Thursday, November 17, 2011

Schneider Robs Phils & Minor League Grab Bag

*Why couldn't have Schneider disappeared like the man he's pictured with above?

Brian Schneider will "earn" a guaranteed 1 year $800K contract in 2012 with the Philadelphia Phillies with another $200K in incentives dangling like a carrot before the horse. All that for a .502 OPS and 13% CS. Essentially he'll will be robbing the Phils next season. Blame Amaro!

The following is a list of some minor league free agents I feel as a wannabe GM the Phils should throw a bone and add for depth playing for the Iron Pigs.

Stephen Marek
Robert Coello
Jhonny Nunez
Joe Martinez
Matt Daley - Bucknell University graduate, my Alma Marta.
Jose De La Torre
Robinson Tejada - former Phillie
Eric Wordkemper
Winston Abreu
Mark DiFelice - 3.77 ERA/1.22 WHIP with nearly a K per inning in the Majors.

Clay Zavada
Eric Stults
Brad Kilby
Rich Rundles
Victor Garate
Justin Hampson
Ryan Edell - in Phils system last year
Alberto Castillo
Tommy Hottovy

Tony Abreu - 27 years old, .310/.799 in 8 minor league seasons.
Diory Hernandez
Brendan Harris
Argenis Reyes
Jesus Merchen - used to be in Phils system
Drew Sutton - 28 years old, .280/.815 in 8 minor league seasons.
Jayson Nix
Angel Berroa
Hector Luna

Nick Evans
Jorge Cantu

Antoan Richardson
Brett Carroll
Jordan Brown
Brendan Katin - .262/.874 over last 4 seasons in AAA
Drew Locke
Brandon Moss - September callup for Phils
Wilkin Ramirez


Ben said...

Do not want.

Anonymous said...

Meh. With Amaro, I was expecting 3 years/$8 million. At least they can just cut him if he continues to suck, and the backup catcher will never see the field in a playoff game anyway. It's hard to imagine him getting any worse.

GM-Carson said...

Hard to imagine him getting much better either.

Bob D said...

Kratz is a good backup atleast . Maybe even challenge to start

C.M.R. said...

astros going to the al west after the 2012 season is over

damn, guess this will be the last year i'll be able to look forward to us playing our has-beens.

GM-Carson said...

I hate that inter-league play will be everyday of the regular season now. Stupid. To DH or not to DH?

This is going to cause more unbalance most likely. Can't see how this works out to an even schedule all around.

C.M.R. said...

it'll be 15 teams in each league, that's how i would see it as even.

also they're gonna add two wildcards now but the wildcards are gonna have a one-game playoff to see who goes to the postseason. so at least it's only *one* more game...

Antonio said...

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