Saturday, October 08, 2011

And then there was...

If this continues to go on, we may need someone with an online psychology degree on call.


GM-Carson said...

On a more positive note- that was likely/hopefully the last game in a Phillies uniform for Raul Ibanez, Brad Lidge, Ross Gload, and Brian Schneider.

Preserve Jon said...

Sir Alden (from last thread) and Carson - There is no positive side. The other team in town (the one wearing green) always used to talk about a window of opportunity. Well last night, it shut hard on this team. It's over. They may put together one more season of playoff quality baseball, but the magic is gone. The braves have restocked, the Nats are up and coming, and the Marlins have revenue to spend from a new stadium. At least we've still got the Mets to kick around.

What do we have? Let's look around shall we? Good (not great) starting pitching, an average catcher, a has been first basemen who will produce runs but is not clutch, an over the hill second basemen, a preening shortstop (goodbye Jimmy don't let the screen door hit you on the way out), an ancient 3rd basemen, either an ancien (see ya Raul) or clueless (DBrown) leftfielder and an above average center fielder and right fielder.

Oh, and what $130 million committed for 2012 already? Sure RA will kick up some dirt this offseason and maybe even unearth whatever diamond there is to be found, but the era of good feelings is officially over.

I am disgusted.

GM-Carson said...

Halladay, Lee, and Hamels in a rotation makes it great starting pitching. Only the Giants can compete with that.

The offense will continue to trend downward. Howard and Utley are falling fast. Polanco is a corpse out there. Dom Brown...who knows?

This was the season to do it and they didn't. Choke.

Andrew said...

I disagree. We still have "great" pitching. Easily. Our catcher is one of the best behind the plate in MLB, still. Our infield STILL deserves to win gold gloves. Hitting? Yes, there's a problem though probably related to age. Also, look at what the loss of Davy Lopes (combined, with age, perhaps) has done to the running game. You hardly ever see them go for an extra base. In 2008 it was assumed. Now they don't even try even with runners on the corners and 2nd base open.

GM-Carson said...

2007 - not mad, just happy they finally made the playoffs.

2008 - happy as happy can be.

2009 - happy because they made it to the WS.

2010 - somewhat disappointed, but overall still satisfied.

2011 - completely disgusted, because all those regular season victories amount to a heap of shit.

GM-Carson said...

There should be a new rule set in motion next season- Ryan Howard is no longer given the "green light" on 3-0 pitches. He got himself out so many times this year when he would have easily walked had he not be hack happy.

ACSmitty79 said...

I agree with everything Carson's said thus far.

-Our starting pitching staff is great. Oswalt will probably retire, but Worely steps in I guess. I expects some struggles from him.

-Our O has been trending down for 2 years now, and our earlier exits are proof positive. Remember last year when i wanted to trade Utley in the offseason? that was genius right there. Can't do it now because we couldn't get more than a box of potato flakes for him.

-Howard needs to go to baseball school. He's needed to go for 3 years. and for flashes it looks like "he finally gets it", but he doesn't. And i can't explain it...And while i wasn't against his extension, it wouldn't have been a bad idea to let him play it out and assess. Not sure he would get $25mil after this season. Maybe $20.

-this team as at least 1 more run in them, provided we get younger @ 2 more positions. I think acquiring Pence was the 1st step in doing so.

-I'm somewhat afraid to send Jimmy packing because of what he brings to the locker room. I've seen the eagles casually cast off leaders and it costs us. But Jimmy's bat is gone and it's not coming back. It's a tough decision.

-The long term future, with our farm system is shakey @ best. So that said, it's been a nice run. Time to get some better scouts and start thinking for 2015-2016.

ripjgarcia said...

I'm surprised you guys even posted an entry today.

GM-Carson said...

Depending on the severity on Howard's Achilles injury, his extension might end up being the worst one ever. Howard would have only entered free agency this offseason (after 2011) and in case you don't remember, Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols are also free agent 1st basemen and are by far superior to Howard.

Amaro outbid himself. No way Howard would have gotten $25M a year on the open market. I bet 4 yr $80M max.

Jack said...

The good, the bad, the ugly:

The good our pitching staff--even without Oswalt and Lidge--the Phitin' Phils still have one the best staffs, from top to bottom, in baseball. Our outfield looks good with Pence, Victorino and Dom Brown.

The bad--the infield is a shambles. Rollins will likely go through free agency--I'd like to see us make a run at Reyes but he will likely be unaffordable. Polanco is clearly on his way out--he basically regressed to Pedro Feliz, except he's not as good in the field. Utley and Howard clearly need to play less and we STILL NEED A DECENT BACKUP CATCHER to spell Ruiz so he doesn't die of exhaustion at the end of the season, which is a nice seguey to...

The Ugly: Our bench is horrible at best and too short. Uncle Cholly and Cousin Ruben need to add another right handed power bat--sorry but playoff heroics aside Fransico is NOT the answer to our problems here--a decent back up catcher, at least one decent hitting infielder, and back up catcher who doesn't need to spend 3 months a season on the DL. We need to get some more help from minors during the season as well.

Finally, anyone else notice that the running game left with Davey Lopes? Cousin Rubin, did that extra few hundred thousand really make any difference?

GM-Carson said...

I don't necessarily think the running game's departure was due to Davy Lopes, but more so to Victorino, Rollins, and Utley being gimpy.

Bob D said...

I am surprised of the post as I expected fans to be leaping from bridges today.
It's not all bad the most ideal fix would be Reyes at Ss and leadoff hitter but will cost too much. Could Amaro pull that off?
OSwalt won't retire but may become a free agent as Amaro seeks a cheaper contract for him or his replacement. (Kendrick)???
The bullpen will likely be much younger with a Contreras or Lidge in the mix. Not sure if Madson will be back with several options available on the market.
The bench needs an entire make over, Im ok with Brown & Mayberry as the 3rd & 4th outfielders.
No need to panic over Utley or Polanco they will be back Polanco on his last year of contract. Utley as 2nd hitter is fine for second base. But a good back up at third base who also can be a pinch hitter or even start with Polanco as a super utility guy would ideal.
This team will be a contender and likely favoured to win the division next year. After next year things will likely change but they should have another run left in them.

ACSmitty79 said...

Jose Reyes could be another Bobby Abreu.

GM-Carson said...

What was wrong with Bobby Abreu?

Preserve Jon said...

While it is unavoidable to point out the irony in Howard rupturing his achilles, I will not whistle past the graveyard. No one wanted to see that happen. Best of luck to the big piece rehabbing such a serious injury. I hope he wasn't risking that serious injury by playing through pain the last several weeks. And if he was it is a tremendous reminder of the determination and dedication of pro athletes to their craft. He did not have to play if the risks were so great. When I think about the innate pressures he must have been dealing with on determining if he should play, I feel speechless.

On Reyes: I know we're just rooting for laundry here but I do not want a player on the team thst I love who would voluntarily take himself out of a game to preserve his statistical lead in the batting race. That's not the type of character I want representing our team and by extension our region. He is undeniably talented but I will not tolerate his presemce on the team. Just say no.

GM-Carson said...

Reyes is an awesome talent, but he also one of the biggest douchebags in the game. Right up there with Nyjer Morgan. Neither do I want to be a Phillie.