Saturday, November 05, 2011

Thome, Thome, Thome

Thome. Thome! Thome?

I like. I love. I question.

I like- The Phillies will be employing their first member of the 600 homerun club in franchise history in 2012 in the form of Jim Thome. Thome is a feared slugger that is very familiar with Philadelphia, as he played here from 2003-2005 racking up 96 homeruns and a .928 OPS. The price is right too: $1.25M.

I love- Even at the elderly age of 41 he can still wallop a ball and remains a high on base percentage player (.361 in '11). He'll surely be an asset to the Phils pinch hitting contingency. He's one of the good ol' boys of Major League Baseball and is a future Hall-of-Famer.

I question- Amaro went on record as to saying the Phillies need to get younger. Signing one of the oldest players in the game does not flow with that stream of conscious. Thome has not played the field regularly since leaving Philly and has not even manned 1st base since 2007. Certainly does not seem like a NL kinda guy. Maybe the Phils figure he can be a stopgap at 1st while Howard mends and then will be delegated to pinch hitting duties solely. However, he's only a .233/.762 career pinch hitter.


GM-Carson said...

Reports have Phils in "serious pursuit" of Michael Cuddyer. He would fill in at 1st, 3rd, outfield, and even 2nd sometimes. He's a good friend of the just-signed Thome. He's 33 year and bats right handed. If he signs, that might be no J-Roll.

Bob D said...

I'm sure Thome hasn't left his glove behind. He essentially replaces Gload which is a huge improvement. He will likely see a good number of starts in field and at DH through out the year.

Now Michael Cuddyear is also rumored to be coming to Philly possibly. He can play 1B, 3B, & OF hits righty has power(22hr). He would be a great fit to provide insurance for Mayberry/Brown in LF, Polanco at 3B, Howard/Thome at 1B, and even Utley at 2B since Polanco can slide over there. He would cost a draft pick if signed, but I feel its worth it.

After that they need to sign JRoll and then a closer, replace Francisco, and bullpen insurance.

Bob D said...

I think JRoll gets signed first over Madson as there are good and cheaper options out there for closer

Preserve Jon said...

They certainly could have done worse. Don't expect too much.

GM-Carson said...

I'm happy Thome is back because of his bat. Think playing the field is unrealistic, and if he does he'll get injured or be a train wreck.

Andrew said...

If we sign Cuddyer, slide everyone around and play Polly at 2nd and move Utley to 1st to slow down his inevitable late season slump. And of course, re-sign Rollins.

SirAlden said...

Welcome Back Gentleman Jim!

Solid Bench Bat. 1 of 5.

Top Shelf.