Monday, September 12, 2011

Series Preview - Pence's Old Team

Philadelphia Phillies (94-49) @ Houston Astros (49-97)

Monday 8:05 - Roy Oswalt v. Brett Myers
Tuesday 8:05 - Cole Hamels v. JA Happ
Wednesday 2:05 - Roy Halladay v. Bud Norris

Fighting Ed Wades' Batting:
Runs - 555 (26th)
Avg. - .259 (9th)
OBP - .312 (23rd)
SLG - .377 (23rd)

Fighting Ed Wades' Pitching: 
ERA - 4.51 (28th)
WHIP - 1.41 (26th)
BAA - 2.67 (26th)

What We're Drinking: 
Corey - Glacial Trail IPA by Central Waters Brewing Co. in Amherst, WI. Picked up a case of this bad boy at Westy's Beer Distributor in Mechanicsburg for $25. Gotta love the clearance rack. If you're a beer fan in the greater Harrisburg area and you don't go to Westy's to pick through the clearance aisle, you're an Ed Wade caliber moron. True dat. 

Carson - Lakefront Brewing variety pack from Milwaukee. Already had the ESB and Irish Stout and loved them. Now ready to guzzle their IPA, coffee stout, pale ale, amber lager, and wheat beers.

Their Michael Martinez:
The backup catchers. In 145 at-bats, Carlos Corporan has hit .193. In 131 at-bats J.R. Towles has hit .176.

Their Danys Baez:
Fernando Abad was given 29 relief appearances to put up a 7.32 ERA. He's now pitching for Oklahoma City.

What We're Listening Too: 
Corey -Nick Drake. I've had a pretty hectic few days and there is no music more calming or relaxing to me than Nick Drake. He died 5 years before I was even born and I didn't even hear my first Nick Drake song until I went to college. But Drake has been a mainstay of my personal playlist for the last dozen years or so. In 1999 he had a little surge in popularity due to a Volkswagon commercial. His personal story, like much of his music, is very depressing. But if you find a little depressing music comforting, like I do, give Drake a long listen.

Carson - Quicksand. This 90's alternative band only put out 2 albums, but both are utterly amazing from start to finish. Listening to them gets me ready to take on the world.

Magic Numbers:
To win the NL East - 6.
To make the playoffs - 2.

This means that the if the Phils go 2-17 to finish the season, they'll make the playoffs. I say Howard, Utley, Pence, Rollins, Victorino, etc. should take an entire week off to rest. Screw this series. These guys should spend their week playing Xbox and getting massages.


GM-Carson said...

I will get much satisfaction out of the Phils torching Happ and Myers.

Preserve Jon said...

Hadn't heard of Qucksand before - thank God for YouTube - and I definitely hear the essential hardcore elements in there. Methinks they may have influenced some of the later 90s hardcore bands like Snapcase and the slightly more emo Boy Sets Fire.

Good stuff.

ripjgarcia said...

I'd sooner rest these guys for a few games now again ridiculous teams like the Astros than wait til the last week and have the get into a hitting funk for the playoffs because they lost their rhythm.

GM-Carson said...

Quicksand was actually on a punk label and you can hear the stripped down hardcore coming through. Love the lead vocals too.

Andrew said...

Unfortunately, looks like Myers has our number...

Randy said...

Is it just me that's bothered by Chaz and Dub coming out already and relegating Worley to the bullpen for the post season? It sure isn't like Roy2 has out performed him to earn the number 4 slot. Some head game with Oswalt to try to get him to turn things around more consistently?

GM-Carson said...

I understand the reasoning behind wanting Oswalt in the rotation for the postseason, but his performance this season just hasn't backed it up. Worley is currently the better pitcher.

Also, this offense isn't hitting very much right now. Need to get on a roll before October comes.

Aaron said...

B myers owns the Phils!

Randy said...

Did y'all see the piece on why Worley should be the #4 and Oswalt in the pen? Amen.

GM-Carson said...

Ok, enough of this craptastic offense. Time to start hittin' fellas.

ripjgarcia said...

Non ex-Phillies pitcher tomorrow night. We might have a chance.

Andrew said...

Apparently Happ also has our number... I'm all for "relaxing" at this point in the season, but seriously, come on guys!