Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Name That Phillie- Powder Blue Edition

Who is this man?


Anonymous said...

Larry Anderson??

furiousBall said...

That is none other than Socrates, the inventor of the tube sock. At least that is what I just read on the Internet. So it's obviously completely true.

GM-Carson said...

The Internet never lies.

furiousBall- is that pronounced "So-Crates" ala Bill & Ted, or "Sah-cra-tees".

Bob D said...

Bill Campbell 1983 or 1984???

GM-Carson said...

Bingo- Bill Campbell it is, circa 1984.

Preserve Jon said...

That dude won 17 games as a reliever in 1976. That's amazing! How many times has that happened?

GM-Carson said...

Not sure how many times it happened, but it used to happen more often as relievers would routinely go 3+ innings back then, leading to greater chances of picking up the win.

Markcrij said...

Bill Campbell 1983 or 1984???

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