Thursday, October 20, 2011

Charlie In The Movies - Vol. 1

Didn't have time to do Priority #4 for today, so I'm rolling out another off-season post - Charlie Manuel in the Movies. These are just funny (funny to me, at least...) pictures of Charlie in famous movie scenes. These serve no purpose but to amuse and give Carson and I a free day without having to do a real post. Lazy? Kind of, but it's the off-season, deal with it.

The Fuqfather

Silence of the Fuqua

Fuqua. Charles Fuqua.


SirAlden said...

TV Show - Charles in Charge

Movie - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

TV Show - Charlie's Angels With OGP's as One of the Angels Cheryl Ladd I reckon.

GM-Carson said...

Who depicts Farrah Fawcett's character on Charlie's Angels?

Corey said...

okay, i'll do a charles in charge at some point.

Bob D said...

Michael Martinez as Farrah Fawcett wearing a long blonde wig.
Sports hernia will be the enemy in the first episode

SirAlden said...

Cliff Lee is Pretty. Farrah.

Roy Halladay. Jacqueline Smith.

Chase "the Smart One" Whatever her name was.