Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Glove of Rollins

Jimmy Rollins has committed only 26 errors over the past 4 seasons in 512 games, covering 4484 innings. He might be losing a step or two in regards to his range, but he remains sure-handed. Conversely, Starlin Castro of the Chicago Cubs had 29 errors just last year. Yikes!

Fielding percentage might not be a sexy Sabermetric geek stat like UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating), but it does show a player's ability to at the very least make the routine play, and J-Roll does that quite well, leading baseball in fielding percentage at SS over the last 4 years (.988). Of course, Jimmy's UZR (27.3, 3rd in MLB) ain't bad either over that time frame.

We all know Rollins is declining offensively and is becoming more injury prone with every year tacked on to his age, but fact remains, he's still a top shortstop in the game. Ex-GM Jim Bowden, now of XM Radio, suggested Jimmy is in line for a 3 year $39M deal. That's a steep price, but one that the Phils may have to pay considering the cupboard for SS is bare aside from Jose Reyes (and price and douchiness prohibit his signing). Do you want Clint Barmes, Jamey Carroll, Ronny Cedeno, Rafael Furcal, Yuniesky Betancourt, Alex Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria, Michael Martinez, or Freddy Galvis as the Phils 2012 starting shortstop? Yeah, didn't think so. Sadly, going to have to overpay.


Andrew said...

Looks like Rube missed out on the exclusive signing period for Jimmy. Price just went up.

NEOpulsagram said...

Nice info.. thanks

GM-Carson said...

Jimmy wasn't going to sign without testing the waters anyway.

GM-Carson said...

My comments from a discussion about closers on BeerLeaguer:

I hate spending so much money on closers. Most of them are far from a sure thing. Hell, Madson only has 1 successful season of closing to his name and all of a sudden he is elite and looking for $10M per year. Crazy!

I want Madson back, he's my first choice, but not on a ridiculous contract.

What about signing 3 relievers with closing experience for the price of 1 "elite" closer.

Frank Francisco- 2 yr/$6M, Matt Capps 2 yr/$5M, and Joe Nathan 2 yr/$10M. Not as good as Madson, but it really bolsters the bullpen and you've got backups when eventual injuries arise. Not sure if this is possible, but it is creative thinking.

There is a reason closers are constantly changing all over baseball, because they are fluky. It is very rare for a reliever to sustain a "guaranteed" level of success, which is essentially what you're paying for when you dole out large sums of money to these closers.

I like having someone to rely on at the backend of the bullpen, but paying a closer more than a starting shortstop or starting pithcer is ludicrous!

GM-Carson said...

Phils re-signed Pete Orr to the minor league contract.