Saturday, October 29, 2011

WSBGMs Offseason Plans

What's a Phillies blogger to do until spring training starts? Of course there's the Hot Stove rumor mill, the comings and goings of players, and updates on current players' statuses. That's all the normal stuff you would expect to find on the other Phils blogs. That's not us. We do that...and MORE!

WSBGMs Offseason Plans:
*Fill in the Blanks (ex - Ryan Howard is __________.)
*Phlashback Phridays (ex - Noles & Thon: The Dickies)
*Phillies themed crossword puzzles (ex - Phighin' Phils)
*Name that Phillie (ex - Who the hell is this?)
*Random funny Phils inspired Photoshops (ex - Fuqua + Quotes + Photoshop)
*Song parodies (ex - Bohemian Manuel)
*What's the #?
*Off Beat Wednesday (chance to blog about anything we desire, but usually still rooted in baseball)
*Fan Caves (Corey and I will each share pictures of ours, in hopes that you'll show us yours...sounds so perverted)


Bob D said...

I guess I need to build a fan cave this winter. (may include some flyers and possibly eagles - screw the sixers and NBA)

SirAlden said...

From ZO..

The Phillies already have $106.95 million committed to nine players next season: Lee ($21.5 million), Roy Halladay ($20 million), Ryan Howard ($20 million), Chase Utley ($15 million), Shane Victorino ($9.5 million), Joe Blanton ($8.5 million), Placido Polanco ($6.25 million), Carlos Ruiz ($3.7 million) and Jose Contreras ($2.5 million).

That gives them roughly $70 million (subject to change, of course) to complete the rest of their roster, not including raises to Cole Hamels and Hunter Pence. They are two of five Phillies players eligible for salary arbitration. Hamels made $9.5 million last season. Pence made $6.9 million.

Lock up Hamels 15M Per - Arb Pence 10M -- Sign Bench and Roll Players in the Bullpen 15 Mil. This Leaves....

30 Million for a Shortstop and a Closer.

Reyes + Madson/Papelbon/Bell or GM-Carson's Idea of 3 or 4 Former Closers to Mix and Match.

There even would be room for Oswalt at 10 Mil / 2 Seasons if you are careful with the other signings.

This assumes letting Kendrick Walk and or bringing him back in the Bench Bullpen budget at say 3 mil.

The Major Issue the Phillies have is the major reduction in Offense from Chase Utley 40-50%, and the reduction in Offense from Ryan Howard 20% from the Glory Years.

They both could bounce back. We need Ramirez or Reyes at 3b or SS.

SirAlden said...

As per Oswalt - Both Polanco 6.25 Mil and Blanton 8.5 Mil come off the books the year after (14.75 Mil Saved).

Howard is 20 Mil 2012 and 2013 not 25 Mil as many mis-quote. 2014 on is when the Major/Total Losses on Howard could occur.

So do not sweat it till then.

SirAlden said...

To me Madson is 8 mil for 3 years type risk.

SirAlden said...

Or Trade St. Louis Native Ryan Howard to St. Louis for a bag of balls for salary relief and sign Puhols.

GM-Carson said...

If the Cards would take Howard for essentially nothing, I'd do it in a heartbeat. However, no way they want that contract. Nobody wants the contract. That's why it's a horrible f'n contract.

Please submit fan cave pics to our email-

Randy said...

Random roster moves for anyone to yack about.....

Resign Rollins at 3 years at $10million plus 4th year player/team option. There is ur SS and use real money for a new, really good 3rd baseman. Trade Grandpop Contreras for something, maybe plus KK if we resign Greatgrandpop Jamie Moyer (wouldn't that be something). Sadly, Howard has less trade value now than Michelin Man Blanton. Worley should be untouchable; Oswalt is history. What about one more year with Raul in LF--at least til Mayberry can move there from 1st base after/if Howard returns?

Preserve Jon said...

I am disgusted that the cardinals won the ws. If I read any columns about how the unexpected is good for baseball, I will puke.

GM-Carson said...

If Ibanez would take 1 year $1.5M to assume the role of Ross Gload, then I'd be very happy. He could get spot starts in LF and 1B, plus he's a helluva better pinch-hitting option than the powerless Gload. Thing is, Ibanez probably wants more.

Bob D said...

Ibanez would be great off the bench, and I think the Phils could do that as Raul probably wont be offered a starting spot on other teams and rather a bench role.

Ramirez is too much swing and a miss type and is getting to the point he will likely decline. This team needs a player who can make better contact like a Scutaro or Betemit that can improve the bench or start at 3rd if Polanco doesn't do well and send him to the bench or fill in at 2nd if they wish Utley to fill in at 1B.

The key is improve a bench of Francisco, Gload, Martinez, Valdez, and Schneider. They all hit what??? low 200's and that was horrible I'd rather have Lee and Worley pinch hit. Francisco probably wont be tendered a contract and released.

JRoll I could see back for 3 years as Galvis is not likely the future SS but rather one of the recent draftees who are 3 years away