Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Polly Turned 36

When is the last time the Phillies had a good all-around third baseman? Certainly not since the departure of Scott Rolen in July of 2002. Placido Polanco (2002), then David Bell (2003-2006), then No-Hit Nunez/Wes Helms/Greg Dobbs (2007), then Pedro Feliz (2008-2009), and now Polanco again (2010-2011). Ugh!

Polly just turned 36 years old yesterday and is still under contract for the 2012 season. Now that PEDs are being removed from the game, players aren't producing into their late 30's like they were a decade ago. Polanco plays quality defense, but his bat and health are quickly deteriorating. Games played have steadily dipped since arriving in Philly (only 122 in '11) as well has his OPS (down to .674 this year). Hernia, elbow problems, bulging disk in his back, big headiness...he's a walking gimpy malady.

With the Phillies offense getting older, less productive, and more injury prone, maybe it's to bring in some new blood at the hot corner next year and give Polanco super-sub duties (spot starts at 3rd, 2nd, and SS to rest the regulars).

Who to bring in? Aramis Ramirez on a 2 year $24M deal, but he's creeping up there in years too and might want more years and more money. Trade Vance Worley to the Kansas City Royals for Mike Moustakas. Michael Cuddyer, because he can play all over the diamond and has a decent bat.


SirAlden said...

Correctomundo! GM-Carson

SirAlden said...

Good Clear Article.


GM-Carson said...

Twitter- RT @HunterPence3: Hey everyone, been hanging around Philly. My surgery went well today and I'm feeling good.

That's good news. Having him in the lineup for a full season is going to be nice. It will be really nice if Dom Brown is ready to start producing and Mayberry stays as good as he was this year in a similiar role.

SirAlden said...

Utley at 1st. Polly at 2nd.

Aramis Ramirez at 3rd.

Brown and Mayberry in LF.

Preserve Jon said...

Ramirez would fit into this lineup well and not in a good sense.

He is streaky, known for fits of power followed by fits of whiffs, doesn't walk and has an average OBP. His BA was up this year b/c it was a contract year. I'm also not sure that I would want someone in our clubhouse who has never spent any time on a winning team: 6 yrs with the Pirates and 8 years with the mediocre-at-best Cubs organization. Also, his dWar is below replacement in 4 out of the last 5 years.

IMO the lone positive is that he provides some pop from the right side.

Another thing that I hadn't considered is that Polly should have a dead cat bounce in production next year owing to his potentially playing for his last contract and typical movement towards his production mean.

Preserve Jon said...

+ 1 Alden for moving Utley to 1st and Polly to 2nd while Howard is out. Hadn't considered that.

GM-Carson said...

Who plays 3rd then? Wilson Valdez and Michael Martinez...please no!

Randy said...

No way trade the Van-man! A lone young person on that bench, and our fourth, possibly higher in later years, starter. Oswalt has got to go to clear some money. And I think Mayberry is in LF---Brown is not ready for every day in the majors. Finally, while a good idea in concept, in reality how can Howard get the heave-ho? He and Blanton--albatrosses around Ruben's neck. I almost don't care who he is, just get a young right-handed bat to give some life to this shit offense (as long as it doesn't cost us Worley).

GM-Carson said...

The more I think about this extension of Howard's, the more pissed I get.

5 years $125M. If Amaro had waited to sign him this offseason (when he was set to hit free agency), it's doubtful Howard would have gotten that many years and/or money if heathy, and especially not now with this major injury. It's not like Amaro saved any money by extending him so early, so what the hell was the point? Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preserve Jon said...

Howard's contract is rather Thome-esque. Recall that the Phils' paid him through 2008(9?) even though he was traded away in 2005.

Even so, with the amount of revenue the Phils generate, I don't think the contract will hurt the team in the immediate future.

ripjgarcia said...

Trading Worley is bad biz. He's quality on the cheap right now.

C.M.R. said...

never trade the vanimal. he's the ace of the future.

SirAlden said...

Aramis Ramirez at 3rd.

GM-Carson said...

I love the Vanimal, because Worley is easy to root for. He's fearless and fun. However, future ace I am not sure of. I predict an ERA around 4 if he gets the 5th spot in the rotation next year (which I think he deserves).

Andrew said...

need to keep Vanimal. Its always good to have depth in the rotation as well as competition in Spring Training. With Oswalt (hopefully) almost certainly gone, and with Halladay, Lee, and Hamels locks, we have some competition for final two spots: Blanton, Kendrick, Vanimal, other AAA talent. And then with the almost certain injuries, we have a solid backup. Trading him leaves a pretty big hole that this past season we did a great job of filling.

GM-Carson said...

I'm hoping Austin Hyatt and Trevor May are ready soon. Each are high strikeout starting pitchers.

SirAlden said...

J-Roll is worth 3 years at 8 Mil with a 4th Year Option at 8 Mil / 3 Mil Buyout Tops.

No one cheered more loudly than I did when J-Roll fit the ball on the screws and began to run for his 20th Triple 3 years ago.

He has been injured and out on the DL 3 times in the last 2 years. He must take that into account, and that Father Time works on all of us.

He has no interest in a 1 year $12 Mil Contract where he could show that the injuries are behind him.

The Phillies are bidding against themselves and San Francisco. I am pretty sure the have learned thsir lesson with Aaron "Face Plant" Rowand.

Aug 31, 2011
"In a clear message from management, the Giants have designated Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand for assignment. The Giants crossed a big bridge by swallowing the $12 million owed to Rowand in 2012 but Sabean said that wasn’t much of a speed bump for ownership. They signed off on the move without delay. The total amount they ate on Rowand was almost $14 million, including the salary still owed to him this year."

The Dodgers and Oakland A's will never sign him for over 3 years.

The Phillies Won 102 Games with him on the DL for a good chunk of the season. Hamels, A Top Closer, and even Roy Oswalt if he would take a Carpenter like 2 years at 10 Mil Contract are more important.

And - they need to Roll the Dice on Aramis Ramirez at 3B.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- holy crap, you just made a ton of sense. I might actually turn that comment into a post.