Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Rumors in the Night

The Hot Stove is warm and toasty. However, with the Philadelphia Phillies 2012 squad mostly set, there aren't many rumors out there involving them and free agents. Amaro needs a SS and possibly some relief help. Jimmy Rollins is the choice at shortstop, but he wants 5 years, Phils want 3, and J-Roll ain't budging so far. Therefore Rube has set up Plan B- sign Aramis Ramirez for third base, trade Polanco, and play some combo of Valdez, Galvis, and Martinez at SS (yuck, I just threw up a little). Amaro also craves a 2nd lefty for the bullpen and Joe Savery might not be that guy, so enter George Sherrill rumor. Jayson Stark speculates that Ryan Madson may accept arbitration (don't count on it!). Other than that...not much.

Of course, maybe Amaro will work out a trade for Hanley Ramirez, the now displaced Miami Marlins SS, who is reportedly peeved about having to switch positions.