/SEA - 1
E. Longoria/TBR - 1
J. Mayberry/PHI - 1
M. Montero/ARI - 1
M. Morse/WSH - 1
M. Moustakas/KCR - 1
X. Nady/ARI - 1
M. Napoli/TEX - 1
C. Nelson/COL - 1
M. Olivo/SEA - 1
H. Pence/HOU - 1
B. Phillips/CIN - 1
A. Pierzynski/CHW - 1
A. Pujols/STL - 1
R. Raburn/DET - 1
A. Ramirez/CHC - 1
A. Ramirez/CHW - 1
J. Reddick/BOS - 1
J. Saltalamacchia/BOS - 1
G. Sanchez/FLA - 1
K. Seager/SEA - 1
S. Sizemore/OAK - 1
Y. Torrealba/TEX - 1
J. Towles/HOU - 1
M. Trumbo/LAA - 1
B. Upton/TBR - 1
J. Votto/CIN - 1
J. Werth/WSH - 1
M. Wieters/BAL - 1
T. Wigginton/COL - 1
J. Willingham/OAK - 1
B. Wood/PIT - 1
K. Youkilis/BOS - 1

Inside the Numbers:
*Cliff Lee became the first pitcher to perform this feat.

*Wilson Betemit was the only player to do it for two different teams this year (Royals and Tigers).

*Jarrod Saltalamacchia know holds the record for player with the longest last name to complete The Howard.

*Mark Reynolds have committed 14 Howards since the stat's creation.

*Bunch of rookies on this list- Mike Carp, Jason Kipnis, JC Arencibia, Lonnie Chisenhall, Adam Liddi, Kyle Seager, and Mark Trumbo.

*There were a total of 107 Howards this season by 84 players. This is in line with the past two seasons: 2010- 112/82 and 2009- 111/90. Amazing how consistent this is.

*There were 5 Howards by Phillies this year.

*The Howards of 2011 will now be archived near the bottom of the left sidebar.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Adding Injuries To Insult

Ryan Howard - hurt. Really hurt.

Placido Polanco - hurt. And old.

Hunter Pence - hurt.

Cole Hamels - hurt. Double whammy.

1) Ryan Howard has a ruptured Achilles and will require surgery. Timetable for return cannot be determined until post-op and the operation cannot take place until swelling goes down. It's believed that he'll miss a couple months of the 2012 season and there's a chance he'll never be the same. Is now a good time to bitch about Amaro signing him to that extension again? Because, need I remind you, Howard would have been a free agent this offseason and surely wouldn't have nabbed 5 years and $125 million while broken.

2) Polly has a sports hernia and surgery is forthcoming. He's back again next year, meaning we can look forward to even less production than he provided this year. We're talking a .260ish singles hitter. Oh, eff!

3) Pence also has a sports hernia, who knew? Well, Hunter did...or did he? Anyway, he'll have a MRI to determine the extent of the damage and go from there.

4) Cole has loose bodies in his elbow and a inguinal hernia. He'll undergo two surgeries. That's two surgeries too many!

*Type in "hernia" in a Google image search with safe search filters off and be disgusted.

Unless you are attending one of the sports medicine schools. Then you probably won’t be disgusted by any sports injury.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

And then there was...

If this continues to go on, we may need someone with an online psychology degree on call.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Win or Lose?

No rah-rah hoopla today. Quick to the point, to the point no fakin'. Cookin' MCs like a pound of bacon...

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Playoff Tension Diversion

Will they win? Will they lose? The tension is palpable.

Without an alcohol induced haze, relaxation is likely out of the question until Game 5 of the NLDS is over.

Therefore, I felt it necessary to divert your stress from the impending doom game with our united hatred of the New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

Uh, that's random.

Not as random as you think. Got the newest edition of ESPN the Magazine today. It's their "Body" issue, and one of those bodies is...

Gag me with a spoon!