Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sort of a Series Preview - Nationals

Philadelphia Phillies (98-54) v. Washington Nationals (72-79)

Tuesday 1:05 - KK v. Ross Detwiler
Tuesday 7:05 - Cliff Lee v. Tommy Milone
Wednesday 7:05 - The Vanimal v. Brad Peacock
Thursday 7:05 - Roy Oswalt v. John Lannan

Reasons to Watch:
Carson and I have been lamenting the agony of watching the Phils labor through the last two weeks of the season. And while we're being a little facetious, it can be to muster the interest to sit through three hours of seemingly pointless baseball. Hell, I'm not even watching Baseball Tonight anymore. If you're feeling a little like me, here are a few points of interest to keep things interesting.

1) Nationals young pitching. The first three games of this series will feature three promising young pitchers that the Phils will surely see a bunch in the next few years.

Ross Detwiler - First round pick in the 2007 draft. He made fourteen starts in 2009 without much success and his overall major league record is 4-14. But he's only 25 years old and has a 3.86 ERA this season. The potential is there to stick on the back end of their rotation going forward.

Tommy Milone - In four minor league season, Milone has a 3.05 ERA, including a 2011 line of 12-4, 3.22 for AAA. A 10th round pick in 2008, Milone has below average strikeout numbers to start his pro career but over the last two seasons he's struck out over a batter per inning.

Brad Peacock - Peacock was a 41st round pick out of high school back in 2006. He's a guy central Pennsylvania baseball fans are well aware of because he pitched the last two seasons for AA Harrisburg, including a stellar 2011 campaign where he went 10-2 with a 2.01. He was promoted to AAA mid-season and continued to have success. After going 5-1 with a 3.19 ERA in Syracuse, Peacock got the nod to join Washington. In his first major league start against the Mets he went five scoreless innings and picked up the win.

2) Who will the Phillies play? Only a week ago I was convinced the Phillies would play Arizona in the first round of the playoffs. Well, while the Phils limped across the NL East finish line, the playoff landscape was rapidly changing. The Diamondbacks are only a game behind the Brewers for the #2 seed. If the D-backs pass the Brew Crew and Atlanta holds on  to the Wild Card, Milwaukee would travel to Philadelphia for the playoff opener. That's a big "if" in Atlanta, though. Their lead in the WC has shrunk to 2.5 over the Cardinals, thanks in part to the Phillies indifference the last two days. It could get real interesting at the end of the season when the Phils close with three games against the Braves. Their performance could dictate who they play in the opening round.

3) The battle of futility. Can John Bowker get one hit? Can Michael Martinez get his average over .200? No, probably not.


GM-Carson said...

I hope Bowker doesn't get another pinch hit opportunity. I'd rather see Joe Savery get it, then come in and pitch relief.

I predict the Gnats take 3 outta 4 this series.

Bob D said...

I say Phils will win 3 of 4

GM-Carson said...

Seriously?! KK is hurling a shutout, but the offense can't even score a f'n run. I hate this!

Aaron said...

WTF!!!!!!!!!! Pence has been noticeably limping since the top of the 1st. WTF ARE THEY DOING leaving in the game for 6 more innings!!!!!!?????? That is beyond retarded!!!!!! Every coach on this team should be suspended for 3 games!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Can't we just call this a tie like they do when in spring training? That's the way they're playing the game anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why is it at the end of each year some team gets hot then goes into the playoffs and beats the team that was better over the course of the season not red hot for a month....Phils might be in trouble if they keep this up no offense and dead arms.

Preserve Jon said...

Phils starters will play the last two or three of the season to get back in the groove or assist in keeping the Braves out of the playoffs. That way the Phils would play the Cardinals in the first round, giving them the easier road to the World Ser.....wait, what?


My earlier prediction of 106 wins on the season looks very much in doubt at this point. This team has shut it down. I'm not even sure that the team record of 102 is doable at this point.

GM-Carson said...

With the way Charlies is managing, the bullpen is pitching, and the lineup is not hitting...100 wins might be an accomplishment. They suck right now. I know they're sorta sucking by choice, but it pisses me off nonetheless.

Aaron said...

A little pride phillies huh. I'm turning the tv off until October.

Preserve Jon said...

Chris Coste - who I like - just told us that the Phils' are playing as hard as they can. Don't insult me. They're playing not to get hurt and that's clear.


Andrew said...

I don't mind resting players. But when the opportunity to boost your award-related stats (Cy Young) and to win an historic number of games in the franchise (102) appear, you should really step up! Pretty sad doubleheader despite the AAAA lineup of the first game.

Randy said...

So much for playing for pride.

ripjgarcia said...

Pride is >= Schwimmer (failed GMs recommended experiment.. even if I liked giving him a chance) and Stutes.. who had his balls drop off somewhere along the way. This is sadly a 3 man bullpen + a long man in the playoffs..

I really think they are gonna drop Worley to BP in there. The bad thing is they will use him, when KK is the king of flex on this team. KK might be the most underrated player on this team this year. Thank god they didn't trade him to Japan.

Bob D said...

Worley is an option for the 8th inning come the playoffs.
layoff bullpen: Madson, Bastardo, Lidge pretty good lately, Worley, Kendrick, and gulp Herndon. Stutes is just to there to spectate

The offense needs to get going

GM-Carson said...

Stutes has not been good for 2.5 months.

Bastardo has no control right now.

This bullpen is thin.

This offense is pissing me off.

Phils allowed Kershaw to get the Cy Young by not backing Doc and Lee with runs.

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