Monday, November 28, 2011

Ed Wade Dissed and Dismissed

The Astros have finally figured out what the Phillies already knew...Ed Wade sucks. Wade has been relieved of his duties as Houston's General Manger. After trading the Phillies Lidge, Oswalt, and Pence the cupboards are bare, so I am not sad to see him go. I suspect he doesn't find an employer anytime soon, unless it's at Target or K-Mart as seasonal help.

*Jimmy Rollins turned 33 years old yesterday. Did Ponce de Leon find the Fountain of Youth yet?

*The Phils received Adam Worthington from the Diamondbacks to complete the Mike Zagurski trade. Worthington is a 24 year old right-handed relief pitcher that has a 4.34 ERA/1.35 WHIP in 3 minor league seasons, none above Single-A. In other words, he won't be heard from again unless he's suspended for PEDs or something.

*Amaro offered arbitration to Raul Ibanez with supposedly a "gentleman's agreement" that he won't accept. Is the supplemental pick really worth a $10M risk? The answer is- No. Ibanez is a good guy and by all account so is his agent, but you have to be a bit leery when dealing with that kinda money.


Bob D said...

I figured it was (Ibanez offer) to counter act the penalty they recieved from the Papelbon signing. They were the only ones that got that penalty.

Randy said...

It seems that FINALLY the season Is open for Andy Reid's head. Not soon enough for me. But on the topic of Philadelphia sports managers coming under fire, here's a discussion point for folks: This is Chawlee's last season with the team if they do any worse than winning the pennant. I say, yeah I'd replace him, especially if they get that decent .

What say ye, Phillies folk?

Randy said...

...that decent LFer. (The computer ate my text.)

GM-Carson said...

From MLB Trade Rumors:
The Phillies had an outside-the-box idea before signing Jonathan Papelbon this winter. The team called closer Billy Wagner after the season in hopes of coaxing him out of retirement, writes Mark Hale of the New York Post. Wagner told Hale, "It was after the regular season...just to see if I was even contemplating coming back or had an itch or anything. I just told them, 'No, I do not have an itch.'"

*I'd have take Wagner back on a 1 year deal. Have saved the team their 1st round pick and tons of money.

SirAlden said...

There is a misunderstanding about "the penalty they received from the Papelbon signing"

TRUE A Type Free Agents this year are 7 Players including Papelbon. If any team Signs a Player from that list (which is calculated by top 125 salaries in Baseball) they lose their pick to the team that lost The TRUE A Type. It used to be if the team was from the first 15 picks, the worst 15 teams it would have been a 2nd round pick not first.

So bottom line because Papelbon is on this list it did not matter if the signing happened before or after the signing of the CBA.

On a Side Note Jimmy Rollins is also a TRUE Type A. So if the Worst team in Baseball Signs J-Roll the Phillies get the #1 Pick next year if that team does not also sign someone above J-Roll as well.

SirAlden said...

I think you need to think about who you would replace Andy Reid with. Who will give you a better chance each year.