Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Polly is Golden

What do Darin Erstad and Placido Polanco have in common that set them apart from all other players in baseball's history?

No, Polly wasn't a college punter for Nebraska like Erstad. Rather, they are the only two that have ever won Gold Gloves at multiple positions. Erstad was a tremendous outfielder and decent at 1st base too (3 GG in his career). Polly picks it well all over the diamond and has won 2 GG at 2nd base in the past and was awarded the GG for 3rd base this year. credits Erstand with a 14.3 DWAR and Polanco with a 12.1 DWAR for their careers. DWAR = Defensive Wins Above Replacement.

Congrats to Placido Polanco, who with this recognition of his excellent fielding shows that he brings something to the team, because he sure as hell can't hit anymore.


Bob D said...

If healthy he will likely be around 300 with many doubles

Bob D said...

Ruiz was arguably better than Molina at Catcher. Molina allows less SB and is nearly equal on everything else but Chooch was much better at preventing wild pitches, had more chances and put outs (in 100 less innings) and a fielding % that was only a point better than Molina.

Molina is not a bad choice but even the Phillies announcers stated that Ruiz was having a better year just before the season ended and that Ruiz should get his first GG. But reputation may have gotten Molina this one.

GM-Carson said...

Gold Glove, in general, is a joke. Some of the winners deserve it, others do not. Example- Andre Ethier this year...c'mon?!

Also, I think Polly is done with the bat. He had 1 amazing month last year. Other than that, he was absolutley horrible.

GM-Carson said...

BoSox talking to Pete Mackinin about managers job and now Cardinals want to talk to Ryne Sandberg. Two good guys in the organization that I would hate to lose. If Boston takes Mack, then I would promote Sandberg to bench coach with Manuel right away.

Trey said...


Hello Mr. Gm Carson, I love your post.. so informative :)

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