Sunday, October 16, 2011

Manuel's Marathon

Manuel's team won the marathon (102-60). However, they were blown away in the sprint (NLDS). Better work on some quick burst exercises this offseason, rather than solely focusing on long distance training.


ripjgarcia said...

I've been rolling this through my head. We gave Madson a chance to close this year, and he returned on that investment. Who are the bidders out there that can steal him away? Tons of closers have fallen to the wayside going to uncharted territory. Mo is going nowhere even if he's ridiculously old. Boston or St Louis maybe. And even with Theo in Chicago I think Marmol is good.


SirAlden said...

SD is only offering Bell 2 years at 8 Mil.

The pay bubble has popped.

Again I believe the Phillies are bidding against themselves.

GM-Carson said...

That's all the more a top closer should be getting. These $12M a year deals like the one Lidge is coming off of are ridiculous.