Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just Checking In...

Sort of an anti-climactic end to the Phillies season, don't ya think?

The Phils are one win or one St. Louis defeat from clinching a playoff spot (I'm not going to show my math, you'll just have to trust me). They have an eleven game lead in the NL East and a nine game lead on the team with the second best record in the NL, the Milwaukee Brewers. The Braves are 4.5 up in the Wild Card and the D-backs have locked up the NL West. So unless the Braves severely go in the tank, this is what we know: The Phils will open the post-season at home against the Diamondbacks and will have home field advantage in each round they reach.

Therefore, the remaining two weeks are essentially meaningless. Sure, people will try to make the games seem important, especially those people who make their living spinning every insignificant event of a 162 game season into something consequential. These people would love for you to worry about:

1) A three game losing streak. This is no big deal. Really. Get back to me in a week and we'll see if they team has won another game.

2) The fourth starter playoff debate. This is a classic made-for-internet argument. Sure, there's enough data to support an argument for Vance Worley as the fourth starter, but under the current circumstances, it would never happen. Do you really think the Phils are going to send a rookie out there in October? Have you forgotten Charlie Manuel's managerial track record? We all love the Vanimal, but save your breath, it's a moot argument that serves it's purpose as newspaper/blog filler. Hey, I just got 75 words out of it...

3) Chase Utley's concussion. Sydney Crosby, this is not. He'll be back in a day or two, well rested and ready to go. Also, it's baseball.

4) Joe Blanton and his comeback. No one should mention Joe Blanton, outside of possible trade rumors, until December.

5) The role of John Bowker. No lie, I read this somewhere. I'll never go back to that internet site again.

We'll see you tomorrow everybody when we get to watch the Phils play the Marlins again. Ugh. At least we can all enjoy Roy1 stopping the losing streak today at 2:05. Is it October yet?


GM-Carson said...

3 game losing streak stinks, but like you said, meaningless.

The only I dislike is sloppy play on defense and bad pitching performances by starting pitchers.

This team is great, period.

joebob said...

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!! LOL

ripjgarcia said...

The sky stopped falling. Although hitting.. bad again today.

GM-Carson said...

Hitting was horrible again. This lineup minus Chase Utley is definitely for the worse.

Ryan Howard is in a funk. Michael Martinez is playing too much.

Whatever though, playoffs clinched.