Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cookies, September Call Ups, Crappy Offense & Rap

Phillies Cookies:
Do you like the Phillies? Duh. Do you like cookies? Goes without saying. Well, Sophisticakes in Drexel Hill has designed some sugary sweets with the likes of some of your favorite Phightins on them. Hat Tip to Hugging Harry Reyonlds for this. Click on link for full cast of characters.

September Call Ups:
Domonic Brown is coming back. Along with him will be catcher Erik Kratz, outfielder Brandon Moss, and relievers Justin De Fratus and Joe Savery. Moss should have been recalled instead of the Phils trading for John Bowker, who is proving to be worthless. Moss has power and is left-handed. Savery had a renaissance season in the bullpen, and could develop into a 2nd lefty in relief for next season, as well as a pinch hitting option. Kratz may become Chooch's backup next year, with Schneider gone after contract expires. De Fratus could join youngsters Herndon, Stutes, Bastardo, and Schwimer in next year's bullpen.

To make room on the 40 man roster, Juan Perez, Mike Zagurski, and Drew Naylor were designated for assignment. No big loss.

Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs manager, Ryne Sandberg, will also be in the Phils dugout for the remainder of the season. Gotta think he's the heir apparent to Manuel.

Crappy Offense:
Corey, being the smart ass that he is, predicted only 7 runs for the Phils in this 4 game series. He was joking...sorta. They haven't scored more than 3 runs in a game since last Friday, and only 17 total in that span (8 games). Take a look at these ugly September batting averages: Victorino- .169, Utley- .167, Martinez- .132, Rollins- .150, Orr- .217, Scheinder- .214. Shane and Chase are the main culprits, deadening any threat from the top of the lineup, but because of Rollins injury and no off days, the bench guys have gotten lots of at bats, and they're struggling.

Phillies Rap:

I think it's time the GMs drop some knowledge on a fat beat. Weez got soul son! What ya think?


GM-Carson said...

Think Bastardo might be tired?

Last 10 appearance: 8 IP, 6.75 ERA, 1.63 WHIP, 8 BB.

Ben said...

ITs like the beatnutz woke up tired, twisted up a stick, and started spittin phillies, droppin science Yo! As a hardcore HH head from the early nineties. You have my respect. I loved it.

ripjgarcia said...

Bastardo hasn't really pitched that many innings though. This may be mechanical. Perhaps his disappearing pitches, as they have been referred to, aren't disappearing. Plus he's been wild.

GM-Carson said...

Bastardo problem is control, in that, he has none.

ripjgarcia said...

You also may right Carson. Perhaps teams have studied tape and come up with a way to attack him.. Patience.

ripjgarcia said...


GM-Carson said...

What, what?!

Preserve Jon said...

I agree that Sandburg is the organization's manager-in-waiting of choice, but I don't think he'll stick around long enough. Teams will be asking the Phils' permission to negotiate with him this off season. Of course, that doesn't mean he would accept a position anywhere. If the Cubs right their unbelievable wrong from last offseason and offer Sandburg a job this year, I can see him accepting.

Preserve Jon said...

I think Bastardo has Lidge's Disease. Often fatal for pitchers b/c the cure - patience - is so widely known around the league. He needs to attack the strike zone with his fastball and throw his slider for strikes or hitters will just wait him out.