Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phillies Team Awards

With the last day of the regular season upon us, WSBGMs is ready to handout our Phillies team awards.

Carson = Red
Corey = Green

Carlos Ruiz - the rotation is awesome, but who is the commander of that fleet of ships? Chooch. He's the captain on the field, the play caller, the man at the center of it all and he's decent at the plate as well as behind it. For the 2nd year in a row, he leads the club in OBP (.400 in '10, and .373 this year).

Shane Victorino – The most productive offensive player is by far Hunter Pence but he hasn’t been here long enough to qualify for MVP. Ryan Howard would seem the obvious choice because of his home run and RBI numbers. But I’m going with the Phils most consistent player, Shane Victorino. His OPS is only bested by Mayberry and Pence. And despite missing a good number of games due to injury, he is first in runs, second in hits, second in doubles, third in homers, third in RBI, second in total bases and second in steals. And he plays a legitimate Gold Glove caliber centerfield.

Cy Young:
Roy Halladay - Cliff Lee might have 2 extremely flashy months of near perfection, but Doc was consistent all year long. ERA by month: April- 2.14, May- 3.00, June- 2.00, July- 2.57, August- 2.62, September- 1.70. Best pitcher in baseball.

Cliff Lee – I think valid arguments could be made for Lee, Halladay or even Cole Hamels. Statistically, very little separates each of the big three. Lee gets my nod because the scoreless inning streaks and the six shutouts. His season had a little more flare than the others and during awards season, style matters.

Most Overrated:
Ryan Howard - homerun and RBI machine, he is. Everything else...not so much. His .829 OPS is 8th best in baseball out of qualified first basemen, and 39th overall in MLB. His defense has improved to being adequate/mediocre, but he continues to trend downward offensively and get slower on the base paths. His contract does not reflect his production, and will eventually hamper the Phillies from improving other areas of need. I am glad he's a Phillie, but the man is overrated.

Ryan Howard. See Carson’s answer.

Most Undervalued:

Kyle Kendrick - I was shocked to see this was Corey's answer too, because of his obvious distaste for KK. His reasons listed for why Kendrick is undervalued are the same as mine, so read below.

Kyle Kendrick – Every time Kendrick was listed as the starter, I huffed and frowned. He was the sixth best starter on the team. But when Oswalt was hurt or they had to play like 40 games in thirty days, Kendrick came through for this team more often than expected. Kendrick was 8-6 with a 3.22 ERA and 1.22 WHIP in 114.2 innings (15 starts.) By comparison, the Mets BEST starting pitcher was RA Dickey, who posted a 3.28 ERA and 1.23 WHIP. Think about this – Kyle Kendrick would probably be the Mets Opening Day starter next season. Sure, the Mets suck but c’mon, most Phils fans can’t stand the guy.

Brightest Future:
Joe Savery - 1st round pick failed as a pitcher in his first 4 minor league seasons, so he decided to turn to hitting. He hit well at various stops this season in the minors (.294/.758 in 271 PA), but got the taste for pitching again when his team needed him in a very long extra inning game. He returned to pitching to end the 2011 season with a 1.50 ERA and 1.06 WHIP in 36 IP, before being promoted to the Phillies here in September where he's made 4 scoreless appearances. He very well might be the coveted 2nd lefty reliever in the Phils bullpen next year.

Nobody. This team is old. The players that will be good already are. The players that suck will be gone soon. The players with the brightest future are in the minor leagues and God knows which prospects will actually pan out.


Brian Schneider - I know he's only a backup catcher, but the man just can't hit (.177/.501 in 40 G) or throw runners out attempting to steal (13% CS). Michael Martinez is versatile and fast, Gload can at least give you a pinch hit single, but what does Schneider do...nothing.

The obvious answer is Michael Martinez but I’m going with Ross Gload. At least Martinez can eat some defensive innings and spell the middle infielders for game or two. Not as good as Wilson Valdez can, mind you, but that’s another argument. Ross Gload, however, is worthless. Gload was hurt most of the year but even when he was healthy he was a complete liability on defense. As for his “strength,” hitting, he posted a .565 OPS without a single homer and only seven RBI in over 100 at-bats.


GM-Carson said...

Since returning from injury, Joe Blanton has appeared in 4 games, pitching 5 innings, while striking out 7, walking none, and allowing only 1 hit. If he goes 2-3 good innings today, the Phils might seriously consider adding him to the postseason roster.

ripjgarcia said...

Any strategy for tonight?

If the Cards jump out to a huge lead on the Astros might it be beneficial to force a playoff by tanking?

Preserve Jon said...

Given the chance to nail Martinez to the wall, neither GM chose to do so. I submit this as proof that you guys are just big softees.

GM-Carson said...

We're just "big softees"? Yeah, that's definitely the image we've protrayed on here over the last 6 seasons.

Strategy for tonight- WIN. 102 wins will be a club record, plus the head into the playoffs on a 4 game winning streaking after tanking 8 in a row.

Preserve Jon said...

I was a little concerned that Chollie unveiled a new lineup on the last weekend of the season, but it seems to be producing results.

Up tonight: win number 102 and new team records for wins in a season and for Chucky Stereo Instructions.

C.M.R. said...

anyone watching the nats/marlins game? and if so can you confirm that there are more than 12 people in the stadium on its last day?

ripjgarcia said...

Haha.. I was listening to the radio one day where I guy called in from a Florida game where he reported he hand-counted 344 people sitting in the stands. Philly actually surpassed the Yankees this year in average attendance to top the list. Go Phans. The worst: Oakland

GM-Carson said...

Oakland has a shit stadium.

Corey said...

and a shit team.

re: blanton's post-season chances. can anyone imagine a situation where blanton pitches in the playoffs and the phils win? i can't. leave heavy b at home and use worley for long/mop-up.

SirAlden said...

I do not agree with you both on Ryan Howard. He Wins "The Most Underappreciated."

Go take sometime and look at Mike Schmidt's Stat Page. Compare Batting Averages and RBI's Head to Head.

116 RBI's so far this season for Ryan with 8 innings and the post season to go. Not to mention playing through foot ankle issues.

You assume that if you placed a any good player in the Cleanup Spot that they would match Howard in RBI's.

Just like ERA for pitchers is a poor reflection of performance. BA for Schmidt and Howard does not reflect their delivery of RBI's.

Remember that this year Howard had no Utley in the 3 spot for the first 1/3 of the season and no one in the 5 spot until the Hunter Pence trade.

Six years of over 100 RBI's makes Ryan Howard the "Big Piece" of this offence and the Phillies' success.

He earned his money for this year and every year since he came up.

I am not asking you to agree, I am asking you to just go look at Schmidt's Stats and really think if any above average hitter would have delivered the Victories and RBI's that we have enjoyed the last six years in the cleanup spot.

I just do not agree that anyone would have delivered as Ryan has, because no one has in the entire history of the franchise.

ripjgarcia said...

Has anyone actually considered they might be checking out Savery to fill a second lefty spot. They've been giving him some looks lately.

ripjgarcia said...

Sir Alden. For once I agree with you. I took a look at Howard's RBI vs player's on base stats for the last few years .. with the exception of the years before lefties got in line and pitched to him right there is not much drop off at all. Home runs are down all over the league. This is the time of the pitcher. Numbers are down for hitters all over the place.

Now.. I must see a toilet. For I must puke because I agreed with SirAlden.

Preserve Jon said...

Why do I feel like it's 1993 redux. Where is Mariano Duncan when you need him?

Corey said...

compare him to mike schmidt? okay.

from 74 to 87, schmidt had an OPS below .900 only twice, and once it was .890. howard has been below .900 the last two season.

he averaged 37 home runs a year during that time, leading the league in that category 8 times, never finishing below 6th in the league. as a slugging first baseman, howard has finished first twice in six years, but was 8th last season and 6th this season.

micheal jack led the NL in OPS+ six times. howard? zero.

schmidt led the league in WAR for position players 7 times. howard? zero.

and do i need to point out the gold gloves.

howard does lead schmidt in RBIs and errors by position, so he's got that going for him.

you can't compare howard to schmidt because they played in different eras, but you can compare them to others in their era and michael jack schmidt was the far superior player.

SirAlden said...

RBI's = Victories Corey

It's all about the RUNs and RBI's
nothing else creates Victories on the Hitting Side.

You can date 100 pretty girls but what matters is how often you score.

Compare their RBI's and BA's.
Someone who is overated now is Utley due to his hip injuries.

Covers RIPJGARCIA's Bartab for Sept and Oct.

ripjgarcia said...

LOL Sir Alden. I'll meet you for a soft drink if your in the Harrisburg area.. You can buy me one of those..

SirAlden said...

Micheal Martinez runs it down in Center and Crashes into the Wall.

Saving the Game and sending it into the 11th.

He really is an OK guy.

(popped up with the bases loaded earlier)

SirAlden said...

M&M again leaves Winning Run on base.

SirAlden said...

9th and 11th M&M Fails to Deliver.


SirAlden said...

[11:41:17 PM] Sir Alden: DOUBLE PLAY! FRANCHISE RECORD 102 GAMES - Sweeping the Braves out of the PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SirAlden said...

102 Victory Dance!

SirAlden said...

Howard most likely would not have turned the winning double play, great throw by Mayberry.

ripjgarcia said...

Carson, Corey.. ABC? Game 1?

GM-Carson said...

1. Mike Schmidt is regarded by many as one of the top 10 position players in the history of the game, and the best 3rd basemen. Same cannot be said of Howard.

2. Reading through the comment section and seeing Sir Alden waffle on the value of Martinez's glove/speed vs. bat was hilarious.

3. I am happy that Martinez ended the year well below .200, Bowker remained hitless, and the Phils made the Braves cry.

Bring on the Cards.

BTW- screw ABC, we can watch the game from the comforts of my man cave (The Dugout).

Preserve Jon said...

MnM had loathsome at bats in extra innings, but did make a great catch. Mayberry definitely made a solid play that I cannot state with any comfort that Howars would make.

Putting aside their record against the Cards the last few years, remind me again why I'm excited that the Phils won last night?

They now have to face a team with Pujols, Holiday, Berkman, Carpenter, Garcia, Lohse (who kills the Phillis), and Punto (ex-Phillie and thus a potential killer).

I think the redbirds by far are the most fearsome opponent they will face in the NL this postseason. Brewcrew (two-trick pony) and D'Backs (no-trick pony) don't scare me at all.

GM-Carson said...

Cards are hot, but the Phils are the better team. The Phils are the best team.

The Diamondbacks and Cardinals are equal in my view. The Brewers are a really good team, that has the offense, starting rotation, and bullpen to potentially upend the Phils.

Bob D said...

I don't see Worley as the mop up guy. He could be a set up guy 7th-8th inning depending on match up.
Really good to see Lidge have an outstanding finish to the season and Bastardo and Stutes throw good in thier last appearances of the year. That helps settle the pen down a bit.

Its better to have the best teams in playoffs and the Cards are better than Braves

SirAlden said...

Not comparing Schmidt's Value to Howard.

Schmidt was a Gold Glove Fielder at 3B.

What I was asking you to compare was their BA's and RBI's. Reverse them and you will see they are Equal with a Slight Edge to Howard.

Howard broke Schmidt's record this year of 5 consecutive 100+ RBI Seasons. He now has 6 and may have many more. The idea that you put any solid player in the cleanup spot and they will give you 100+ RBI's is just not true. Only Schmidt and Howard have ever delivered the consistency in all Franchise History.

Without Howard these last 6 years the Phillies would not have made the Playoffs. He is Underated.

ripjgarcia said...

Even 7 time All-Star Dick Allen didn't have that kind of production from cleanup.

Off to the toilet again.

Bob D said...

Howard most overated - on this team maybe because of that huge salary. I don't think others are considered overated who is there - Utley beause he had a down year??? Maybe Lidge could be considered because of his salary and being injured. Other than that there isnt others to seriously consider.

Asst.GM-RK said...

Congratulations to Charlie. Breaks the record and who would have thought he would have lasted longer than Eskin! It's too bad that bout never took place! Go Phils!