Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rainy Day Stuff

Think there will be a game tonight? Yeah, me neither. Here's some stuff to chew on today.

Idiots of the Week:
The award goes to the two tools who interfered with Hunter Pence's double Sunday in Miami. Not because they interfered. Not even because the one tool said, "“The Phillies are 45 games over .500. Get over it.” No, they win the award because they had a "Man's Weekend in Miami." Check out the video of these losers HERE. At the one minute mark, the fat loser describes their plan to go to Miami for a "Man's Weekend." Not being of the ilk, I don't know what a "Man's Weekend" is, but from what I hear, Miami seems like a good place to do it. I read the plot of "The Birdcage" on Wikipedia. I know Miami.

Magic Number:
To make the playoffs - 7
To win the NL East - 16

Cliff Lee Stats:
You can read the article from ESPN.com, but here are the hilights:

He’s just the third Phillies pitcher in the past 50 years to throw at least six shutouts in a season (Steve Carlton and Jim Bunning).

He's the fifth National League lefty with six shutouts and 200 strikeouts in a season in the Expansion Era (Carlton, Sadecki, Veale, Koufax).

The last pitcher with six shutouts in a season was Randy Johnson in 1998.

Lee has 11 scoreless starts of at least seven innings pitched, the most since John Tudor and Dwight Gooden both had 11 such starts in 1985. The last pitcher to have MORE than 11 in one season was Bob Gibson (13 in 1968).

The last major league pitcher with two scoreless innings streaks of at least 29 ⅔ innings in the same season was Don Sutton in 1972 (29 ⅔ and 35).


Preserve Jon said...

Cy Lee.

Also, ESPN has the phils playoff chances at 100%. Me thinks this is technically mathematically impossible, since there is still an infintesimal chance that the Phils can go 0-fer the season and miss the playoffs.

This is exactly why I don't trust the stat geeks!

ripjgarcia said...

Yeah. I think Lee may be edging into the lead of the Cy Young, with Kershaw, and obviously Halladay. I'm wondering whether the Phils get screwed outta this one due to split voting.

Corey said...

chance phils make playoffs - 100%
chance sun rises in east tomorrow - 99.9%

GM-Carson said...

If Lee would have had at minimum mediocre months in April and July, he would be the clear frontrunner. Problem is, he's had some pretty poor months. His overall performance is Cy Young worthy though.

Bob D said...

and there was a game
win #90
Phils win thier 14th in a row started by Worley (11-1 total)

Anonymous said...

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