Saturday, November 12, 2011

Watch Out For Miami Marlins

It has been reported that the brand new Miami Marlins have made "substantial offers" to some of the biggest names on the free agent market this winter- Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes, and Mark Buehrle. This may seem laughable as a mere ploy to show the public that they (the Marlins) are trying to spend big and be competitive moving into a new home. However, this looks real deal Holyfield, because how could that trio possibly pass up the opportunity to wear these...


Rich Baxter said...

Maybe it'll grow on me, but those uni's are ugggggg.

Cartoonish comes to mind with those hats...

GM-Carson said...

They have like 4 different uniforms too. Black, Orange, White, and some other dumb combo. They are ugly and won't be "cool" until 25 years from now when some rapper is wearing it as old school/vintage.

SirAlden said...

Phillies Off Season Shopping List -

If for Arguments Sake just for the moment we use this as the Bench:

Thome L 1B
Brown L OF
Mayberry R 1B-OF
Utility Infielder who can play SS
Back Up Catcher

Finding the Utility Inf, and 2nd Catcher should not cost an extreme amount.

Now let's go to the Starters (who may be on the DL for large portions of the year).

C Ruiz, 1B Howard, 2B Utley, 3B Polanco, RF Pence, CF Victorino

This Leaves a Shopping List for
SS - Reyes - Rollins - Furcal
LF - Cuddyer? Sizemore? (A Bench Slot Opens up if Brown/Mayberry Platoon)
3B (Only if Polanco takes a Bench Slot)

So what is the Shopping List?
1) SS for sure.
2) Maybe a LF or someone for the bench if Brown/Mayberry get the call to start.
3) 3B putting Polanco to the bench (maybe to 2B, while Utley goes to 1B at the beginning of the season.

4) Bench Utility Infielder
5) Back Up Catcher
6) Brown Replacement if the Phillies and give him a Full Year in AAA.

That's it for the Batters.

SS - LF - 3B are the only Paths to Major Batting Offense Upgrades.

C.M.R. said...

i dunno, i'd gladly play in front of 20,000 fairweather fans just to have one of those orange unis, but that's just me.

SirAlden said...

Here is why Papelbon is significantly better than Madson, in addition to Madson only having been a Closer for 3/4 of a Season.

GB/FB Madson 0.97
GB/FB Papelbon 0.58

Far fewer Fly Balls.

SirAlden said...

Marlin's "Annoying Orange".

GM-Carson said...

I'm cool with going cheap in areas like backup catcher and bullpen. Kratz already on 40-man roster and can hit. Let him backup Chooch. Bastardo, Stutes, De Fratus, Schwimer, Savery, and Contreras in the 'pen with Papelbon. KK and Herndon maybe in there too, with Phillippe Aumont nearly ready to be tested.

A Brown/Mayberry platoon is LF I think would work and be more productive then Ibanez last season.

I'm all for non-tendering a contract to Ben Francisco. Not worth the million+ he'll be making. Pick up some minor league free agents and let them compete for 5th outfielder.

Absolutely need a SS. That's the biggest thing missing from this team.

Would also love to see the Phils unload Blanton's contract. Tough to do, but maybe somebody out there will swap bad contracts with us. That's where a UTL or OF (for he bench) could come from.

SirAlden said...

Help me out here.

Two sites said that Papelbon's Stats show he gives up far fewer Fly Balls.

Then this: David Murphy of High Cheese posts the exact same stats and says it is the Opposite.

"While both pitchers strike out an impressive number of batters, Madson couples his swing-and-miss ability with a good groundball rate. Papelbon, on the other hand, is a fly-ball pitcher".

SirAlden said...

To me this means

GB/FB Madson 0.97
GB/FB Papelbon 0.58

For every 100 GBs Madson has 97 Flyballs, and Papelbon has 58.

Help me out here.

SirAlden said...

Reyes really is the Only Path/Risk to a significantly better Offense.

Randy said...

Trade Brown for something decent. He will never a big leaguer of high calber. Also if blanton goes, and i hope he does, then KK becomes starter #5? (Or is it Moyer?) Do we need another long arm in the pen if KK joins the rotation? Brown lus Blanton equals something????

SirAlden said...

Fangraphs shows

36.6 % ground balls for Papelbon

48% % for Madson

So I was wrong. I think.

Andrew said...

I keep reading that Papelbon is prone to the homerun. So he's probably a worse fit at CBP than Madson on that statistic

Dr. Steve said...

My view on the Miami Marlins is summed up in this image: