Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off Season, Off Topic #1

(Because of absolute despondency over the collapse of our beloved Phillies, I may have to refrain from writing about the Fightins for awhile. Just kidding. But it is the offseason, which means I give myself permission to write about teams other than the Phillies and sometimes, things other than baseball. Enjoy. Or don’t. I don’t care. Because when the Phillies lost, I turned into a hollow shell of hate and apathy….)

So the Red Sox had an historical collapse and missed the playoffs.


Anytime the Red Sox or the Yankees flame out, I’m happy. But the Boston misery didn’t end in September. The offseason hasn’t been kind to the Red Sox either. First, Tito Francona and the Sox “mutually agreed” to part ways. Yesterday, it came out that wonder kid general manager Theo the Great is packing up and heading to Chicago. And today, a front page report on partially blames Francona’s failing marriage and pain-killer addiction for the Red Sox 2011 debacle, at least according to a “team source” that flapped his gums to the Boston Globe.


It’s always good to see organizations (that aren’t in Philadelphia) fall apart at the seams. I understand why Tito wants to leave. I can even understand why Theo wants to leave. But why are “team sources” blasting Francona to the local media? Unless this is a personal thing between Francona and the source, it seems absurd that any member of an organization would start drug dependence rumors on a departing manager, especially one as successful as Francona. I could see if this was Phillies era Francona. Those teams consistently sucked. Hell, even Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes left this town without “drug dependence” allegations.

The manager’s out. The GM’s leaving. And the inmates are running the asylum in Boston.

But what might be worse than accusing an ex-manager of abusing pain medicine, is claiming that it was at least partially responsible for the team’s poor play. From the article, “team sources also had concerns that Francona's performance may have been affected by his use of pain medication.” So drugs = poor Francona performance = losses. Really? Ron Washington and his coke use has the Rangers in the ALCS but Francona takes some Vics or Percs and the Red Sox blow a division lead. Shoddy logic, there.

Did Francona’s vicodin cause Carl Crawford to hit .255? Did his Oxy make John Lackey have a 6.41 ERA? Did it cause the injury to Buchholz?

You want to talk about drugs? How ‘bout somebody ask what Theo was on when he gave Dice-K that huge contract!

C’mon Boston, get your shit together. Or don’t. I don’t care.


For Your Reading Pleasure: write Joe Posnanski has Ryan Howard’s five-year,$125MM contract fourth on his list of the ten worst contracts in baseball.Article HERE. The highlight: he writes that Howard is “becoming a less and less useful player all the time.”



GM-Carson said...

Howard's contract is an albatross. At some point it will be prohibitive of the Phils from improving other facets of the team. $25M to 1 player is a lot, especially when the player just suffered a major injury and has declining skills.

Preserve Jon said...

Tell me that Epstein moving to Chicago isn't one of the largest ego trips in modern day sports.

Epstein to 103-year WS championship drought, "I got this."

What an asshat.

ripjgarcia said...

Broke the curse in Boston.

Corey said...

we'll see if he trades for john lackey...

SirAlden said...

Ryan Howard has earned every single penny of his contract SO FAR.

Complain each year how much was Wasted - Start in 2012 - $20 Million - In October 2012.

And ask if what was Wasted During 2012 was worth the last 6 years of bliss.

Shut up for now. All of you. See you in Oct 2012 and most likely I will agree that a part of the $20 Million was Wasted.

Oswalt at $16 Mil this year, and Utley at $15 Mil this year were pretty bad. There was Waste.

$31 Million Dollars during 2011, $16-21 Million Dollars Wasted?
No one has posted about that.

No Waste yet for Ryan Howard.
Shut your Pie Holes.

Eat some Pie. Yum.
And now for some good news.

"Manuel favors upgrade at third base spot."

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- Utley's money was only a sunken cost this past season. Before that he was earning his money and then some.

Oswalt's salary shouldn't really count, because the Astros paid something like $12M of that this year.

...oh, and I'm not eating pie. Pie kinda sucks. I'd much rather go for cake, cookies, brownies, or best of all a cannoli.

C.M.R. said...

why would you not like pie?

i like pie.

it tastes a lot like milk.

ripjgarcia said...

The Phillies averaged 4.80 runs per game from July 1 through the end of the regular season, which was the best mark in the National League.

Here is a stat I was unaware of.

Corey said...

siralden, you are right. howard has earned every penny of his contract SO FAR, because the contract we are all lamenting starts next year. so, he's earned nothing from that contract. well earned.

as for your oswalt and utley comments. the phils "only" owe utley 30 million over two years and they have the option to let oswalt walk. comparing that to the 125 million committed to howard is just silly. now, if the phils give utley a three year extension this offseason, bet that carson and i will be the first two complaining. but i doubt amaro makes the same mistake twice.

Bob D said...

What kind of pie?

GM-Carson said...

I like a good apple pie with caramel drizzled over top and vanilla ice cream.