Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J-Roll's 100th Triple

Congrats to Jimmy Rollins for collecting his 100th career triple in the 9th inning of Monday's game.

The 32 year old is set to hit free agency this offseason and is reportedly looking to secure a 4-5 year deal worth 8 figures annually ($10M+). Hahahaha, apparently Young James is a part-time comedian too. The oft injured shortstop will likely receive something in the neighborhood of JJ Hardy's 3 yr/$22M deal, and if that's the case I hope he remains with the Phillies. If a bidding war breaks out and the contract gets lengthy and ends up around 4 yr/$40M or more, I hope the Phils thank him for his service and let him walk.

In Other News:
The Phillies have decided to tank the rest of the regular season. Hope all that rest and ambivalence pays off come playoff time. Guess we'll see if they can flip that nonexistent magic switch.


GM-Carson said...

Howard is hurt (cankle = calf/ankle).

Pence is hurt (tendonitist in his knee)

Stutes and Bastardo have been extremely ineffective.

Victorino has stopped hitting.

J-Roll is questionable.

Ibanez is just old.

I'm worried.

GM-Carson said...

From ESPN article about guys to know in October:
Joe Savery, LHP, Phillies. Savery made his major-league debut this afternoon against the Nationals, allowing a single to Chris Marrero and retiring Brian Bixler on a sacrifice bunt. Eric insists Savery has a chance to make the Phillies' postseason roster. Why? Antonio Bastardo, so dominant most of the season, is the only lefty reliever but has been struggling of late, allowing a .409 on-base percentage in September and complaining of fatigue. The Phillies may want two lefty relievers on the squad, especially if they're playing Prince Fielder and the Brewers.

But Savery's story is more interesting than that. The club's first-round pick in 2007 out of Rice, Savery didn't develop as a starter (he went 1-12 with a 4.66 ERA in Triple-A in 2010, with poor peripherals) and transitioned to an outfielder/first baseman this year at Class A. He contemplated leaving the sport and even signed up for a class at Rice. "I was trying to line up internships and jobs, whatever I could find," he told Kevin Cooney of "When I got into this, I didn’t see myself hanging on as a minor leaguer. I wanted to give this a real shot and, if things didn’t work out, I was going to move on. So I figured that I was getting to the point where I had worn out my welcome, I wasn’t going to get in the way anymore."

Instead, he moved back to the mound as reliever and a pitched well as a lefty specialist, with a 41-to-6 strikeout/walk ratio in the minors. "I'll stick him out there," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "We'll definitely take a look at him. We got good reports on him. They say he's been pitching good, throwing strikes and his velocity is up."

And now he could make the postseason roster. If anything, he would also give the team an emergency pinch-hitting option.

Randy said...

Nothing like a little momentum going into the playoffs.

Preserve Jon said...

I would go 3 years $24 million with a performance (ABs, Games Played, whatever) triggered 4th year option @ $8 mil. too.

GM-Carson said...

Shane Victorino has forgotten how to hit.

Anonymous said...

wait,let me guess...Rollins was stranded at 3rd?Best bet is just cont. the tank job.That way they assure they face AZ.Don't wanna face STL or even SF.AAA Harrisburg swept a DH thanks to the stiffs who are supposed to be the regs.

Andrew said...

oh yeah, this team is losing in the first round of playoffs. If there was a "magic switch" it was John Lannan. And that didn't work.

Aaron said...

Get ready for the Cards and get ready to lose. The Braves are done. Theres no way they make it in.

Bastardo is done.
Utley is done.
Rollins is done .
Vic looks terrible.

The Cards will be coming in red hot. I got a baaaaaaad feeling about this.

GM-Carson said...

They're 4-9 over the last 13 games and have lost 5 straight. That's bad for a team heading into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright spot. You will have the MLB's equivalent to the President's Trophy in hockey. Everyone always remembers that.

Joseph said...

If Rollins walks say good bye to the team you know and love. He is the heart, soul and glue that holds this team together. When he leaves who is your vocal leader in the clubhouse?

Anonymous said...

I love all the doom and gloom.