Friday, October 21, 2011

Off-Season Priority #4- Shortstop

It’s Friday. I’ve got tons of stuff to do that doesn't involve the computer or the interwebs, so I’m going to make this one short.

Priority #4 is signing Jimmy Rollins to a deal less than five years.

The best available shortstop is Jose Reyes. Unless they get rid of Joe Blanton and his $9 million dollars, they don’t have the money for him.

The “best” free-agent shortstop after “Geriatric Jimmy “ is… nobody. The free-agent shortstop market is terrible.

Are there any decent trade candidates? The Orioles signed JJ Hardy to a three year deal so Robert Andino could be had for cheap. But he sucks. Could the Phillies get Alexei Ramirez from the White Sox or Yunel Escobar from the Blue Jays? Doubtful.

So the options are Jose, Jimmy, promoting Freddy Galvis or acquiring a shortstop via trade.  

I don’t see any option working except calling Jimmy’s 5-year bluff and re-signing him for the next few years.


GM-Carson said...

I could tolerate Marco Scutaro at SS for a season. If the Red Sox pick up his $6M option, the Phils would have to trade for him. Boston needs starting pitching. Offer either Joe Blanton and send the difference of salary Boston's way ($3M), or offer Kyle Kendrick and ask the BoSox to send a mil or two to Philly to offset cost.

Corey said...

if they're going to have an old shortstop, i'd rather they sign rollins to a four year deal rather than the 36 year old scutaro.

but i would like the phils to get mike aviles from boston to be our super-sub infielder.

GM-Carson said...

Scutaro would be for 1 year only though. He's not much of a dropoff offensively, although his speed and defense are inferior to J-Roll's.

GM-Carson said...

Take a closer look at Scuatro's stats. They're decent. Last year was his 1st poor year defensively, prior to that he was a plus defender. His OPS has been higher than Jimmy's over the past 3 years and it's not all the Red Monster effect. He hits well on the road too, and hits pretty evenly off lefties/righties. 1 year at $6M for him, while unloading Blanton would be a good thing.

Bob D said...

Kyle will likely get $2-$4mil after arbitration, but its good to have 6 starters as we have seen every year that someone needs a break at times. Scutaro would be OK as the Phils could get 1 more look at Galvis and maybe ween him in. The Phils would get 2 picks for Rollins. Galvis will likely only be an 8th hitter in the lineup and means Victorino maybe the leadoff hitter. JRoll is ok-good as leadoff hitter, but not ideal. Reyes is likely the only ideal leadoff hitter out there available this year.
But if the Phils could turn JRolls $8mil into as SS (Scutaro) and a super Utility guy (Betemit or Aviles) who may play some 3rd and/or 2nd if Utley fills in at 1st - then the team is better and much deeper. I would like to see at least a bit improvement on bench over Martinez/Valdez.
And if they keep JRoll then that is good too. Its not a bad choice at all.
Worst case senario, which is highly unlikely is Valdez/ Martinez as starting SS and Galvis cant step up.

GM-Carson said...

My opinion- Freddy Galvis will never be anything close to an adequate MLB shortstop, due to the shortcomings of his offense. The kid only hit .270something this year in the minors, with no power or on-base skills. Before this year he's sucked horribly. He's not good.

SirAlden said...

Very clear smart post Corey.

Rollins - any year over 3 years is thanks for the memories. It matters big time if it is 8 mil not 12.

I still think the Phillies need a 2 upgrades on Offense. Reyes is a big risk - but boy oh boy - at the top of the Line-up would transform everything.

Just Imagine his 2012 World Series Stat-O-Matic Game Card.

GM-Carson said...

Not sure I can state this any clearer...screw Jose Reyes!

Bob D said...

You don't like Reyes, do you? At least thats what I'm sensing here.

SirAlden said...

OK M&M your 2012 opening day shortstop GM-Carson.

I think a team that is solid can support a League Batting Crown Winner at Shortstop.

You can root for the Pirates next year.

Bob D said...

Pirates may be good next year

GM-Carson said...

Nope, they had a few fluky months. Their offense is bad and their pitching is still lower tier.