Friday, December 02, 2011

Phlashback Phriday- Jack Taschner

This former lefty reliever began his career with the Giants and ended it with the Dodgers; in between he was a Phucco (Phillies- 2009, Buccos- 2010). In his career he compiled a 10-5 record in 222 games with a 5.14 ERA/1.65 WHIP. Amaro acquired him for catcher Ronny Paulino. His lone season in Philly was a bust, with an ERA near 5, a WHIP of almost 2, and more walks than strikeouts.

This "phlashback" is not really intended to bemoan celebrate Taschner's failures accomplishments on the mound. Rather, it is to see what he's up to these days, which is being a Wisconsin cop. Thanks to one of WSBGMs Facebook friends who supplied the link.
"I got ready this winter like I did every winter, but my velocity dropped so that the major leagues decided I was no longer needed. With baseball especially being on the mound you have to know who's on first, second, what's going on in the box. With police work it's kind of the same way. I can't honestly say I'd rather be anywhere else."
~Jack Taschner


Caleb Cavileer said...

Would love to hear a compare contrast article on the Papelbon deal vs the Heath Bell 27mil/3 year deal. I'm still excited about Papelbon, but I like the shorter deal for closers. Can't wait to read what you guys think. Keep up the good work. You SHOULD be GMs!

Bob D said...

1 year and 23 million more. However if he continues as he has (Mariano Rivera like) thru his first 6 years then yes he is worth it. But that is the best case senario.

Bell is likely to regress at some point int the next few years.

But did the Phils really need him? They have Bastardo, Schwimmer, DeFrautus, and Aumont who all could be future closers and will likely be blocked by Papelbon within a few years.