Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Morning Quarterback

I’ve got a new off-season ploy to keep at least a few people coming to the website feature to introduce today: Wednesday Morning Bench Coach.

It’s a play on the old tried and true Monday Morning Quarterback column that everyone does where they second guess the events of the previous weekend. Basically, there’s stuff I want to say that’s too long for Twitter, too short for an entire post, and usually not even related to the Phillies or baseball or even sports and this will be my outlet…because it’s my blog… and I can do what I want.

Hey ho, let’s go.

Second Catcher

Remember when Carson advocated Erik Kratz for backup catcher and didn't even list Brian Schneider as a viable option? Well, Carson ain't going to be happy. The Phils are re-signing Brian Schneider, according to "sources." Is a .500 OPS good?

Nude Vick

There is a woman out there shopping “full frontal” nude pics of the Eagles interception thrower. Apparently, Ron Mexico sent the pic via cellular telephone technology. This all makes sense. Remember when Vick advocated for the Eagles to sign Brett Favre? Vick is now just like Favre… without the passing accuracy, leadership or Super Bowl victory.

Make It Happen

Love this quote from Papelbon – “One day, I finally told [my agent] - I said, 'I want to play for the Phillies and let's make it happen.’”

Booze and Music
Just a few recommendations - Jameson 12 Year Irish Whiskey and Ryan Adams' "Ashes & Fire"

All In The Family

The NL East family, that is. Here are free agents being linked in Rumorville to NL East teams:

Albert Pujols - Marlins (offered a 9 year contract…)

Jose Reyes – Marlins

Ryan Madson - Marlins

Jason Marquis – Mets

Roy Oswalt - Nationals

The Phils met with Michael Cuddyer earlier, and it sounds like he wants to be a Philly. Charlie Manuel told a reporter that Cuddyer said, " Charlie, I'm a baseball player. I'll play anywhere you want me to play, and I'll do a good enough job that it will pass.

That's nice and all, but where's the money going to come from? It reminds me of my college recruitment. A number of really, really nice schools wanted me to participate on their Division III sports team. But since they were really, really nice schools full of really, really rich people, they gave me no money and I ended up in north Philadelphia on a drinking scholarship. Cuddyer wants the Phils. The Phils want Cuddyer. But eventually he'll have to follow the money elsewhere.


GM-Carson said...

In 2 seasons with the Phils, Schneider has hit .208/.617 and thrown out only 11 of 61 base thefts (18%). He had an overall negative WAR (-0.9) last year. That's bad.

He turns 35 later this month, which is on the old side for players, especially catchers.

The Phils have said they wanted to get younger this offseason- but so far they signed Papelbon (same age as Madson- 31), Thome (41), and Raul Valdes (35). Amaro is somewhat of an idiot sometimes.

I wonder how long this Schneider contract will be for and for how much. Kratz would have been league minimum and could have easily done a better job, but now they're guaranteeing a contract to Schneider. Dumb.

Bob D said...

The deal is 1yr for approx $1mil

The Phils do need someone to b/u Ruiz/backup catcher so I guess Kratz and Schneider will battle it out

GM-Carson said...

Schneider might be a nice guy, but as a player anymore he sucks.

GM-Carson said...

I'm really worried about the Phils bench moving forward. The only change looks to be swapping Thome for Gload (which is a plus).

Valdez likely back. Schneider back. Michael Martinez, Benny Fran?

Phils need help on the bench because of the elder age of the everyday lineup.

C'mon Rube. Don't be dumb.

GM-Carson said...

Phils got Adam Worthington from the DBacks to complete the Zagurski trade.

Bob D said...

Francisco is a likely non tender candidate.

Valdez is hitting 235 while Martinez is hitting 071 in the Dominican League.

I expect Rube to bring in some legit candidates to battle with those 3 for roster spots. However we may not see that until January when other non tendered players hit the market.

GM-Carson said...

Ben Francisco will cost somewhere around $2M dollars. Not worth it. Go with Dom Brown, Pence, Mayberry, Victorino, and Player X in the outfield. Not sure who Player X is yet, but he should be cheap.

Aaron said...

All of Rubens comments are very disturbing. He has faith in Polly. He basically is comfortable with bringing the same bench back.
So basically the only upgrade Rube seems to be making is Thome instead of Gload........
Great tube.....real good.....way to think it through.

Bob D said...

Its a long off season - just saying

GM-Carson said...

Team is losing Oswalt, which is a minus.

Rollins might not be back.

Why the hell do you spend that much money on Papelbon and not continue to improve the team. C'mon, gotta upgrade what was one of the worst benches in the Majors and one that played a big role because of the injuries of our elderly everyday lineup.

rhcjr said...

Look at the Phil's record in games started by Schneiders. It's like 30-5 I'll give you that his bat is a minus but he handled Worley exceptionally. You are essentially whining about a guy who plays once a week will never be called on to hit because he's a back up catcher, and he costs less than a million, last time I checked by MLB standards that meets the cheap criteria.