Thursday, December 22, 2011

Minor League Reinforcements

Welcome into the fold Hector Luna and Luis Montanez, as they're the newest members of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

Luna, who turns 32 in February, plays all over the baseball field, manning innings at the MLB level at every position except catcher and pitcher. In 6 seasons he is a .265/.705 hitter with his best attribute being his versatility. He last appeared in 2010 with the Marlins, and spent all of 2011 with the Red Sox AAA team. He's developed some pop over the past 3 minor league seasons, totaling 47 HR. Seeing that Polanco, Rollins, and Utley are injury prone, there's a possibility Luna could see some action with the Phillies this season if he outhits the likes of Kevin Frandsen, Michael Martinez, and Pete Orr for the Fe Hams.

Montanez is a former 1st round pick of the Cubs and has gotten at bats over the past 4 years with the Orioles and Cubbies, hitting .223/.586. The outfielder recently turned 30 and is a lifetime .287/.787 batter over 12 minor league seasons.


Preserve Jon said...

For $11 a bottle, Luna di Luna is not a bad wine.

SirAlden said...

If he makes the Team we can form "Luna's Moonas!" in the Left Field Seats.

When/IF he hits a Homerun we can all stand up and give him a well earned celebratory 'Mooning' as he rounds the bases.

You in GM Carson? I am sure FuriousBall is. Could Rival 'The Wolf Pack!' and "The Padilla Flotilla!'

Happy Winter Solstice Corey. Take off all your clothes, cover your self in Blue Wode so you are invisible, and take a Victory Lap for our 102 Win Season around the neighborhood and onto Stonehenge.

GM-Carson said...


Corey said...

you had me at "take off all your clothes."

Bob D said...

Luna's Moona's lol I'll attend