Friday, November 25, 2011

Fill in the Blank - Ruben Amaro

Ruben Amaro Jr. is a(n) _______________ GM.


GM-Carson said...


Anonymous said...

slightly above average

Randy said...

Is a dealer who has had more success than failure. He can reduce the negative impact of some mistakes thanks to ownership's deep pockets. In the end he has put talent out has not come thru.

Framed_Ace said...


SirAlden said...

Solid as a Rock.

SirAlden said...

Pat Gillick is a Genius.

SirAlden said...

Two Left Handed Hitters for Left Field:

Kubel or DeJesus

Kubel is younger than Cuddy
DeJesus went to Rutgers and died last year in Oakland a hitters graveyard.

Not Expensive. Solid. Early 30's. 1-2 year deals.

Lets Domonic Brown have time to Develop in the Minors AAA bringing him up later if there is an injury.

Ibanez and Damon are too old.

Grab one of these guys, tell Jimmy Rollins if he sees his post baseball life in Cali doing music producing rather than Philly then he should go for his dream.

Offer him correctly 3 years. No Option. 10 Mil. If he says no then Sign Reyes and Sign Hamels.

SirAlden said...

From MLB Trade Rumors FA Rundown

IF: The Phillies Sign Papelbon and Reyes they will lose their 1st and 2nd Round Pick (there was no effect by signing Papelbon early as was feared)

WHEN: Rollins is Signed the Phillies will receive that team's 1st Rounder even the #1 Pick. Plus a Sandwich Pick after the 1st round.
(no more free ride for teams picking 1-15).

WHEN: Madson is signed the Phillies will receive a 1st Round Pick right before the team that signs him even the #1 Pick with that team not losing a pick but then picking #2. Plus a sandwich pick after the first round.

When Ibanez is signed the Phillies will receive a sandwich pick after the first round.

So Phillies would lose their 1st and 2nd round pick for signing 2 of the top 7 Players.

But they will get 2 #1 Picks and 3 Sandwich Picks. Excellent Trade!

2 for 5.

Bob D said...

A Phillie

Bob D said...

Sir Alden very interesting, not sure if I like Reyes much

GM-Carson said...

I'm not sure how they could fit Reyes into their budget.

Randy said...

Resign Rollins at a fair price and let Reyes go. Put the money into a LFer.