Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Morning Bench Coach

Getting’ Wiggy With It?
[Sorry ‘bout that sub-title. It’ll never happen again.]

I like this move for the Phils. It gives them short-term insurance for Howard at first and long-term they get a serviceable alternative to Polanco/LF a few times a week and then a more than serviceable RH bat off of the bench.

Also, remember when the guy from Yahoo!!!!! tried to steal our “Howard?” From the "Closing Time" blog by Scott Pianowski in April 2010 – “Ty Wigginton(notes) gave us the Wiggy Hat Trick on Monday, a homer, an error and a strikeout.”

If I was a Rockies fan, I think I would be a bit confused by Colorado giving away Wigginton AND $2 million dollars. Odds are, the Phils won’t give the Rox much in return… because they don’t have that much to give. The French reliever, maybe?

A few articles on the interweb have speculated that the Rockies were searching for “salary relief.” Really? $2 milliion in salary + some cash or PTBN is relief.

This is just another example of how the economics in baseball are totally jacked. There are the “haves” and the “have-nots” and if your team in the latter group, good f’n luck. I love the Phils and I love that they have money, but this league is the most competitively unbalanced in American sports. It’s wrong and eventually, like ignoring the steroid problem, it will come back to bite MLB in the ass. At some point it will not benefit the owners of the “have-nots” to just take their beating and their money and keep quiet. Ask the NBA how promoting unbalance is working for the 2011/2012 season…

/off soapbox

more ATJ...

Clint Barmes
Well, I guess the Pirates needed somebody to play shortstop. And somebody had to sign Clint Barmes. Match made in heaven?

So this is what $5.25 million a season gets you these days…

Verlander / Braun MVP
Justin Verlander should not have won the MVP because it should be given to a position player.

Ryan Braun should not have won the MVP because Matt Kemp had a better season.

If I was a voter, I would give the Cy Young to the best pitcher and the MVP to the best position player. Here's why - a players value to his team is the same regardless of how many wins the team gets which is dependent on so many other variables. The best player is always the most valuable. Therefore, my MVPs this season are Jose Bautista and Matt Kemp.

Now, if baseball would create a Cy Young equivalent for position players (Babe Ruth Award?) then I would entertain the ridiculous argument of stats + team record + "value" that people have every year when talking MVP and consider a pitcher for the award.

Penn State
I’m not going to comment on the whole Penn State scandal, but somethingcame through ESPN yesterday that was laughable. From the .com article:

“Former Penn State student disciplinarian Vicky Triponey tells The Wall Street Journal thatfootball players were treated "more favorably than other students accusedof violating the community standards as defined by the student code ofconduct."

This is news? Athletes playing major college sports are treated differentlyand “more favorably.” Holy freaking shit, no way! Who would have thought that?Thank you ESPN for enlightening all of us.


Booze & Music
If you live in the state of Pennsylvania, starting tomorrow, Tullamore Dew 10 Year Old is on sale for $27.99.

After watching that Captain Morgan rum commercial for the 100th time, I'm now addicted to that White Stripes song...

Wild Card
I want to go on record HATING the second Wild Card. After a 162 game season they’ll have a one game playoff series. Really? I think a five game set in the division series is too short. One game is ridiculous. I’ve heard not good arguments for this change except it allows MLB to sell two more “playoff” games and make some more money.

Tim Tebow
Besides the greatness of the Packers and the train wreck in Philadelphia, is there anything more fun to watch in the NFL than Tim Tebow winning games running the triple option?

It’s been painful to watch the non-stop Tebow talk for the last 6 months, but this is really fun. Listening to people constantly bash the guy, however, is not entertaining to me. And I’m not talking about the football pundits trashing his throwing motion, I’m talking about the people intolerant of his religion and his right to express his faith as often as he wants. I couldn’t help but think when I watched a defensive player perform a mock prayer after sacking Tebow, would that be acceptable if he was mocking a religion other than Christianity? Doubtful.

Then, a friend of mine, after making negative comments about Tebow and Tebow supporters, made the following comment on Facebook – “I just think this weird hero worship, man crush thing a lot of people have with him is weird.”

No. It’s not weird. People have “hero worshipped” pro athletes for centuries. Here’s what is weird. As of October, Michael Vick had the third highest selling jersey from Really? You have to pick a specific player to support and it’s a convicted dog torturer? Of course, double murder accomplice Ray Lewis was also in the top 25 in jersey sales. I guess those guys are the real heros…


GM-Carson said...

1. Getting Wiggy With It will be used again.

2. At least Barmes is better than Ronny Cedeno.

3. The extra Wild Card is dumb. Constant interleague play is dumb. Should have contracted or added 2 teams to make the leagues even instead.

4. Tebow is a good man. He holds up under the limelight and stays true to his values. He should be praised for his strength of characters. As Corey pointed out, same can't be said for Vick or Lewis or tons of other players in the NFL that are arrested, involved in club shootings, or other immoral stuff.

I just don't get it. Josh Hamilton gets tons of praise and he's an ex-drug addict and relapsed with some promiscuous women while married. Yet he's lauded for his endeavors. Stupid society has it all wrong.

GM-Carson said...

Forgot to chime in about the MVP.

Kemp almost won the Triple Crown, so how the hell didn't he win the MVP?

Verlander pitched in 34 games of a 162 game season. That's only 21% of games he played in. That is not MVP worthy. Ellsbury or Bautista would have be fine picks.

Corey said...

no thoughts on the Babe Ruth Award? it's my best idea yet...

Randy said...

Can Tebow hit a curveball?

I like the Wiggy move too, but I am sitting on the edge of my seat re the big move: SS. Is there anything to trade for out there (you all follow that much more closely than me)? A trade involving Brown works for me!!

Bob D said...

Agreed on Tebow

Deshawn??? take some lessons or this will be your last year in Philly

The one game wild card match up is interesting

And why should a pitcher qualify for MVP, when they wont consider a hitter for CyYoung? Come on Michael Martinez made alot of pitchers look good this year

GM-Carson said...

I doubt Phils can fit Reyes into their budget, nor do I want them too. Rollins is the answer at SS, because Freddy Galvis can't and will never hit. The free agent market is now bare too, except for Furcal who is vastly overrated and constantly hurt. Jason Bartlett is being made available by the Padres, but he's not much offensively.

Corey said...

"Michael Martinez made alot of pitchers look good this year"

well played, sir.

Preserve Jon said...

Mmm. Tullamore Dew....

Also an FYI, MacAllen 12 yr. is on sale at Total Wine in DE for $46

Corey said...

i had to live in greenville, DE for 1 month about 4 years ago. i visited the total wine on route 7 a few more times than i should have...

GM-Carson said...

best month of his life.

Preserve Jon said...

In my honest opinion, I feel like Total Wine is overrated for people who live deep in DE like me. Their prices are about the same as what I pay down here in Dover on a regular basis. Of course if you live in PA, Total Wine is a sweet bargain.