Friday, September 09, 2011

No Howard, No Utley, No Rollins, No Problem

John Mayberry/1B, Michael Martinez/2B, Wilson Valdez/SS is exactly how you envisioned the infield at the beginning of the season right? Yeah, not quite. No matter though, because last night Cole Hamels dazzled the Brewers with his fastball/change-up combo and the bats came through in a big 6th inning for the Phils to rack up win #92. TLC would have hated that lineup producing the way they did, seeing as they "want no scrubs". Whatever, the Phillies are awesome, other teams are not. It's that simple.

Bad Choice:
It's becoming more apparent by the day that Zach Collier was a bad first round choice for the Phils back in 2008. He made a bad choice himself too, opting to use a banned substance and getting suspended 50 games. The 21 year old only hit .255/.676 while on something in Single-A, so imagine how much he'd suck au naturale. In 3 minor league seasons, the outfielder has hit .242/.647, showing no power (only 2 HR), and playing subpar defense (15 errors, .970 fielding %). I'm guessing this guy ends up a bust and never makes it to the big leagues.

Minor League Playoffs:
Phillies Triple-A affiliate, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, won the opening game of their playoff series last night, with Dave Bush picking up the win. Meanwhile, Double-A affiliate, Reading Phillies, were shutout in their first game.

It's nice to see the system winning throughout. Regular Season Records: Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs 80-64, Reading Phillies 74-68, Clearwater Threshers 75-63, Lakewood BlueClaws 68-69, Williamsport Crosscutters 43-33. Train 'em while they're young.



R - 643 (10th/5th)
AVG - .254 (15th/9th)
OBP - .325 (10th/5th)
SLG - .402 (14th/7th)
OPS - .727 (13th/7th)
DBL - 230 (23rd/12th)
TRPL - 34 (4th/4th)
HR - 136 (16th/8th)
SB - 87 (18th/10th)
BB - 472 (8th/6th)
K - 882 (27th/15th)

ERA - 3.04 (1st/1st)
WHIP - 1.17 (1st/1st)
BAA - .240 (4th/3rd)
OPS - .654 (2nd/2nd)
SV - 42 (5th/4th)
SV% - 84% (1st/1st)
CG - 17 (1st/1st)
SHO - 20 (1st/1st)
BB - 350 (30th/30th)
K - 1106 (3rd/3rd)
QS - 95 (1st/1st)

E - 61 (1st/1st)
FPCT - .988 (1st/1st)


SirAlden said...

The Phillies are a Record 44 Games Over .500

Without Pat Gillick it never would have happened.

Pat Gillick is a Genius.

SirAlden said...

You Gotta Love Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez.

After she found out that Atlanta Falcon Andre Rison had been cheating on her and he beat her after coming home from a late night out, she Burned down his 1.7 Million Dollar House.

Any girl who created "Waterfall" and toasted a Professional Atlanta Athlete - the way the Phillies do, is "Aces" in my book.

Rest in Peace.

Preserve Jon said...

This is the lead from the AP's game story for last night:

"For only the second time in nearly seven years, the Philadelphia Phillies played a game without three of their biggest stars - Ryan Howard , Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins."

What? Holy shit. This is a stat I was unaware of. It absolutely astounds me. How can it not? Only twice in 7 years have the phils played a game without Howard, Utley and Rollins in the lineup. I just wrote it again and it still caused my jaw to drop.

GM-Carson said...

I hope Howard, Utley, and Rollins are all back together in the lineup soon.

SirAlden said...

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro expects Chase Utley (concussion) to sit out at least through the end of the team's road trip, which concludes on September 14.

We knew Utley would sit out this weekend, but evidently he'll be held out for at least an additional series, as well. "He’s going to be re-examined on Saturday," Amaro said.

"If the test goes well, he could go ahead and meet the team in Houston on Monday. But I don’t expect him to play the next two series just so we can be cautious. That’s my guess."

Amaro added that the second baseman might also sit out next Thursday's doubleheader against the Marlins.

"It’s very mild, we think it’s very slight, but it’s a concussion nonetheless," Amaro said.

"Chase is already feeling better. He’s getting some rest. We’ll know more Saturday.

GM-Carson said...

Why do I feel that I'm being lied to when it comes to injury and the Phillies from Amaro's mouth?

Anonymous said...

I guess you can afford to walk a few when the D is that good.MIL OF D shaky last nite just like in CF in '08 NLDS.AZ gonna catch MIL I think.

Mike G said...

That's 30th in BBs as in they've walked the fewest btw.

Eric Jensen said...

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