Friday, December 09, 2011

Crazy Vizquel Rumor

Amaro's offseason agenda was to get younger and upgrade the offense. Then why on God's green earth would the Phillies be linked in a rumor involving Omar Vizquel? Unless they're hiring him to be roving infield instructor, there isn't a legitimate reaseon. MLBTradeRumors has the following- When asked if he would sign with the Phillies, Omar Vizquel told Manuel Lira of the Venezuelan newspaper Lider en Deportes (passed on by ESPN's Enrique Rojas) that "We're working on it." Vizquel turns 45 in April and would be playing his 24th Major League season in 2012. Vizquel played under Charlie Manuel when Manuel managed the Indians from 2000-02.

WTF?! Vizquel is equivalent to Michael Martinez, minus the speed and "pop". What I'm trying to say is- Michael Martinez is better than Omar Vizquel at this stage in his career. That's bad! He's the only active player from the 80's (until Moyer makes his triumphant comeback). I'm assuming that this is wishful thinking on Vizquel behalf and Amaro wants nothing to do with a no-hit utility infielder that is nearly as old as him. Don't get me wrong, I hope Viquel hooks on with a team, just not the Phils. I enjoy watching players from my childhood (says the 32 year old man).


Scotch Man said...

I'm not going to go THAT far to say I wouldn't prefer Vizquel to Mini Mart but I was 8 when he made his MLB debut. I'm 31 now.

Bob D said...

there is one utility IF spot still up for grabs between: Valdez (unless non-tendered) and Mini Mart as Wiggington replaces one of them on the roster. Vizquel isn't a bad option as he can play the entire IF. He still hits in the 270 range so that is better than the other two, and he plays great defense but so do the other 2.
Give him a chance in the spring to win a spot, maybe use it to encourage JRoll to sign before another team says they are off the board. Even though he is 45, he would be occupying a bench spot and is not in the Phils long range plans, but neither is Valdez nor is MiniMart likely.

I'm actually tired of all this talk that the Phils are an aging team, almost all of them are in their early 30's. In 2 more years they will be in their mid30's and at that time they would be aging. Most of them are still in their primes.

In general most of the offense had a down year and I would not be surprised to see a dramatic reversal this coming year as they should be healthy.

Beer-a-Thon said...

Bob D- love the optimism, but I just don't see it.

Utley, Howard, Polanco, and Rollins are all past their primes.

Ruiz and Victorino might start heading downward too.

Pence had a career year last year.

That only leaves Mayberry, but he's far from a guarantee.

Also- Vizquel's OPS was sub-.600 last year. He has no on-base skills and his "doubles" power has disappeared. No thanks!

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