Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Day After Thoughts...

Props to Cole: 
I didn't have a lot of confidence going into last night. I thought Hamels would give up a few homers. Thankfully, I was dead wrong. Cole deserves the "king" picture today and big 'ol congratulations from WSBGMs -Way to go Ol' Girl Parts!

I'm not being ungrateful for a Phillies win, but I have to complain a little.

First, Vance Worley, a starting pitcher, is the choice to come into game three of the NLDS in the 7th inning? That is a huge sign that this 'pen is garbage right now. Or maybe more accurately, it is a huge sign that Charlie doesn't have any confidence in the bullpen right now.

Antonio Bastardo gets one batter (successfully) then is removed for Brad Lidge? Odd. I'm guessing Charlie didn't want Barstardo to face right-handed Matt Holiday. But righties only hit .139 against Bastardo. (Lefties hit .145) By contrast, righties hit .317 versus Lidge this season. Is this a classic example of Charlie favoring experience to talent in clutch situations.

Thank God the Cardinals led the league in GIDP this season and continued that trend when it mattered most in the post-season. [The Cardinals had 169 GIDP this year. The Pirates were second at 123. The D-backs had the lowest, 82.]

One More Complaint:
Can somebody take a pitch? Please. For the first time this season I was wishing for Jayson Werth and his "my at-bat doesn't begin until I have two strike" approach.

When Will Their Luck Change?
I'm sure you all followed the internet wide debate the last few days where one group of losers tried to statistically prove luck while another group of losers empirically tried to prove suck. Compelling, right? Well, the bad luck/good suck continued for the Phillies last night. Consider:

-  Phillies bullpen BABIP last night - .447.
- Cole Hamels BABIP last night - .333.

- Cardinals bullpen BABIP last night - .167.
- "Jamie" Garcia BABIP last night - .217.

- Ryan Howard's average on balls in play last night - .000.
- Albert Pujols' average on balls in play last night - .800.

[I hope everyone realizes that the above stats were provided as evidence of... nothing. I'm just trying to provoke the radicals  and have a little laugh. But, I would like to point out three things about BABIP:

1) It is ridiculous that home runs are omitted completely from BABIP. Poof! Gone. Like they never happened. And it severely affects the outcome. And the argument that they should be out because the "fielders can't catch them" is totally garbage. They're out because it jacks with the numbers. Take the aforementioned Albert Pujols. His BABIP is .311. The stat nuts smile and say, "See. Right around .300, just like we said." Except, if you add the homers, which I'm pretty sure are balls in play, his BABIP would be .365. Even worse, Ryan Howard's BABIPwH would be .397.

2) If the pitchers don't have control over BABIP, then why are there zero pitchers in the Hall of Fame with a BABIP over .300?

3) The majority of LOOGYs (you know, lefty one-out guys) hold left handed batters to a lower BABIP compared to right handed batters. That isn't luck, is it?]

Want To Watch The Benny Fran Home Runs Swing Repeatedly?
Yeah, I thought you did. Enjoy.


GM-Carson said...

Wrapping up the series today will be good for few reasons...

1. They won, duh.

2. Halladay can open the NLCS rather than pitch Friday in Game 5 of the NLDS.

3. Watching Cardinal fans cry as they lose the last game of Pujols career as a Cardinal and then the Phils popping corks in the clubhouse in St. Louis will be funny because I hate that baseball "heaven" as Scott Rolen refers to it.

Randy said...

Dudes. I hate all that analysis throw strikes, you hit the ball, and sometimes it rains. ( I never get tired of BullDurham). Anyway, they won because Ben hit a dinger and the Cards scored less and were Loooooozers. Full fuckin stop. Thats the bottom lime, ain't it? Here's hoping it's Good Oswalt tonite and not his evil twin. Then Halliday in game 1 as u said.

GM-Carson said...

Lifetime vs. Opponent:

Oswalt 10-9, 31 G, 197.2 IP, 3.19 ERA, 1.22 WHIP.

Jackson was blown up in 1 start- 9.00 ERA, 2.00 WHIP.

Finish them!

Preserve Jon said...

I have take the puppy to obedience training and will miss the first hour+.

Having a DVR and a pee-stain free carpet is worth missing the first few innings, however.

I think the Phils will finish it tonight.

Bob D said...

Cards are not likely to get past Roy x2

Anonymous said...

Good write-up guys.Bastardo being taken out pissed me off whether they still won or not.If he was wild or whatever then fine but Lidge allows BR's ALWAYS.

GM-Carson said...

Howard has stopped hitting. 6 RBI - awesome. 2 hits with a bajillion strike outs - ugh.

They had Jackson on the ropes in the 1st, but that strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play killed it.

Corey said...

who cares dude? it's all about the rbi.

ripjgarcia said...

It's the same damn squirrel.. trap and release.. for real

GM-Carson said...

Bad baseball right now.

Ran themselves out of 2 innings (1st and 6th).

Why send pence on the full count with Howard up? He's more apt to K then ground into a double play, especially with the shift.

Why in the hell would Utley be retardedly aggressive and try to take third on a routine groundball? Should have been at 2nd with 1 out instead of out at 3rd. Idiot!

Then you have Ryan Howard swinging on a 3-0 pitch that was at least 6 inches inside. He got himself out in that at bat.

I hate this game already because Charlie's managing style, or lack thereof is showing all its holes.

Preserve Jon said...

Who the eff is David Friese?

GM-Carson said...

Oswalt is so unlucky. The Cardinals are so lucky.


Our pitchers aren't pitching well. Their hitters are hitting well.

Their pitcher are pitching well. Out hitters are shit.

GM-Carson said...

Preserve Jon- to answer you question...the cause of a Game 5.

Aaron said...

Oswalt is useless.
Howard needs to try using two hands to swing the bat and maybe try looking at the ball while he swings.
Vic, Ruiz and pols co ate non existent .....are they even in the game I can't tell?

GM-Carson said...

Vic has sucked since September started.

Polly is useless at the plate.

Oswalt is one of the biggest disappointments of the Phillies season.

C.M.R. said...

when the most interesting moment of the game is a squirrel running by home plate, that's saying something.

Preserve Jon said...

Howard is clueless up there.

Pence inexplicably stopped swinging at the first pitch and the last two at bats the first pitch has been a fastball right down the pipe.

A wet mop would swing a bat better than Polanco and Ibanez is having a hard time swinging from his rocker.

This team is infuriating to watch right now. LaRussa ball prevents any team from building momentum in the course of a game. The constant pitching changes take away from the rhythm of the game. It's awful, just awful to watch. The pace of this game is akin to that of a rain-soaked KC Royals game in June.

I hope La Russa retires after this season so he can't continue to ruin baseball with his genius.

Preserve Jon said...

Memo to Phillies in the field: See how you're having to run down balls all over the field? This is called hitting the ball hard.

Take note.

It's how offense works.

GM-Carson said...

Shitting the bed:
Howard .133/.509
Victorino .250/.500
Polanco .133/.266
Ruiz .071/.204

That's horrible!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

If doc doesn't throw a complete game shutout we will lose.

ripjgarcia said...

wow.he came so close to saying sillies his tead should be wrapped around a pole. in case you missed it

ripjgarcia said...

Marty Bystrom..OH shit...damn time machine.. Vance Worley.. ftw

maxcomputer said...

Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear this.