Sunday, November 13, 2011

Name That Phillie: Closer Edition

In the spirit of the new Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon, WSBGMs wants to see if our readers recognize this past Phillies 9th inning specialist. Name that Phillie...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Ronald Reed.

GM-Carson said...

Well, that was fast.

SirAlden said...

I loved the Tall Splinter - Ron Reed

SirAlden said...

Phillies Off Season Shopping List -

Starting Rotation:

Roy Halladay - #1
Cliff Lee - #2
Cole Hamels - #3
Vance Worley - #4
Joe Blanton - #5

Jonathan Papelbon - Closer
8th Inning Set Up
7th Inning
6th Inning
Kyle Kendrick – Long Man #6 Starter
Lefty Out Man
2nd Lefty

Now I see why Ruben and Phillies Management Pulled the Trigger on Papelbon.
Before the move the Bullpen only has one sure thing – Kendrick if you let him take you for 4 mil + in Arbitration. I used to want to let Kendrick walk but look closely at it.The Vanimal will regress but should be OK. Blanton? You do not know about his arm/elbow. I would take a shot at Oswalt, using 4 Mil of Kendrick’s money, and maybe someone would take 1-2 Mil of Blanton off our hands next year Blanton’s money it off the books. Thanks Kentucky Joe for the World Series.

Back to the Bullpen there is really only one Arm now out of seven (two if you go for Kendrick). The Phillies need 5 Arms.

From Last Year’s Phillies (Jose Conteras who is pushing 50 years old and may be toast), (Michael Stutes who was solid until the league saw him for a second time and then he could not get anyone out), (Justin De Fratus highly rated cup of coffee last year), (Antonio Bastardo who was having the greatest Season as a Reliever in all Major League History with Major news organizations picking up on this story – and THEN Pick One: Tipping his pitches, Lost his MoJo, Tired/Hurt Arm made him usable in August and September), and finally (Joe Savery fun story, former #1 Pick who had stopped Pitching, rests his arm, then comes on gangbusters as a Lefty Out Man and Pinch Hitter!). These 5 could be the arms.

In the Minors - (Michael Schwimer great guy who is an extreme Righty Out Man who cannot get any Lefty Out), and (Phillipe Aumont of Cliff Lee Trade Fame, great stuff, new arm slot, major work in progress).

7 Arms for 5 Slots. The Phillies were SO LUCKY last year in the Bullpen.
It will not be repeated. This is a Mess.

So what is the Shopping List?
0) Oswalt
1) Set Up Man 8th Inning Has to Happen (leaves 7 Phillies arms for 4 Slots)
2) Needs to Happen (leaves 7 Phillies arms for 3 Slots)

That's it for the Pitchers.
Starting Pitching - Oswalt very low chance
Relief Pitchers – 1 and 2

SirAlden said...

Is there a setting so you can let Posters Edit their Posts? Would be nice.

GM-Carson said...

There is not an edit option/setting that I am aware of.

Bob D said...

I forsee the Phils bullpen much like the Braves last year: young and very effective.

Bastardo, Schwimmer, DeFrautus, and Aumont are all projected to be better than average to top tier relief pitchers. Stutes and Savery projected to be average relief pitchers with the ability to exceed that. Then you have the likes of Herndon, Kendrick, and Contreras - if I were to bet that 50% would meet or exceed expectations you have 5 spots secured. However I would not be surprised that those top 4 create a log jam for Manuel to pick from next April. And we all know that Rube will need to add a few arms to fill spots at AAA / provide competition to all of these guys.

Bullpen should not be a weakness.

Andrew said...

I would also sign Lidge to a one year low cost deal. He would probably bite.

SirAlden said...

I forgot Herndon.

Still think we need to sign 1 or 2 Bullpen Arms.

GM-Carson said...

The Phils have plenty of cheap and high-upside relief arms ready.

With that said, I'd still throw 1 year $2M at Lidge.

HGH reviews said...

Here's a look at the revised list of the 2012 Phillies and salary projections after the signing of Jonathan Papelbon.

SirAlden said...

Nathan and Lidge.