Sunday, October 09, 2011

Adding Injuries To Insult

Ryan Howard - hurt. Really hurt.

Placido Polanco - hurt. And old.

Hunter Pence - hurt.

Cole Hamels - hurt. Double whammy.

1) Ryan Howard has a ruptured Achilles and will require surgery. Timetable for return cannot be determined until post-op and the operation cannot take place until swelling goes down. It's believed that he'll miss a couple months of the 2012 season and there's a chance he'll never be the same. Is now a good time to bitch about Amaro signing him to that extension again? Because, need I remind you, Howard would have been a free agent this offseason and surely wouldn't have nabbed 5 years and $125 million while broken.

2) Polly has a sports hernia and surgery is forthcoming. He's back again next year, meaning we can look forward to even less production than he provided this year. We're talking a .260ish singles hitter. Oh, eff!

3) Pence also has a sports hernia, who knew? Well, Hunter did...or did he? Anyway, he'll have a MRI to determine the extent of the damage and go from there.

4) Cole has loose bodies in his elbow and a inguinal hernia. He'll undergo two surgeries. That's two surgeries too many!

*Type in "hernia" in a Google image search with safe search filters off and be disgusted.

Unless you are attending one of the sports medicine schools. Then you probably won’t be disgusted by any sports injury.


GM-Carson said...

I know Amaro couldn't predict Howard's injury, but like I've been saying since the day the extension was signed- Amaro bid against himself.

You think Howard would have gotten 5 years and $125M coming off the season he just had with a blown Achilles?

Not a f'n chance!

This is why Rube should have just went year to year arbitration with Howard. No need to jump the gun and overpay...which he did, badly.

GM-Carson said...

From ESPN:
Philadelphia Phillies right-hander Ronald Mendez and left-hander Audrys Mora each received 25-game penalties for their violations. They were both on the roster of the Phillies' Venezuelan Summer League team.

Corey said...

pence will be fine.

hamels will be fine.

polanco, well, you can't fix "old" with a surgery.

howard could be back by june. the phils can get by for two months without him.

i would like to take this time, and many other times as well, to point out that carson and i have carte blanche to rip the howard contract. sure, amaro could not have predicted this injury, but that doesn't change the fact that the contract is shit and carson and i were right. letting howard go to free agency would have been the right thing to do. one more reason why we should be GMs.

Preserve Jon said...

Mayberry our Opening Day starting firstbasemen and DBrown or random free agent in left field?

Corey said...

sign michael cuddyer to play first base until howard returns and then he can rotate first/RF/LF.

Andrew said...

My physical therapist wife tells me Achilles tendon is one of the worst she sees with really long recovery times. Great.

GM-Carson said...

Achilles tendon on a big man...even worse.

Dumbest extension ever.

Preserve Jon said...

Why is it that knees are fixable but ankles are questionable?

Caleb Cavileer said...

I'd like to cast the first vote for Raul Ibanez as Would Should be GMs Hall of Fame.

Randy said...

Amen, bros. I was with u on day one of that extension being announced. Did u catch Howard the K and his cameo on Entourage? They were making a deal of his newly signed money. Anyway, Ruben got that one all wrong. I wonder if ownership wanted yo do something, not just Ruben, for Howard. Franchise favorite and all that crap.

As for the next big Phillie-- Dominic Brown. I got a feeling he will never amount to much in the bigs. I had no problem trading him last summer...but no takers?! What does that say?

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