Monday, September 19, 2011

The Legend of John Bowker

8 games, 8 at bats, 0 hits, 6 strikeouts. John Bowker is awesome!

Other Stuff:
*Cole Hamels hasn't looked good lately. 7 homeruns allowed in his last 4 starts. Reason to worry? Yes.

*Congrats to Justin De Fratus for working a scoreless inning in his MLB debut.

*Why the hell do people keep thinking Joe Blanton has a chance to make the postseason roster as a longman? Silliness I tell ya, just silly.

*Congrats to my WSBGMs Phatansy League team, Suck My Bocock, for wrapping up my third championship in 5 years.

*I don't know about you, but forgoing viewing the Phils for the final week of the regular season is my plan, because watching a team not give a shit, with nothing to play for is boring and infuriating.


GM-Carson said...

WSBGMS Phantasy League 5 Phinal Standings:
1. Suck My Bockcock
2. Lisa Leslie's Lads
3. furiousBall
4. Coyote Utley
5. Dick Allen Thumpers
6. Yuengling Lagers
7. Phillies Bandwagon
8. Diamond Gems
9. 118-44
10. bumpin' utleys
11. Jobu's Rum
12. SheLikesMySizemore
13. Godisawoman
14. Harry Kalas Cialis
15. WilsonValdezSamosa
16. 7 Month Halladay

Bob D said...

Home field advantage magic # at 2
Best record for a Phils team all time
Halladay and Lee in Cy Young contention
Somehow Howard in MVP consideration
There are things to play for

Corey said...

i'm with carson on this one. i'm sticking with football and re-runs of diners, drive-ins & dives for the next two weeks.

GM-Carson said...

Aside from Saturday night, this team has been largely unwatchable over the past 10 games because the offense sucks.

Corey said...

new hawaii five-o tonight!

GM-Carson said...

I'll be watching that.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was possible to be a worse hitter than Michael Martinez. John Bowker has emphatically proved me wrong.

Preserve Jon said...

It's not even worth mountain a Martinez-esque defense of John Bowker. It seems his ineptitude knows no bounds. No harm no foul, though. Rube took a flier. All that's left to do now is crumple it up and shoot for th recycle bin.

Preserve Jon said...

mountain = mounting. (Of course)

furiousBall said...

that championship deserves an asterisk.... championship won by tie-breakers in both final playoff games?

just kidding, thanks for including me

Corey said...

the fantasy league final ended in a tie? that's poor from yahoo!. it should be set up so the final goes another week if it's a tie. and i thought the final was always two weeks and not just one?

GM-Carson said...

the final wasn't a tie, i won 6-5-1.

C.M.R. said...

who's this MF pitching every 5 days and what has he done with doc???

Randy said...

This nothing to play for is one on the team gives a crap if Roy or Cliff win 20? If Ryan the K can hit 35 (the minimum if u ask me for $25 mill per year)? It's one thing to take it easy, another to be the Mets. Play like professionals and show up all the time, not just when u are in some spotlight. If I worked at Starbucks and made more lattes than the dude next to me, and I decided I had done enough and slacked the rest of the week, I bet I'd get fired.

GM-Carson said...

I personally feel that if the offensive slump lasts through the remainder of the season that it will continue straight into the playoffs and end with no World Series again. Taking the foot off the accelerator is bad.

Andrew said...

The Phils are being the opposite of "spoilers" - They're letting another team have a chance to make it! Maybe its strategy....

humtv said...

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