Monday, October 10, 2011

The Howard- Final 2011 Standings

Congratulations to Mark Reynolds of the Baltimore Orioles, the winner of The Howard in 2011. This is his third consecutive honor.

The Howard Standings:
M. Reynolds/BAL - 5
D. Valencia/MIN - 3
J. Arencibia/TOR - 2
A. Beltre/TEX - 2
W. Betemit/KCR & DET - 2
P. Burrell/SFG - 2
A. Cabrera/CLE - 2
M. Cabrera/DET - 2
M. Carp/SEA - 2
L. Chisenhall/CLE - 2
N. Cruz/TEX - 2
M. Kemp/LAD - 2
J. Kipnis/CLE - 2
B. Lillibridge/CHW - 2
C. Pena/CHC - 2
R. Roberts/ARI - 2
A. Soriano/CHC - 2
K. Suzuki/OAK - 2
C. Utley/PHI - 2
P. Alvarez/PIT - 1
A. Avila/DET - 1
M. Aviles/KCR - 1
E. Aybar/LAA - 1
C. Barmes/HOU - 1
J. Bautista/TOR - 1
L. Berkman/STL - 1
Y. Betancourt/MIL - 1
M. Bradley/SEA - 1
J. Buck/FLA - 1
R. Davis/TOR - 1
S. Duncan/CLE - 1
D. Fowler/COL - 1
D. Freese/STL - 1
K. Fukudome/CLE - 1
S. Fuld/TBR - 1
J. Giambi/COL - 1
J. Gomes/WAS - 1
B. Hawpe/SDP - 1
C. Heisey/CIN - 1
R. Howard/PHI - 1
O. Infante/FLA - 1
A. Jackson/DET - 1
K. Johnson/ARI - 1
R. Johnson/SDP - 1
A. Jones/BAL - 1
C. Jones/ATL - 1
M. Joyce/TBR - 1
H. Kendrick/LAA - 1
P. Konerko/CHW - 1
M. Laporta/CLE - 1
C. Lee/PHI - 1
A. Liddi/SEA - 1
E. Longoria/TBR - 1
J. Mayberry/PHI - 1
M. Montero/ARI - 1
M. Morse/WSH - 1
M. Moustakas/KCR - 1
X. Nady/ARI - 1
M. Napoli/TEX - 1
C. Nelson/COL - 1
M. Olivo/SEA - 1
H. Pence/HOU - 1
B. Phillips/CIN - 1
A. Pierzynski/CHW - 1
A. Pujols/STL - 1
R. Raburn/DET - 1
A. Ramirez/CHC - 1
A. Ramirez/CHW - 1
J. Reddick/BOS - 1
J. Saltalamacchia/BOS - 1
G. Sanchez/FLA - 1
K. Seager/SEA - 1
S. Sizemore/OAK - 1
Y. Torrealba/TEX - 1
J. Towles/HOU - 1
M. Trumbo/LAA - 1
B. Upton/TBR - 1
J. Votto/CIN - 1
J. Werth/WSH - 1
M. Wieters/BAL - 1
T. Wigginton/COL - 1
J. Willingham/OAK - 1
B. Wood/PIT - 1
K. Youkilis/BOS - 1

Inside the Numbers:
*Cliff Lee became the first pitcher to perform this feat.

*Wilson Betemit was the only player to do it for two different teams this year (Royals and Tigers).

*Jarrod Saltalamacchia know holds the record for player with the longest last name to complete The Howard.

*Mark Reynolds have committed 14 Howards since the stat's creation.

*Bunch of rookies on this list- Mike Carp, Jason Kipnis, JC Arencibia, Lonnie Chisenhall, Adam Liddi, Kyle Seager, and Mark Trumbo.

*There were a total of 107 Howards this season by 84 players. This is in line with the past two seasons: 2010- 112/82 and 2009- 111/90. Amazing how consistent this is.

*There were 5 Howards by Phillies this year.

*The Howards of 2011 will now be archived near the bottom of the left sidebar.


Preserve Jon said...

Was reading Matt Gelb's blog over at and he raised the prospect of letting Oswalt walk. The general consensus is that this is a good idea.

Does anyone think that he won't walk right into the open arms of the Braves or Cardinals - the teams closest to his home - in a team friendly contract?

SirAlden said...

How do you count up Howard's?

Maybe it should be renamed

"The Reynolds"

GM-Carson said...

Unless the Phils up the payroll significantly and break the luxury tax threshold, Oswalt doesn't fit financially anymore.

He'll like still demand 2 yr $20M.

Phils need help in the bullpen and bench (namely infield- backup catcher, 1st baseman while Howard is out, someone who can hit and play 3rd).

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- I read the box scores every day. That's how I count up Howards.

Preserve Jon said...

So then the lineup will look something like:

C - Ruiz
1b - Mayberry (I think)
2b - Utley
SS - Rollins/FA Nobody
3b - FA/Polanco
LF - DBrown/FA
CF - Vic
RF - Pence

SP 1 Halladay
SP 2 Lee
SP 3 Hamels
SP 4/5 Blanton/Worley/Kendrick

'Pen - Madson (fingers crossed) or FA, Herndon, Tony Bastard, Oil Can Stutes, 2 out of Savery/Matheson/Schwimer/FA

Bench 1 - FA Catcher
Bench 2 - FA Outfielder
Bench 3 - B. Fresh (under control)
Bench 4 - Polanco/FA
Bench 5 - FA (MiniMart to minors)

In all likelihood Francisco will be moved and in all hopes Polanco will take over as super sub, MiniMart will not make the roster but will be up at some point during the season.

My Offseason Priorities:
1. Sign Mad Dog
2. Before Free Agency publicly offer Rollins a fair contract 3/$30 with a mutual option for 4th year (if he goes, then replace him)
3. Sign high-OBP FA 4th outfielder
4. Bullpen
5. Sign 3rd basemen with pop
6. Backup catcher

GM-Carson said...

I wonder what kind of contract Aramis Ramirez is looking for?

3 yera $30M to an aging shortstop with declining skills? Uh, no thanks.

Andrew said...

forget all that - just sign a new hitting coach and 1st base coach who knows how to steal

SirAlden said...

Please send Lance Berkman from your team GM-Carson to the Phillies.

SirAlden said...

Need a BAT. 3B, SS, or 1B/LF.

Ramirez, Reyes, Berkman


ripjgarcia said...

Thome. Lawl.

C.M.R. said...

bring back thome and we can all party like it's 2003

until he first steps up to the plate and immediately grounds into a double play

Bob D said...

Pat Burrel and Bobby Abreu with Flash Gordon in the pen.

Preserve Jon said...

Michael Cudyer could solve 3b/lf problems. I heard someone else mention that name in the past.

SirAlden said...

Thome is for the for Howard until he comes back.

Then he moves to the bench to be Matt Stair.

SirAlden said...

Lance Berkman 1b-of
1 year/$8M (2011)
1 year/$12M (2012)
signed extension with St. Louis 9/22/11 full no-trade clause


Aaron said...

I want aramis Ramirez and I want Nick Swisher if the yanks decline his option. Both have pop and both have higher on base percent than basically everyone on our team with the exception of pence.
Polly becomes a super sub. I want Willie Harris on our bench. I want Scott Hairston on our bench.
I want Rollins back but only at a reasonable price.
I want the following gone...
Raul, lidge, Oswalt, mini mart, gload, b fresh., Schneider,
I like Madson but there are lots of closers available.
I want Ryan Howard to be on the DL all year.

Andrew said...

Reyes = clubhouse cancer. Never.

GM-Carson said...

Cuddyer is a nice player, but no superstar. Someone (Colorado?) is likely to give him too many years and too much money.

If Jose Reyes is the Phils starting SS, I'm done blogging. I hate him, and I dont' use that word lightly.

GM-Carson said...

BTW- Thome can't play the field anymore. Something like only 4 games on defense in the past few years.