Monday, December 05, 2011

Nix Signs With Phillies

One outfielder in, one outfielder out. Hello Laynce Nix, goodbye Ben Francisco. Ruben Amaro inked himself an outfielder the day before the MLB Winter Meetings begin in Dallas, Texas (they start today), and that outfielder is Nix, who is a left-handed batter that is getting a 2 year pact from the Phillies. Merry Christmas! Dude lived off 4 straight minor league contracts, so 2 years guaranteed is like hitting the lottery. He's hit .244/.718 in 9 MLB seasons with the Rangers, Brewers, Reds, and Nationals. The 31 year old is a late bloomer, having never been much of anything until the last 3 seasons (OPS: '09- .767, '10- .805, '11- .750). Assuming he platoons in LF with John Mayberry Jr., the overall production should be better and MUCH cheaper than Raul Ibanez of last season. Added bonus- according to advanced defensive metrics, Nix plays quality outfield.

The 2012 bench now includes- Jim Thome/1B/PH, Ty Wigginton/UTL, Laynce Nix/OF, Brian Schneider/C, and Wilson Valdez/UTL or Michael Martinez/UTL. This leaves no room for Ben Francisco, meaning he is likely to be non-tendered since he'll have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2M. I know WSBGMs readers are hoping Valdez is the choice over Mini-Mart too.

My reaction- not sure why this has to be 2 years, but depending on the money, this could be an very good deal though. 2 years $2M would be ideal, hopefully not much more than that. If the money is right, I like this move because it takes pressure off Domonic Brown to be ready, rids the Phils of Francisco's contract, and sets up a very good defensive outfield with Nix, Mayberry, Victorino, and Pence.


Bob D said...

The bench is so much better already.

I wonder if Ibanez is going to accept arbitration? LOL Everyone is assuming that he won't.

GM-Carson said...

I predicted the Jose Reyes signing with the Marlins yesterday morning on More Hardball for 6 years $102M, which is the contract he got minus the $4M buyout. Damn I'm good.

GM-Carson said...

Rumor- Phils making play for Aramis Ramirez.


Where the hell would he play? Who plays shortstop- Polanco? I'm confused. Amaro is doing some whacky shit this offseason.

Bob D said...

Phillies are supposedly interested in Ramirez and Rollins, while shopping Polanco.

Bob D said...

That would be 2 players @ approx 10-12mil each while dumping Polanco's 7 mil salary. Maybe someone else is being shopped - Blanton, Kendrick???

GM-Carson said...

If the Phils could find a taker for Blanton that would be awesome.

The Nix deal is for 2 yr/$2.5M, so that's decent.

Randy said...

Have watched Nix in DC his whole time there. Good addition for us. Good in the clubhouse too, from what I heard. Nice signing overall.

SirAlden said...

Nix could be 1B with Wiggy for the 1st Half of the Season.

Which Leaves an opening in LF for a Signing Like Beltran if J-Roll moves on.

J-Roll is not thinking clearly, Brewers and Cards (who have denied interest) seem to be the only Teams aside from the Phillies.

Stay Strong Poker Playin' Ruben.

Aramis at 3B would push Polly to 2B and Chase to 1B until the June or Later when Ryan Comes back. By that time 1 player would have Tanked leaving a spot open in the musical chairs of the 2012 Phillies.

Preserve Jon said...

Dear GMs,

Should we be worried about the Marlins?


GM-Carson said...

The Marlins are much stronger with the addition of Reyes and Bell. If Pujols signs...OMG!

Current Lineup:
1. Reyes/SS
2. Bonifacio/CF
3. Ramirez/3B
4. Stanton/RF
5. Morrison/LF
6. Sanchez/1B
7. Infante/2B
8. Buck/C

That's better than the Phils lineup.

Preserve Jon said...

A story about a former Phil that is both sad and inspring at the same time:

Andrew said...

The Marlins are pissing me off. One can only hope Hanley becomes "Manny" and whines about not being SS and insists on a trade.