Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rollins Contract & Stuff

Ruben Amaro frolics in fields of money, signing players to contracts beyond market value (in both years and money) with reckless abandon. However, the shrewd bastard waited Jimmy Rollins unreasonable demand out (5 years) and walked away smug as ever. 3 years/$33M with an attainable 4th year option at $11M. Well played Rube, well played.

This will be J-Roll's last big contract, as it takes him to his age 36/37 season, and if he continues playing into his later 30's/early 40's it will be on smaller deals. This means Rollins may retire spending his entire career in a Phillies uniform. He also might retire with Hall of Fame credentials. From yesterday's comment section- "If Jimmy is able to start another 4-5 years and finishes around: .270/.750, 1500 R, 2600 H, 525 DBL, 120 TRPL, 225 HR, 1000 RBI, 500 SB, then I think he's HoF material."

Roster Bats:
C - Carlos Ruiz
1B - Ryan Howard
2B - Chase Utley
3B - Placido Polanco
SS - Jimmy Rollins
LF - John Mayberry
CF - Shane Victorino
RF - Hunter Pence

Bench - Brian Schneider/C, Laynce Nix/OF, Jim Thome/1B/PH, Ty Wigginton/UTL, Wilson Valdez/UTL.

Should Howard and/or Polly not be ready by Opening Day, it opens the door for players like Michael Martinez, Scott Podsednik, Kevin Frandsen, and Pete Orr.

Go Get 'em:
The Reds and Padres pulled off a monster trade yesterday (Yonder Alonso, Edinson Volquez, and 2 minor leaguers to San Diego, Mat Latos to Cincy). Having to clear roster space the Friars removed catcher Luis Martinez from the 40 man roster. Making his MLB debut last year, he hit .203/.614 in 22 games. The 26 year old has hit .272/.725 in 5 season in the minors, while gunning down 33% of base stealers. Seeing that the Phillies are limited at catcher, this would be a smart waiver claim and stash him at AAA with Erik Kratz and then have him take over backup duties in 2013 behind Chooch.


Corey said...

my "is jimmy rollins a candidate for the HoF" comment is too long for comment section. luckily i have this ol' blog thing, so that will be my post tomorrow.

Old Marine said...

What I won't understand is what happened (or didn't happen with Aramis Ramirez? The fact that he signed with a lessor team for only $1 mil/year and that he could have boosted our offense considerably. I know there are many JR lovers out there but with Ramirez at 3rd and Polly at SS we would've been even more 'dream team' like. Now we are back more to 'in are dreams they will hit.' How did Ruben let him go?

Anonymous said...

Aramis Ramirez was hitless in the postseason in 2007, and posted a gaudy .182 average in 2008. His regular season average in those years? .310 and .291 respectively.

In other words, Old Marine, the Phillies won 102 games last year, more than any other team in baseball, with the "in our dreams they will hit" offense. They scored more runs than anyone else in baseball after Chase Utley returned to the lineup.

The postseason is a small sample size, a crapshoot. The Phillies outscored the Cardinals in the 2011 NLDS, just as they outscored the Giants in 2010. They weren't lacking in offense, they were lacking in situational offense. Aramis Ramirez guarantees us just as much as four aces did - which, as we all saw in October, is absolutely nothing.

BTW, in what world can Polanco play SS? If you sign Ramirez, Polanco and his reasonable contract are traded away. The left side of your infield is Ramirez and Wilson Valdez, or someone similar. Not much of an overall offensive upgrade, and a big defensive loss.

GM-Carson said...

Can't wait to read Corey's anti J-Roll HoF rebuttal.

Corey said...

it's not a rebuttal. that would require someone first making an argument while he actually should go to the hall. i'm just pointing out that slight above average statistics are not good enough for the hall of fame.

SirAlden said...

J-Roll is a long way from the Hall of Fame.

If he is steady he is borderline because he plays Shortstop, is balanced with Speed - Power - Fielding.

Only because he is a SS, and he would need 4+ Years of Steady which is very hard at this age.

SirAlden said...

If J-Roll gets to 1500+ Runs that will place him 4th-5th all time of the 21 SS's who are in the HOF.

225 HR's will place him 4th all time. 500SB will place him 5th-6th, and he could get up to 4th. 8th/9th in RBI's. 12th in OB/SLG.

So nothing outside the range of HOFers. In the Top Half - Top Third - Top Quarter, is all Stats.

If he is on the field and is steady. Big IF. But I bet Jimmy wants it, and knows these stats just as much as we do.

SirAlden said...

That is:

"first making an argument while he actually should go to the hall."

Compared to other Shortstops Corey.

Could you fire up another Andy Martino Mets vs Phillies Offseason and Next Year for Christmas?

Pure genius Corster.

GM-Carson said...

Corey- if Jimmy finishes within the vicinity of the stats I posted, he's a Hall of Fame shortstop. Just look at the evidence Sir Alden posted.

SirAlden said...

Big If. But could happen.

I give it 1 in 3 chance.

Also remember - no steroid allegations.

When he is up for the HOF the others will have that in their folder.

SirAlden said...

He should join Dick Allen in the Hall.

Hoping Big Roy goes into the Hall as Phillie too!

100+ more Wins to go.

SirAlden said...

188 Wins - 40 Phillies Wins = 148

40 + 3 Post Season Phillies Wins = 43

148 - 43 = 105 Wins to Tie for Big Roy H.

Fuhs said...

In addition to Jimmy's stat chances at the HoF, he has a few other perks like the MVP, gold gloves, that hitting streak, and will have the intangible of being the leader of a series of strong Phillies teams. Those could serve as a "tiebreaker" if he is on the border at his retirement.

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